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    Sara S
    turning off VividPics after photo book is done?
    Topic posted August 19, 2011 by Sara SContributing Member, last edited April 25, 2012 
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    turning off VividPics after photo book is done?
    I want to make sure I'm not getting VividPics
    <p>Hi, I'm new this forum here so sorry if this has been asked before.</p>
    <p>I made a photo book, and I didn't know about this "VividPics" thing till after it was done. I definitely don't want my photo book to be printed with it. I went into my photo albums and turned VividPics off on all of the photos that are in the book, so does that mean that it will not be printed with VividPics, or is there something I have to do within the photo book editor?</p>
    <p>Thanks for any help!</p>
    <p>Oh, also I wanted to share it in the gallery but apparently you can't do that with new custom path and simple path books. Any idea what that's all about?</p>



    • Shannon

      Hi Sara,

      I'm sorry to tell you that you'll have to remove VividPics from each photo in the book. Regarding uploading to the Gallery, the All New Custom Path books aren't supported quite yet. If you're looking for inspiration from other All New Custom Path users, feel free to check out this Share site that Shutterfly put together:

    • Sara S

      Okay, but HOW do I remove it from each photo in the book? Customer service told me I had to remove VividPics and THEN add the photos to the book, and I'd rather not replace every photo if there's a way that I can just go through the book, click on each photo, and remove VividPics. So can you remove VividPics from the pictures within the photo book editor or is replacing them my only option? When I go to edit a photo in the photo book, the only options it gives me are "remove effects" "fade" and "black and white"; it doesn't say anything about VividPics.

      This is supposed to be a gift for my boyfriend's birthday in two weeks, and I could have orderded it last night if Shutterfly didn't do this ridiculous VividPics ***.

    • Shannon

      Hi Sara,

      I'm going to message you privately about this. Please check your inbox in a few minutes.

      • Rachel Kilbride
        I wasn't aware of VividPics on my first two books. Only read about it after just completing my third book today (03-30-2012). I, too, would like to turn off VividPics as well. I'm hoping I can keep the whole book intact and remove it as needed picture by picture. I can't seem to find instructions on how to remove it once the book has been made. Does VividPics make any difference on black and white photos, or just colored ones? Thank you very much for your help. Rachel
    • HenryB

      Hi Sara,

      I'm curious and puzzled as to why you are so negative about VividPics. I have ordered hundreds of books, photos, calendars, and enlargements without turning off VividPics and I have always been very pleased with the results.

      That said, the following is from the Shutterfly Help Pages found by searching for "vividpics":

      ICC profiles and color management

      Published 10/04/2005 07:58 AM   |    Updated 08/11/2011 01:31 PM
      Does Shutterfly support ICC profiles?

      At Shutterfly, we are dedicated to image quality and fidelity and color accuracy. If you would like to use your own color profile, here is information on how.

      We do automatically make certain color and exposure adjustments to produce optimal prints (and other products); we call this proprietary technology VividPics. This is applied by default, but you can turn it off for individual pictures or for groups of pictures in an album.

      Note: getting "perfect" or"spot on" colors is an imperfect task in an open color exchange environment. Communicating color accurately (i.e. having everyone speak the same color "language") and perfectly interpreting the intent of the original customer is more of an art than a science. Given these limitations, we have invested heavily over the years to build our infrastructure to provide reasonably accurate color reproduction in a fully automated workflow (without having to do cost-prohibitive job specific setup).

      We do frequently evaluate our color and printing processes, with an eye toward always making them better as technology develops.

      About our printing process:

      We run a fully-automated Silver Halide and Digital Offset printing facility with multiple machines of either kind. We constantly monitor our machines and keep them within 2-3 DeltaE_94 of each other. We have many production processes in place to ensure this level of accuracy. Based on paper and native printing technologies, there may be small differences in color, but these differences are minimal. For example, we keep the color reproduction differences between the glossy and matte papers to be less than 2.0 DeltaE_94.

      There are three things that happen to images printed through Shutterfly:

      1. We interpret the RGB pixels as sRGB
      2. We do automatic color enhancement and adjustment (we call this VividPics processing)
      3. Finally, we print the images on color managed sRGB printers

      All our printers are calibrated to be sRGB printers - the profile therefore for these printers is just the industry standard sRGB profiles. For more information on sRGB, you may wish to try an internet search or take a trip down to your local library... you can read about it in books. (This article gives good early background, and see also the International Color Consortium's ICC profile download page.  

      Performing your own test:

      For the inspired, you can run your own tests on our prints, but remember to disable VividPics to measure color accuracy. Save your original image as an sRGB image and order different size products from us. Ideally you should print color patches and measure the Lab values using a spectrophotometer.

