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    seth scott
    change member email address
    Topic posted March 6, 2011 by seth scottNovice, last edited February 9, 2012 
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    change member email address
    how do I change the email address of members to my share site..can't seem to find it



    • Joey

      Hi Seth,

      The only way to change your members email address is that they have to do it themselves. They have to go into their My Shutterfly and go to their Profile and change their email. Unless you have access to their accounts, you can do it for them.

      Hope this helps.

    • Joey


      I had it a little wrong. They need to go to their My Shutterfly page - at the very bottom it will say My Account/order. Below that in blue it will say Change Email. Let us know if this works.

      • seth scott

        Strange, since I added all the members and their email addresses in the first place - no way for me to update though ?.  Guess I have to delete and re-add someone if their email has changed ?

    • Joey

      I double checked on mine and when you click on Show All Members - there is an EDIT on the far right end of their name and also at the beginning. I didn't see any place for you as the Owner to change it. So unless you know all their new emails and can access their accounts, thats the only way I see it will work. Is to do what I suggested above. Because once they change their email, it should automatically change in your member list, as they are already members.

      Does that make sense?

    • HenryB

      I don't believe that the share site membership email id will be updated automatically by changing the Shutterfly account email. I think you have to delete the member entry with the old email address and recreate the member entry using the new email id.

      The following is from the Shutterfly Help Pages (Note the last line):

      Share Site Member Management

      Published 05/05/2008 10:39 AM   |    Updated 01/28/2011 12:36 PM

      Adding and removing members from a Share site.

      Adding Members:
      To add members to your site you, click on the Members menu and choose Add members.  When on the Add members page, you can manually type in email addresses (separated by commas) or choose existing contacts from your address book. You can manually type in up to 25 email addresses.  There is a maximum of 100 member per day user limit but there is no total limit to the number of members your site can have.

      In order for a member to fully benefit from their permissions they will need to be signed into their Shutterfly account.

      Member benefits include:
      - Being kept up-to-date on site updates.
      - Can decide on how often they wish to be notified.

      Deleting/Banning Members:
      To delete a member, click on the Members menu and choose Show members list. Check the box next to the member you wish to remove from your site.  Click Remove to remove them from your site or click Ban to ban them from accessing your siteNote; at this time there is no way to remove a ban on a member.

      Editing Members:
      To edit a member, click the Members menu and choose Show members list.  Click on the Details link next to the member.  Here you can change the notification settings as well as the Display name of that member.

      Unfortunately at this time we do not have any way to edit an existing member's email address.  Instead, you will need to remove that member and re-add them with their new email address.


        How do I delete an email recipient from my list?  I can only find and EDIT function, not a DELETE function.

        Thanks for any help!  :-)  Rosie

    • Joey

      Now its coming back to me. You have to delete the member first, then re-add their new info. Thanks for clarifying this Henry.

      Sorry for the confusion Seth.

    • Daisy T

      Joey is correct - Rachel just posted this article on how to do this (send the member an invite with their new email address, and once they accept, delete the old contact)

    • Roger, (A Shutterfly User)

      How do I delete an email recipient from my list?  I can only find and EDIT function, not a DELETE function. 


      If you mean "How do I delete a member of my Share Site?"

      You should click on the check box next to the persons name in the Member List and select remove.


      Roger. A Shutterfly User.