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    leann bolhuis
    Also missing all my photos..do your "brilliant...
    Topic posted August 22, 2012 by leann bolhuisNovice 
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    Also missing all my photos..do your "brilliant engineers" have a solution for all of us?
    missing photos
    <p>Well, it seems that I am not alone in my quest to locate my missing photos from my kodak gallery. Shutterfly has been very unhelpful. the customer service rep emailed these words to me. "well at this point there is nothing we can do for you. You are welcome to open an account and download your new photos." Not my thoughts exactly. I&nbsp;am in tears over the fact&nbsp;that photos from my third daughters birth which I had not yet developed are gone forever. I trusted kodak. I&nbsp;have never had trouble with them. I&nbsp;will&nbsp;definetley be taking my business to snapfish. I would suggest those who also lost their photos in this "migration where we promise your photos are safe" do the same. I am simply sick over what has hapened here and I am wondering if these&nbsp;"brilliant engineers" have a solution to retrieve photos that were lost in the transfer for other customers, my self included or are we just casualties to your insensitivity. These photos are keepsakes of huge events for some people. Does customer service realize that? I am very disheartened by what has occured here and I truly have sympathy for all those who are&nbsp;in the&nbsp;same boat as me. ~Leann&nbsp;</p>



    • Joey

       Hi Leann,

      Sorry for the troubles you are experiencing with the migration from Kodak to SHutterfly. Did you have a lot of albums? Are all the albums there but you are missing photos from some albums? I know if you have a large number of albums, it will take awhile to migrate over. Keep calling or emailing customer service. I would hope your pictures aren't lost.

      Let us know if CS was able to help you more.

      A Shutterfly User

    • Shannon

      Hi Leann,

      I brought up the email that you had sent Customer Service to take a look. Unfortunately, I too cannot find a Kodak Gallery account under that email address you specify. You would have received a few email notifications about these changes. Kodak Gallery sent an email to its customers on May 9 and May 24, informing them that Kodak Gallery was closing down on July 2 and that your photos would be transferring over to Shutterfly for free. If you didn't receive any of the emails from Kodak Gallery (or from Shutterfly), it causes me to believe your account may be under an email address you no longer access. Is it possible it could be under a different address?

      We had one customer that seemed to be in your situation. When she walked Customer Service through how she accessed her Kodak Gallery photos, she realized all of her photos were in her Easy Share software on her computer and she never actually uploaded any of them to Kodak Gallery (which would explain why we would not have her photos, as we transferred photos that were uploaded to Kodak Gallery.) If you're sure you uploaded to Kodak Gallery and provided you did not opt-out, all the photos on your “My Albums” and “Group Albums” tabs in your Kodak Gallery account at the time Kodak Gallery closed will be moved to Shutterfly. (Friends' Albums and Sharing Sites will not be moved.)

      If you're certain that you uploaded to a Kodak Gallery account and have the correct email address, please let me know and I'll see what our Engineers can do to help.

      • leann bolhuis

        I have an email address taht the photos could have been under but I ruled it out as I do not have it anymore...however I did try to request a new password on the kodak page and it does allow to send me one so I guess it's worth a shot...it was bolhuis@iowatelecom.net, however I can't get into this email account so I have no way to get any info off this. Also would like to apologize for my rather blunt email earlier, I have been battling with CS for 2 weeks now and it has frustrated me to no end. I was literally in tears earlier and I should know better than to post while under duress...sorry to all.



        • Shannon

          Hi Leann,

          No need to apologize. I definitely can empathize with all Kodak Gallery users who believe their years of precious photos are lost. But I have great news for you - I found an account under that email, and your photos have already migrated over.

          Since you no longer have access to that email account and therefore can't verify the account, for security purposes we'll need you to send us a request via email that includes the following information:

          1. The email address of the KG account you are trying to access (in your case, this is the new email address you provided in your last post)

          2. The number of albums in your KG account

          3. A detailed description of the pictures in your account


          The email also needs to include the following statements from you:

          -You are the account holder of the account in question
          -You are unable to authenticate because you no longer have the password for the Kodak Gallery account
          -You no longer have access to the email address associated with the account, thus you are unable to use the password reset feature -You are requesting that we provide you access to the account

          Please compose an email with this information and send it to kodak_support@cs.shutterfly.com with the subject line “Kodak account access request”

          Once we receive this requested information, the process to recover your account will take 1-2 weeks to complete.

          • Shannon

            Also, it occurred to me that you can try logging into your account before trying the instructions above. If you remember the password for your account tied to the @iowatelecom.net email address, you can still verify your account and get to your photos. If you do not remember it, you would then need to follow the instructions in my earlier post.

            Try logging in on this page: http://www.shutterfly.com/kgal/authParms.sfly

            Let me know how it goes!

            • leann bolhuis

              So I once again received an email finally from cs saying there is no account under that email either? What is going on with that. I sent them a reply with an exact copy of your previous post. HOpe that helps them. Thanks so much for all your help so far. you are awesome! 

      • elena teruel

         Hi Shannon ,I received a lot of my albums but not all (from 05-20100 - I don't see any from2011- 2012.  Have all mine been transferred?




        • Shannon

          Hi Elena,

          Please note that we did not get photos that were shared to you from friends, and it was Kodak Gallery's policy to periodically delete photos from inactive accounts....but it sounds like you were active. How many do you estimate are missing?

