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    Brenda Kern
    project will not open
    Topic posted September 27, 2011 by Brenda KernNovice, last edited February 9, 2012 
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    project will not open
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    <p>I have been working on a new photo book for a few days. I cannot open it this morning to continue working on it. I can log in and click on the project, but then the screen just stays white. The project usually took a while to load, but it doesn't even show up that it is working on loading.</p>


    • Patti Petrochuk

      I'm having the Exact same problem...the Project has always loaded in the past but this morning the screen just goes to white.....the Shutterfly icon stops going around so in the menu bar it looks like its done but I can't see anything......I tried restarting computer, resetting cookies....nothing works...anyone else have any solutions to try?


    • Joy Turner

      I have been working on my photo book since yesterday & saved it to work on it more last night. I gave up on it because after an hour of trying to view my project, there were no pictures nor the photo book was showing up. I thought it was my computer so I gave it a break. I restarted it, deleted history & cleared my cookies. I logged in this morning and it was still the same issue! I even tried to view the photo book that I orederd the other day and it does not show the project at all. On the botton of the screen it says "One error in opening the page. For more information, choose Window > Activity." So I followed this prompt. I selected Window on the top of my screen & clicked activity & lead me to this forum. Please help. I don't want to start another project & get dissapointed again. Thanks

    • Marti O'Farrell

       I don't have an answer, my project is doing the same thing.  Does anyone get theirs back?  I would hate to start all over again. 


    • Brenda Kern

      I was using the new custom book. I tried to start a new one this morning, and cannot. I think Shutterfly is having problems. I did email support and haven't heard anything yet.

    • Sarah Baymiller

       Same problem here.  Sounds like Shutterfly is having issues. Frustrating, my time to work on my project is very limited today.

    • Natalie Berry

       Same here! I can upload it to Facebook and view at least I have planned how I am going to finish it so it will be done quickly, if I ever can! I tried to save it from FB under a different name and same thing, blank screen. I tried refreshing several times, restarting, etc. Bummer, this is the guest book for my wedding...

    • Leigh Shuck

      My first time on Shutterfly was Saturday (thanks to a code from and I spent about 20 hours through Monday afternoon

      building a custom path book. I was about to order it and decided to wait until this morning to give it one more fresh look - bad idea.

      Of course, like many others, all I get now is a blank screen this morning. :-(  Luckily my code is good for a few more weeks, but if this

      is a regular occurrence, I'm not likely to try again... VERY frustrating after putting in so many hours...

    • Brenda Kern

      I would think they would have had this fixed by now. My code runs out tomorrow. There is no way I will complete my book in time. They really should extend the special, since this is their fault. I emailed them this morning and still haven't had a response.

    • Natalie Berry

       I did the same Brenda. I told them pretty much exactly that in my email, power in numbers? Hopefully our promotion will be extended, I was hoping to not have to worry about that minor expense for the wedding! For the record...I wanted to elope.

    • Brenda Kern

      Natalie...I love your idea for your guest book. I'm assuming you have wonderful pix of you and your hubby-to-be. My daughter makes handmade, handbound, guest books and sells them on Etsy. Good luck to planning is extremely stressful!!

    • Leigh Shuck

      Natalie - thanks for the Facebook Share hint. It was SO reassuring to see that my first book was alive and well in a read-only

      version. Luckily the code I'm using is good for a few more weeks. I will quit adding to the load issues they are apparently

      experiencing right now.

    • Kris Ross


      I'm sharing the same frustration!  My book is almost complete and I was going to finish it today on my day off!  I haven' been able to get any assistance from Customer Service and was pretty alarmed before I read that I wasn't the only one that this is happening to.  I have put HOURS into this book so it's pretty unsettling to have this happen now!  My husband said that Shutterfly should have the project if it was saved so I'm going to "calm" myself and try it later.  What a HUGE bummer!!! I think customers' deserve a coupon or some break on price for the inconvenience.


    • Amanda Reary

       I am having the same issues, so frustrating! Has anyone gotten any feedback from Shutterfly?

    • Natalie Berry

       Nothing yet.

    • Teresa Daniels

       Same problem here.  I never had trouble with shutterfly until I started using this new custom path.  It is very frustrating.  After I finish this photobook (hopefully), I will be switching to a different site for photobooks unless this problem is resolved completely.  I haven't heard anything from customer support, either.