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    Embedding a Shutterfly Album or Photobook on another Website...
    Topic posted March 5, 2010 by Member 6596282Novice, last edited April 27, 2012 
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    <p>I am trying to embed an album into a website - I click on the album and get the EMBED CODE - and then paste the embed code into the webpage HTML code.  I have attached an image of the error that appears.  The error message states - "Application Initialization Error  This album is not currently available.  Unable to read album config."  I have also tried to save these pictures into a photo book on shutterfly and use the embed code from that - when this is done I get an error message stating "the photobook has been deleted by the user".  Has anyone else encountered a similar error in trying to embed an album or photobook on another website?  I am sure that this is just me missing some simple step or procedure...</p>
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    <p>Thanks for your help!</p>
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    • Joey

      Hi Mark,

      I have received a message stating "this photobook has been deleted by user" - I just use the back browser and then come back to the page where my book is and it works. I'm not sure why that is.

      As far as embedding an album, I'm not sure I understand. To add an album of pictures to your sharesite, click on the bottom and it will give a box with many options. Choose Pictures, then click Save. Go back to your Share Site and you'll see the spot where it says Pictures. You can click here to upload photos from your Shutterfly account or from your computer.

      Hope this helps. Let us know if this doesn't make sense.


      • J. Alan Feild

        how do find/get the embed code. I can't find the way to do this in My Share Site or in View and Organize Shutterlyfly section of My pictures. Pls Help. Alan

        • HenryB

          Hi Alan,

          It's bad practice to add a posting into the middle of an existing posting because it's hard to find.

          That said, go to your "My Pictures" page on your account and mouse over the lower right corner of an album thumbnail to show a menu. Choose the "Post to Facebook, bloog..." option as shown here:

          The first window is just a place to add a title and a discription. Click next and you get a screen which has the link for embedded code as shown here:

          HenryB (A Shutterfly user)

          • J. Alan Feild

            I didn't know it was bad practice but I understand why now. Figuring this out is hard enough but not now thanks to you.  Thank you very much HenryB for you help. I will take your advice and again thank you. Alan

            I have another question: If I want to link to the album, that is what the permalink is for?  I cut and pasted that link in a browswer and my album came up.  Did I answer my own question?

            • HenryB

              Yes, you did. Very good.

              Remember, play with the system and have fun.


    • HenryB
      Hi Mark,

      I tried to embed the album code into a regular HTML page and received similar errors. However, when I pasted the code to a Widget section on my Shutterfly share site, it worked. I haven't determined why. but I'm not sure the embed code is needed on a regular HTML page. When you get the window to copy the embed code, notice the "Permalink" line on that window as shown here:

      If you copy this URL and put it into a HREF command on a regular HTML page, it works. Here's the sample HTML code line I tried which worked.

    • Member 6596282

      Henry -

      Thanks for the response.  That is what I ended up using. By the way something I did not mention - the website that I am trying to post to is not a shutterfly share site.  The embed code would have been a great idea if it had worked - this would have placed a frame on the webpage and allowed the vistor to view a slide show while remaining on the same web page.  One other idea would be to post individual pics this way as well.

      I appreciate your feedback!


      Have a great day.



    • April Downing

      getting the following error when trying to embed code:


      Application Initialization Error


      This album is not currently available.  Unable to read album config. 


      using the full embed code (site name removed for security reasons)

     " classid="clsid:d27cdb6e-ae6d-11cf-96b8-444553540000">" />"  allowscriptaccess="always"  allowfullscreen="true"  bgcolor="#869ca7"  src="">

      style="width:425px;margin-top:0;text-align:center;">Click">">Click here to view these pictures larger<a href=" />

    • Joey


      I take it you are trying to embed your photobook to your site and you are geting this message?
      First thing i would do would be to make sure your Adobe Flash Player is updated, sometimes this can cause problems.

      I think if you go to you'll get the latest version.

      I'm not sure if this is the issue, but it could be....


    • April Downing
      tried that. updated to the latest greatest. still the same error...
    • Joey

      hmmmm, i think i would call Customer Service. Their number is below in blue. They are very helpful.

      let us know what you find out.


    • Peter Murphy

      I am using the embed code to display a slideshow in my personal web page. It works just fine for a single slideshow in Chrome, Firefox, Safari and IE8. However, as soon as I create more than one slideshow on the same page, I get the "Application Initialization Error. This album is not currently available. Unable to read album config." message for ALL other embedded slideshows EXCEPT for that first one. THIS HAPPENS IN INTERNET EXPLORER ONLY. Chrome, Firefox and Safari work beautifully. Even if I instantiate two of the exact same slideshow, the second one has this error in IE only. I cannot find anything searching the web about this.