      To get colors that match your own color profile:

      1. Either calibrate your monitor to be sRGB or use monitor profiles for soft proofing your images.
      2. Save the images as sRGB
      3. After uploading to Shutterfly, turn off step #2 above, i.e. turn off VividPics. If you turn off VividPics, all our printers will produce sRGB colors accurately.

      Here are the steps for doing this to a group of images in a single album:

      a. Select all pictures in your album
      b. Go to the "View & Enhance" tab (top left after "Add Pictures")
      c. Select any one of your pictures
      d. Select the "Effects" tab on the right hand side
      e. You should come to a screen which has a check box w/ "Don't apply automatic correction to picture" on the left bottom. check that box.
      f. then click on "Apply this effect to other pictures" right above it.

      This will turn off VividPics on all your pictures in that album and you will therefore get accurate sRGB colors on the final prints.

      If you are still not getting exact colors:

      Two possible causes for this are:

      1. Different profile building software have different biases in them. At the end of the day, each software has a model of the final output device and builds a coarse grain look-up-table to map colors. The accuracy and bias of each software is a function of the inherent printer/output device model.
      2. The same profiling software produces slightly different colors for different output technologies (for example: RGB vs. CMYK)

      You can verify both of these by printing, say, a MacBeth chart and measuring Lab values. A MacBeth chart has standard Lab values and a comparison will show that every profiling software has some directional bias.

      And if your needs for extremely accurate color reproduction are not being met with our system, it is possible for you to build profiles and manage everything locally to have complete control. In order to do this, just print your targets through Shutterfly (after turning VividPics off) and build profiles with your own profiling software. That way, the biases of your own profiling software will be accurately compensated for in your prints. Keep in mind that we maintain our printers within ~2.0-2.5 deltaE so that day after day you will get very consistent reproduction.

      Additional information:

      In terms of using different input spaces, it shouldn't make a difference with skin tones; changing color spaces will primarily make a difference with highly saturated colors as the other spaces (e-sRGB, Adobe RGB) differ in gamut size. Skin tones lie within the gamut of all these color spaces.


      As stated, VividPics has never been a problem for me.

      HenryB (A puzzled Shutterfly user)

    • geri kuster

      I'd appreciate the instructions as well, @ShannonW. 

      My issue with this @HenryB is that my photos were perfect -- processed by a pro-- and I wanted them to look as is. When I got the book (having unwittingly applied Vivdpics), the whole thing had too much of a red cast. I found out through some online research that this can be a result of Vividpics. So that's the problem-- my pictures were exactly how I wanted them, and the pictures in the photobook are not. Now I have to figure out how to undo vividpics without redoing the entire custom layout.

    • HenryB

      Hi Geri,

      If the book you received was not correct, did you contact Shutterfly to get a refund or to get it corrected per the Shutterfly Satisfaction Guarantee? This link is at the bottom of the "My Shutterfly" page.

      The reason I'm puzzled is because I have not had an issue with Vividpics.

      Additionally, I'm always trying to learn which is why I'm interested in what, how, and why things happen.

      So, thanks for letting me know about the "red cast" of the photos because it gives me something specific to research.

      HenryB (A Shutterfly user)

    • Maryna Litvinchik

      I'd appreciate the instructions as well, @ShannonW

      I just (well not 'just' .. I spent a week) creating custom 100 page 12x12 book. Please do not tell me I have to start from the beginning.

      Can't wait to see instructions!

      Thanks maryna

      P.S. why would they have to be communicated via email anyway?? WHy not post it here. Clearly this is a known problem

    • Michelle Cruz

      Hi, I am new to the forum. I too am having a HUGE problem with Shutterflys printing process. I spent over 1 hour and 45 mins on the phone with customer service yesterday. I knew about the Vividpics option since I use shutterfly to print my digital scrapbook pages. I spend hours (and I mean hours) agonizing over the books I create. Last night I was on the phone with a so called "supervisor" who informed me that it was my pictures that were poorly taken, not an issue with Shutterflys printing process. What I couldn't get the "supervisor" to understand was that 

      1) I had turned off Vividpics prior to creating my album.

      2) Some pictures on the page printed out perfect while others printed out with a horrible RED tone.

      3) The pictures looked perfect when I previewed the album. I made sure to preview it on several different computers to ensure the accuracy.

      The "supervisor" advised me that I would need to edit my photos using a photo editing software program prior to uploading them to Shutterfly. What I couldn't get them to understand is how to you edit something that looks fine in your opinion.

      So now I'm at a complete loss. I have no clue what else I can do, or what I can do to get the pictures in my album to print correctly. If anyone has any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it.


    • Shannon

      Hi Michelle,

      Welcome to the forum!

