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    Linda Spiegel
    Pictures loaded on shared site are not as good as actual...
    Topic posted August 3, 2011 by Linda SpiegelNovice, last edited February 9, 2012 
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    Pictures loaded on shared site are not as good as actual photo
    Shared site photos are not high res like the real picture file.
    <p>I'm loading 8mb files onto a shared website.&nbsp;&nbsp;When I view the files on my computer using my software, the subject is extremely clear.&nbsp; However, when I load them onto a shared site to share with friends, they are not nearly as clear and crisp.&nbsp; Friends would be hesitant to order these photos since they don't look as good as they really are.&nbsp; They almost look a bit pixelated.&nbsp;&nbsp; It makes my pictures look bad. Why is the resolution so bad?&nbsp; Is there a setting I need to change to make them look better online?&nbsp;</p>



    • HenryB

      Hi Linda,

      Please remember that this is a users' forum which is normally monitored by other Shutterfly user, like myself. Hence, I can only work off of the information provided since I cannot see your account or your share site.

      That said, I personally do not see a difference on my own personal share site.

      Hence, please provide more information:

      • What software are you using on your computer?
      • What browser are you using to view your share site?
      • What are the dimensions of the upload images? The file size is unimportant, but the physical dimensions are extremely important.
      • How did you upload the images to your share site?
      • Have you looked at the images in your account on your "My Pictures" page?

      Keep in mind that the upload method is important especially if you use the "Express Uploader".

      Also, even if you uploaded directly to your share site, a copy of the uploaded images will be placed in an album named with the upload date and placed in your "My Albums" folder on your "My Pictures" page. Please examine the picture there because you can see the detailed information for the image if you have the image in the enlarged view as shown here:

      Check the uploaded image against the local image and play particular attention to "Filesize" and "Resolution" as shown in the above example.

      If none of this answers your questions, please contact Shutterfly's Customer Service.

      HenryB (A Shutterfly user)