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    Adrienne Berend
    Uploading in chronological order
    Topic posted October 7, 2012 by Adrienne BerendNovice 
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    Uploading in chronological order
    why don't my prints upload in order taken?
    <p>I'm trying to upload trip pix and would like them in order taken, however, they upload all mixed up.&nbsp; I tried selecting "Order taken (old to new) but doesn't do anything.</p>
    <p>Very aggravating!</p>



    • HenryB

      Hi Adrienne,

      First, you need to check if you have an date taken because I can sort my photos by "Date taken (old to new)". To do this, double click on one of your thumbnails in "My Pictures" to put it in the enlarged view mode. Then, click on the "more info" to the right of the photo to see something like the following:

      As you can see, there is information for when the photo was taken for my photo. If your photo, does not have this information, you have to check what it looks like on your computer. In windows, right mouse click on one of your photos and choose "Properties". Then, click on the "Details" tab to see the following:

      If your photo does not have a "Date taken", Shutterfly won't have it either. This date can be erase by some editing software or possibly it's not being transferred from your camera. If you are not using editing software, consult you camera's operator's manual.

      If your photo has a date on your computer, then please provide more detail on how you are uploading the photos because Shutterfly does not strip out this information as far as I know.

      HenryB (A Shutterfly user)

    • Roger, (A Shutterfly User)

      It works OK for me using the Express Uploader into the My Shutterfly > My Pictures folders (Fast).

      I just uploaded 250 photos and they came up in the right order which was Date Taken (Old to New)

      I know this is correct because my camera also numbered them sequentially in the order they were taken and the photos have stayed in that name order KL001 to KL500.

      Can you use this name sort feature to sort them properly?

      The only reason I can think of that they didn't sort correctly is that somehow the date taken has been corrupted or changed to say date uploaded to your computer.

      In My Shutterfly > My Pictures you should be able to view the date information by double clicking on a photo and then selecting More Info under the photo name on the RHS of the photo. Date Taken is one of the fields.


      Roger A Shutterfly User.

    • Roger, (A Shutterfly User)

      Great Minds, Henry.

    • Kathleen W.

      Hi Adrienne:  Along the lines of what Henry and Roger explained, this situation has happened to me in the past when the photos were taken with two different cameras (i.e., mine and my mom's) and one of us had the date on the camera set incorrectly, or not set at all. 

      I note that you can also sort photos in my picture by upload order, so though it is a bit of a pain, you could consider uploading your photos from your computer in small batches according to the date taken -- by using this method, they would be in a rough chronological order, though you would probably need to rearrange the order of the photos within each day's worth.   Good luck!

    • Carol Kirwan

      Need to sort by date taken:

      I am trying to load nearly 200 photos into Shutterfly to create a photo book.  My photos are sorted by date taken on my laptop, but when I upload them directly into the photo book they are loading in alphabetical order by name of the photo. I also tried creating an album first on Shutterfly and uploading them there, but they also appear in alphabetical order.

      Any suggestions?

    • HenryB

      Hi Carol,

      If you look at the command line in the book, you will see a "Pictures" option which has a sort sub-option as shown here:

      If you choose it, you will see the following sort options:

      Also, if you look at the bottom of an openned "My Pictures" album, you will see the following:

      These should give you what you want.

      HenryB (A Shutterfly user)


    • Suzanne Williams

      I see that Shutterfly can upload photos in date order.  Will it upload photos in date then TIME order as a secondary sort?  Thank you.

    • Roger, (A Shutterfly User)

      On Computers date and time are part of the same field. Therefore the answer is yes it will sort by date and time.

      Anyway, I'd just try it with a few files before doing a major upload.


      Roger. A Shutterfly User.

      • Suzanne Williams

        First I sorted by date/time but that didn't work.  Then I sorted by upload and that worked.  I had to minor manual tweaking because some of our photos are actually in order by date and time to the second.  Thank you.