      I'm sorry that you spent so much time on the phone with us and it didn't help your issue. Which book is giving you the trouble? I see two versions of the latest book you were working on. Also, you mention that you do digital scrapbooking - is the book you're working on a digital scrapbook?

    • Michelle Cruz

      Hi Shannon,

      Thank you so much for replying to my post. The album in question is "It's Great to be 5". The pages that I had difficulty with are 1, 6 (the picture on the bottom left only), 19 (the picture on the left hand side), 20 (the two bottom pictures only, the two top pictures look great), 21 (the bottom right picture), 29, 32 ( just the picture on the bottom left), and page 35 the group shot. I created the second album last night (It's Great to be 5 take two) to see if adding in the VividPics option would help with the printing of the pictures. I only deselected this option for the pages that I was having issues with.Sorry if this is too much detail.

      98% of the pages in the album were created using a digital scrapbook program. The pages were saved as JPEGS and then uploaded to Shutterfly. Like I stated earlier, the pictures looked perfect when I previewed the album. I made sure to preview it on several different computers to ensure the accuracy.

      Hope that helps.


      • Shannon

        Hi Michelle,

        Thanks so much for the info. I spoke to one of our awesome photo book experts about this issue. Since you are referring to specific photos within a scrapbook image, it's hard to conclude that this is simply a Vivid Pics issue. The photos in the pages mention are definitely "warmer" than the rest, but unless there is some surprising discrepancy between what we can see in the project and what is actually printed, we assume this to be an issue with the photos.

        We'd love to see what this looks like in person. I can send you a pre-paid UPS return sticker to send the book back to us. You can also take photos of the pages that have issues and upload them into your Shutterfly account. (We'd prefer the first option, so we have something in-hand to look at.) Let me know what you'd like to do!

    • Michelle Cruz

      Hi Shannon,

      I understand that the coloring on some of the photo's mentioned may have a "warmer" tone but in the printed version of the book they have a reddish / orange tone. I'm open to sending you the book back to review in person. I feel that this is the only way you are truly going to understand what I'm talking about especially since the photos look okay to me in the preview tool. My concerns are if I send you back the book, what's next? If you determine it was a printing error will you reprint the book for me? If you determine it's my photos, then what's the next step. These books mean the world to me. They are a part me. I spend months working on them ensuring that they are telling the story I want them to tell.

      I really appreciate all of the time you have taken researching the issue. You are slowly renewing my faith in Shutterfly.

      I will look for the label in my in box.



    • Michelle Cruz

      Hi Shannon,


      I wanted to let you know that I have uploaded the raw pictures for your review. I wanted you to see the coloring of the pictures in their raw state, not in the scrapbook page. I have added these pictures to the following ablum "It's great to be 5".


      • Shannon
        Hi Michelle - I've emailed you the return label. You'll need to drop the package off at a UPS location. I've also notified our Photo Books team about your uploaded pictures, and they will be taking a look. I'll let you know what we find out. Thank you!
        • Michelle Cruz
           Hi Shannon, I just wanted to check in and see if the Photo Book Team was able to figure anything out. Thanks, Michelle
          • Shannon
            Hi Michelle, We received your book Friday, and our team is going to take a look today. They planned to fix and re-order the book for you. The book will come to our office first so we can inspect it before mailing it off to you. I'll keep you updated!
          • Shannon
            Michelle, You'll receive an email confirmation when we re-order the book. You won't be charged. Just wanted to give you a heads up!
            • Michelle Cruz
               Hi Shannon, I think this is the best news I've received in a very long time. Thank you so much for all of your help with this situation. Words can not express how much it meant to me. Thank you for renewing my faith in Shutterfly! Do you know if the photo book experts were able to identify the problem? Is there anything I can do to avoid this happening again in the future? Thanks, Michelle
              • Shannon
                Hi Michelle, Not a problem! I spoke to the agent who re-ordered your book about what the issue could have been. She determined there was not an issue on our end. She presumed that a lot of the photos you compared were relative to other images and colors on a page. Specifically, when there was a very cool-colored photo or background next to a warm-colored photo or background, the warmth became more apparent. (Plus VividPics probably enhanced it.)
                • Shannon
                  Hi Michelle, we received your new book and the pictures have really improved. We packed it up this afternoon to ship off to you.
                • Michelle Cruz
                  Hi Shannon, I received my Shutterfly album in the mail today. Words cannot express how happy I am with how the book turned out. As I was flipping through the pages I began to cry. You have exceeded my expectations. PLEASE give the photo book team who worked on the album a GREAT BIG THANK YOU from me. Thank you again for helping me. The outcome was completely worth it. Sincerely, Michelle Cruz