          In the meantime, please contact Shutterfly Customer Service at kodak@cs.shutterfly.com for assistance.

          • Hanelle Culpepper Meier

            Dear Shannon,

            It seems that you have been more helpful than the rep handling kodak@cs.shutterfly.com.  Though I clearly stated to that my missing photos are NOT friend's albums and are not Easy Share stored on my computer, they sent a standard response that felt like they did not read my email.  I'm wondering if you can better tell me if my pictures are lost or if they have not finished migrating.  I received an email stating your pictures are at Shutterfly.  But I know at least 4 albums are missing. I don't want to post my email address on a public forum since that's how spammers find them.  Is there another email we can try or number to call?  Or can I send you my email address off this forum?



            • Shannon

              Hi Hanelle,

              Forum accounts are tied to your regular Shutterfly account, so I can see what your email address is. I see that your photos migrated over. So you did email kodak@cs.shutterfly.com?

              If you did, just keep on top of that email and I will also let our Engineers know that you are missing photos.

      • Tracy Gabriel

        ["When she walked Customer Service through how she accessed her Kodak Gallery photos, she realized all of her photos were in her Easy Share software on her computer and she never actually uploaded any of them to Kodak Gallery (which would explain why we would not have her photos, as we transferred photos that were uploaded to Kodak Gallery.)"]

        Hello, I have the same problem as quoted above.  All my albums DID transfer over to Shutterfly; however, I had alot of photos that I never actually uploaded to Kodak Gallery.  I can "see" the thumbnails for them on the old Kodak Easyshare on my computer screen, but they all have a jagged line going through them, and when I try to click on each one, I get an error message saying that is no longer there.  But it must "be" somewhere in my computer, right???! Any technical help would be most appreciated to help me restore those photos.

        Thank you.

      • christian nma

        can someone help me please all my picture has gone from kodak my email is zubbycom@yahoo.com thats my kodak account email

    • Joey

       Good information Shannon. I hope this works for you, Leann!
      I'd be devastated if I lost my albums; i think i have 600! I wish there was a way to downsize them...

    • Abdul Man

      Hi Shannon,

      Can you please help me!... I also have a similar situation as Leann!

      I was registered to Kodak Gallery using this account mannanhere@yahoo.com and Now, I am unable to access the account at Shutterfly. which is supposed to happen as per email from Kodak Gallery that they will be moved automatically.
      Although I have access to the email account and tried to compose it using your instructions above. I tried to use the forget password webpage at shutterfly but it seems Send Button doesnt work. I have more than 4 albums that contains the pictures of mine during graduation of master degree in germany 2004, visit to Istanbul, Middle east trip, my daughter's birthday etc.
      Moreover, In order to test the account, I just tried to sign up using the same email ID and to my surprise it created a new one and unfortunately there are no photos in it. I am so worried. I dont have even a copy of it.
      Please Help Me!!!!
      I will be more than grateful for your help!
      Anticipating your reply!
    • Abdul Man


       You cant imagine the amount of happiness I experienced today. After following the instructions from customer service, I was successfully able to access the photos on Shuttergly.

      The insidious worry about losing them made me sick but Unless we have such great companies who strive for cusotmer satisfaction will surely succeed and will be a benchmark for others.

       Words are not enough to thank you.


      Abdul Mannan

      • Lauren

        Hi Abdul, 

        I'm so glad we were able to assist you and provide access to your photos! Please let us know if you have any additional questions or concerns. 

    • Suzette Greissinger

      Where are my Kodak picture at its been months and they are still not on this site as I was informed.  It was supposed to be an easy transition but seems that its being ignored.  Can you please find my pictures and albums?  I have no idea how to get in touch with anyone that admins this site so i'm trying this.  email imagoinuts@yahoo.com the same one I used for Kodak.  Suzette G.

    • Lauren

      Hi Suzette, 

      Please contact our Customer Service team for assistance with this issue, at http://bit.ly/zlP7bL.  Thank you for your patience. 

    • swarna paruchuri


      I lost all my pictures from kodak gallery..Can I please get an update or at least some help? and how much time it will take, please let me know.



    • M-O-T

      Hi All,

      Kodakgallery has closed almost nine months ago and I cannot believe that there are costumers that are still having problems with the move.  According to all the topics regarding the move of all of kodakgallery pictures to shutterfly, i thought people will finally understand what is expected of them. 

      Swarna, way back in May last year you were supposed to recieve an instruction e-mail from kodakgallery & shutterfly as to how to go about acssesing your photos that were moved to shutterfly. I guess you can follow intructions on this link http://forums.shutterfly.com/hives/8bf89e3e89/summary

      or just contact costumer service:    


      Contact us by email

      Chat with Live Help

      Phone: 888.225.7159
      Monday - Friday, 6am - 8pm Pacific Time
      Saturday - Sunday, 8:30am - 5pm Pacific Time

      Good Luck


    • christian nma

      can someone help me please all my picture has gone from kodak my email is zubbycom@yahoo.com thats my kodak account email

    • Roger, (A Shutterfly User)

      Kodak closed 3 years ago.

      You can go to the link below to contact the Shutterfly customer care team and they will be happy to try to assist you with this matter.