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    leda buller
    Additional pages
    Topic posted August 24, 2012 by leda bullerNovice 
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    Additional pages
    How to add more pages to photobook thanstandard album
    <p>I am making a 20 page photo book and want to add more pages than 20.&nbsp; I don't see where to do that.</p>



    • Shannon

      Hi Leda,

      It's very simple! Check out this help article for the instructions:

    • Venera Saparaliev


      I am not able to add pages either. That link "Add Pages" is nowhere on my screen. Please advise..

    • HenryB

      Hi Venera,

      It would really help if you specified the book path - Simple or New Custom.

      If you are doing a Simple Path book. you will see an "Add page" if you are on the "Arrange pictures" tab.

      If you are doing a New Custom Path book, you will see a "Add pages" only if you are in the "Edit" mode.

      If this doesn't help, please provide more information about what you are doing.

      HenryB (A Shutterfly user)