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    Matt Ketchum
    Printing on the spine of my photo books?
    Topic posted October 5, 2010 by Matt KetchumNovice , last edited May 15, 2012
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    Printing on the spine of my photo books?

    I just started doing this with my photo books and I love it.  Did you know that you can print on the spine of the book, or even put a photo on the spine of the book?  I love being able to put a title on my book that I'm able to see without having to pull my books off the shelf. 

    First a quick caveat:  you can only print on the spines of Custom Path books with hard photo covers or padded photo covers.  Sorry, no Simple Path.  And sorry, no leather covers.

    Here's how you do it:

    When you're editing a Custom Path book, click on the "Cover" tab in the top middle of the page.  Then, make sure that either "Hard photo cover" or "Padded photo cover" is selected from the "Cover type" drop down menu that shows up in the top left-hand corner of the page.  In the editing window on the right, you should now see an image of the front cover, back cover, and spine of the book.  Click on the spine of the book and you should be able to edit the text box there - or you can click on the spine and then use the tabs on the left of the screen to choose the layout that lets you put a photo on the spine, or a background with a contrasting color and texture.

    Hope you enjoy this as much as I do!



    • HenryB

      Hi Matt,

      This is a great tip. I've been using the spine for text. However, I'll definitely add a photo to the spine of the next book I do.



    • Shannon

      I have done both, add text and tried out adding a picture (did this with my scenery book). Great tip as adding the text to the spine is a great way of know which book is which when going to retrieve. Thanks

    • Ann Abbott

      I have always put text on the spin of my books.  I have put photos too to make a wrap around effect between the front and back covers with the same photograph.  You can also make the spine its own color.  I do that to give my covers contrast by making the spin a lighter or darker color than the covers.

    • Tiffany

      Ditto as previous posters. They both look very cool. The fatter the photobook (more pages), the more creative I can get with the spine :o)

    • NancyP

      I had no idea you could add a photo. Going to have to try that on the next book.