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    I lost all my pictures from kodak easy share gallery
    Topic posted October 20, 2012 by ROBERTO PEREZNovice 
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    I lost all my pictures from kodak easy share gallery
    I didn't see the warning message indicating that we had to save the pictures before
    I am very dissapointed because hundred of my pictures were deleted. Is there a way to recover them? I need help..please !</p>



    • Julie Anders

      If you are unable to locate your photos on Shutterfly, you may not be looking in the right area.

      • Log into and click on the "My Pictures" tab at the top. On the left-hand side, you should see a folder called "My Kodak Gallery Albums." Click the + sign to view all the albums within that folder.
      • If you still cannot see your photos, you most likely need to link your Kodak Gallery account to your new Shutterfly account. Please follow the instructions on this page: Once your accounts have been linked, follow the instructions above to locate your photos.
      • If you have been migrated and are missing photos, please note that only photos uploaded to Kodak Gallery accounts (“My Albums”) or posted to groups (“Group Albums”) will be moved. Other information (such as Friends’ Albums, n) was not transferred due to technical issues, restrictions and timing limitations in Shutterfly's agreement with Kodak Gallery. Please also note that only photos from US and Canadian Kodak Gallery customers were moved over.
      • If you are unable to access your account to view your photos, please email Customer Service.



        July thank you for trying helping me. As you told me I made the log in in shutterfly but there were nothing in the tab my pictures tab.

        When I was trying to make the link between kodak and shutterfly there was a message indicating me that my e-mail: were not attached to kodak gallery ( this is not true !). I sent an e-mail to the addres that you gave me to see what happen Julie....and thanks for your help my friend !



    • Kathleen W.

      Hi Roberto:  Welcome to the Shutterfly user forums.  I think it is unlikely that your photos have been deleted, it is just a matter of finding where they are stored.   Your post mentions that your photos were in the "Kodak Easy Share Gallery"; however, Kodak Gallery and Easy Share are actually two separate (though related) things.  Please see the explanation provided here:

      Julie has given great instructions above for locating whatever photos you may have stored in the Kodak Gallery.  Pictures that you stored with EasyShare should still be on your computer.  Assuming you have a Windows-based PC, they are probably stored somewhere in the "My Pictures" folder.  If you can't find them by looking in "My Pictures" or "My Computer," then open Easy Share, open one of your photos, and click on "Save As" in the File menu.  This will give you the name of the folder where EasyShare has stored the photos on your computer.  Write this down.  Click the icon of the folder with the up arrow -- described as "up one level" -- to see where that folder is stored, and write that down.  Keep clicking "up one level" arrow until you see the name of a folder you recognize -- that's the folder you'll want to find using "My Computer"  or Windows Explorer.  Anyway that's the method I find easiest to remember.  But you can also follow these instructions from Kodak itself:  Good luck!



        Hi kathleen thank you for your help but to tell you the truth this laptop is new and I lost my old one so I had not backup of my pictures. All of them were in kodad gallery. So, what can I do?

    • Shannon

      Hi Roberto,

      I don't see a Kodak Gallery migration tied to your account.

      Kathleen is correct: Easy Share is different from Kodak Gallery. Kodak Easyshare is software to organize, view and edit your photos - whether or not you have a Kodak camera. If you used Easy Share Gallery, the instructions above should help you locate the photos on your computer.

      Shutterfly migrated photos from Kodak Gallery customers in the US and Canada that uploaded photos to a Kodak Gallery account. If you uploaded photos to a Kodak Gallery account and did not opt-out of the migration, it's likely that your photos are available in an account under a different email address.


        Hi Shannon. I understand the difference. I was trying to recover my pictures and there is a message that says: " kodak gallery is now closed. Thank you for being our customer. Please download before august 31 2012.....How about my friend? I am frustrated ! Many years collecting photos and now nothing !

    • Shannon

      Hi Roberto,

      If you didn't opt-out of the migration and are a US or Canadian customer, then we should have your photos. I'm guessing your Kodak Gallery account is under another email address you may have forgotten about.

      For security purposes, to access your photos you'll have to activate your account on this page - and you'll need to enter your Kodak Gallery account's login and password.

    • kimberley barton

      I lost all my pictures from seehere!  it is bad customer service on all ends.  they should have made sure no pics were deleted.  

    • Roger, (A Shutterfly User)

      Hi Kimberley,


      Are you asking us a question? That's what this User to User forum is about.

      What have you done so far to try to find your photos?

      Are you sure that they are not located on your computer? You  should always keep a copy on your computer for backup purposes.

      Have you contacted Shutterfly Customer Support? They might be able to help you.


      Roger A Shutterfly User.



      I never got an answer from Shutterfly....they send advertisement e-mails almost dialy but nothing.....

      • Shannon

        Hi Roberto,

        I'm sorry you never received a reply from Customer Service. I was able to check for you and according to Kodak Gallery's records, and I'm really sorry to say your account didn't have any images to transfer over.

        If you hadn't accessed your Kodak Gallery account recently, please keep in mind that Kodak Gallery’s policy was to periodically delete photos from inactive accounts. I'm really sorry about this. If you used Kodak's Easy Share software, perhaps you have photos sitting in there - or on your hard drive somewhere, maybe the "My Pictures" folder if you're on a PC.

        We had one customer that located her missing Kodak Gallery photos on her computer. When she talked to Customer Service about her missing Kodak Gallery photos, she realized all of her photos were in her Easy Share software on her computer all along. She never actually uploaded any of them to Kodak Gallery (which would explain why Shutterfly would not have the photos, as Shutterfly only transferred photos that were uploaded to Kodak Gallery.) Albums shared to you by friends were also not moved.

    • patti biesemeyer

      i just had to have my laptop worked on, i have had Kodak easy share on this laptop for years. i did't know that Kodak was going to sell to shutterfy, after all the work was done to my laptop and pictures where transferred over i have discovered that most of my albums i have had in easy share did't get transferred over as they should have. how can i get my pictures back? thanks Patti

    • Roger, (A Shutterfly User)

      You can go to the link below to contact the Shutterfly customer care team and they will be happy to assist you with this matter.


      To speak directly to a customer service agent, you can call 888-225-7159.

      The hours of operation are:

      Monday through Friday: 6:00 AM - 8:00 PM (PST)

      Saturday and Sunday: 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM (PST)