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    Joe Gomula
    More than one roster page.
    Topic posted August 20, 2009 by Joe GomulaNovice, last edited February 9, 2012 
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    <p>I am trying to set up a site for a high school volleyball team.  How do I set up seperate roster pages for Varsity, JV, and Freshman?  I tried to add a second roster page but everything I add to that page is changed in the first page.</p>



    • reid mudgett

      I am trying to the same sort of thing. If you figure it out please post it here. I will if I do. Thanks

    • HenryB
      It does appear as if team rosters on a specific site are linked.

      One solution, which may not be ideal, is to create multiple sites. That is, create a separate site per team or group. You can have 10 different share sites per Shutterfly account. So, this should work unless you have more than 10 teams or groups.

      Once created, the various sites can be added to a "Bookmarks" section on a main page. Doing this will allow maximum flexibility as far as each teams page setup goes.

      To create a new site, chose "Create a new site" at the bottom of the list of "My Sites". Please note that there is a "Sport Team" template which can help with the setups.
    • Lora Bevirt
      I did set up two separate sites for V and JV with a link to the other in the links section.
    • Joey

      Hi Lora,

      Could you tell us how you did this so others who are wondering will be able to figure it out as well.



    • Member 6596347
      Have you tried doing it by separate names. Each page may have to have a separate name like, JV, Varsity
    • Bill Law
      I'm sure this is less than an ideal solution, but you can create distinct "Adult team roster" sections.  Those do not share their data site-wide so you can have separate lists of players in each.

      The layout isn't as nice as the new Youth roster sections, and some features are missing (e.g., linking to a Player availability section).  But you can have separate lists with uniform #s and contact information.