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    Julie Zdenek
    Topic posted September 12, 2012 by Julie ZdenekNovice 
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    Says code has been used when it has not.
    <p>&nbsp;I have been creating a summer book, but did not finish. I couldn't figure out how to get more pics on a page so I gave up. I got an email from Shutterfly thanking me for making a summerbook, so I looked at my work, and all my pictures had been placed in a book already! When I went to complete the order, and enter the promo code, it said the code had already been used. Unless I did all this in my sleep, I know I did not order the book. The promo ends today and I want to order it... What shall I do?</p>



    • Shannon

      Hi Julie,

      Your account shows an order placed Sep 10 that used the SUMMERBOOK code.

      • Julie Zdenek

        How can I see what I ordered, and is it going to be mailed to me? 

        • HenryB

          Hi Julie,

          Look near the bottom of your "My Shutterfly" page for the "More information" section. Then, click on the "Order history/status" link. This will show you all your orders.

          HenryB (A Shutterfly user)

    • ThousandWords

      The promo was originally listed as expiring 9/12, but when I checked today, expiration was listed as 9/13.  I finished my book yesterday, so ordered already, but still good that there was an extra day available for any last minute changes.

    • Terry McVicker

      I am unable to use my SUMMERBOOK promo code.  It's saying it can't be used for my purchase.  I'm just using it for an 8x8 hardcover book.  Please help! 

    • Shannon

      Please read this post regarding details about this promo: