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    Tami Shields
    Unable to edit old project
    Topic posted September 23, 2012 by Tami ShieldsNovice 
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    Unable to edit old project
    Edit project button doesn't work
    <p>&nbsp;I have a few old books from several years back that I want to edit some of the captions and reprint. When I go to the projects and click on "edit project" it take me only to a viewing pane and I am not able to edit. I have tried a few different browsers but nothing works. Any ideas?</p>



    • Swap 'da Cop

      HI Tami, I suppose your projects are in the old classic custom path version. Shutterfly decided to do off with their classic custom path photo books recently and replace the old classic custom path photo books with the all New custom Path books. I had a couple of projects in my account so I got several reminder emails from them asking to edit and order them before 10th Sep. I'm guessing you missed those emails.

      I dont think there is any way for you to edit those photo books anymore.

      • Tami Shields

        That makes sense Swap 'da Cop. I don't remember the emails but that doesn't mean I didn't get them. Thanks SO much for your help!!! I will stop searching for a way and just start recreating :) 


      Hi Tami,


      Even I faced the same issue when I try to edit my old Classis Custom Path it just open slideshow and did not gave me the option to edit. So, I contacted customer service and came to know Classis Custom Path books have been discontinued and we no longer have the option to edit them.Frown You can only order them if you have selected Soft, Hard or Padded cover. I was suggest to try creating new custom path book and when I tried that I found it’s as easy-to-use as Classic Custom Path but with more features and designs. Or you can try creating Simple path book which will create the book for you in minutes.

      Compare All New and Classic Custom Path

      • Melissa Woodard

        I had the same problem, and was told in an email by customer service that there's no way to go back and edit custom path photo books made before 9/10/12. I'm sure I also received those emails warning customers to order books before that date, but frankly with all the promotional spam I get from shutterfly I delete most of their emails without looking at them. Regardless of whether the new custom photo books have new and improved features, etc, etc, I think it's absolutely ridiculous that there's no way to go in and edit the older photo books, no way even to convert them to the new format, nothing. Basically if I want this photo book, which took hours and hours over the course of many months to put together, I have to start from scratch (or at the suggestion of customer service, order the photo book as is--and who wouldn't want a half done photo book?). I've had a positive experince with this site up to this point, but this turn of events has me thoroughly frustrated and debating taking my business elsewhere.


      • peter balzer

        Shutterfly has caused us all alot of grief by getting rid of the classic path book creation program. I absolutely agree that Shutterfly sends way too may emails that it is impossible to read them all. Also it would have been nice if Shutterfly created a program that converted the classic path books to the new path books, so we could continue to edit them as desired. I am still trying to deside if I will be using Shutterfly in the future.

      • Ann Murray

        I am just so unhappy about this - I just went in to finish an old project I've been working on for a really long time and I can only look at it or order it. It's 90% done but I can't finish it, and the text is too small for me to see it and reproduce it (not to mention the countless hours I already put into it). I cannot believe that they migrated this path without have a way to convert old projects. I contacted customer service as well, but they said it was "decided by higher management" and that they "sent an email well before the deadline." So much wasted work, and a huge loss of trust in Shutterfly. It's extremely disappointing.

        • Teresa DeFelice

          I am so confused, angry, upset, disappointed ....  Do I understand that the photo book i have been working on for ALMOST 2 YEARS is not able to be edited or ordered???  How is this possible?

          I just heard that "they sent an email."  Shutterfly sends me 3 emails a week!  If I had time to read every email from Shutterfly then I would not be the kind of person who needs 2 years to finish a photo book!!

          This is my 2nd daughter's adoption book.  She has been waiting and waiting for it!!  Her older sister already has 3 books and she has none so I promised ot have it to her by Christmas.  I cannot believe that 2 years of work will be wasted.  I hope that this is not the case.  I hope that Shutterfly has some way to make the RIGHT!!  There is absolutely no way I can spend another 2 years recreating it.  I already had to redo parts of it because of a malfunction that caused me to lose hours worth of changes. 

          What upsets me even more is that Shutterfly is constantly sending emails saying "Look, we created a photo book" as if you can create a really good book in 20 minutes.  It takes hours and hours of work to get the right photos and right editing, correct text and good layout.  You don't just throw it together!  I want my children to have photo books made with love and attention to detail, not just a bunch of random pictures slapped together.

          The lady on the phone could not help me but told me to call on Monday.  I am holding out hope that I can still get this book.  Even though I would like to continue to edit it I will be happy if I can just get it printed. I

          I feel like it is disrespectful and dissmissive of shutterfly to send 1 email (amongst the slew that they send!) to tell people that the projects that they've been working on are gone.  I just can't beleive this.


      • Gayle Salomaa

        I received those emails telling me that after September 10th I'd no longer be able to edit my classic photo book but I would be able to order it.  Last week I went to order it and found that I can't.  I've written customer service with no response so last evening I called, spent 20 minutes waiting to speak to a service representative, only to be told that if my book is a soft cover (which it is), it can't be ordered.  She said only hard cover classic photo books can be ordered.  I couldn't believe that so ended that call and called again to get someone else.  They didn't give me the same excuse but then again couldn't tell me why I couldn't order my book.  Anyone else having this same problem?  Just wondering if it's a software glitch that will be fixed.  



      • HenryB

        Hi Gayle,

        I remember that the email I recevied specifically said that I would still be able to order hard cover classic books after Sept. 10. Unfortunitely, I didn't keep the email. However, it seemed to me that the wording of the email was a little arkward which could lead to some confusion.

        I tried and I can order a hard cover classic book. Since I converted all my Classic Custom path books (28) to New Classic Custom path, there no need for me to order any of them.

        HenryB (A Shutterfly user)


        • Gayle Salomaa

          I didn't save the email either, but when I went on the shutterfly site for help, they didn't call out hard vs soft cover.  Not sure why the cover type matters.  Have they done away with soft covers on the classic path?  If they have, I wouldn't object to a hard cover!

      • Swap 'da Cop

         Below is a copy of the email that should answer your question. Yes, soft cover photo books can be ordered however only 8x8, 8x11, 12x12 sizes. 8x11 & 12x12 do not come in soft cover. I hope your photo book isnt in 5x7 or 7x9 size.


        Hello XYZ,

        Classic Custom Path was the original way to make photo books at Shutterfly, and was available from 2005 until May 2011.

        On September 10, 2012, Classic Custom Path is being discontinued.*
        • After September 10, 2012, you will still be able to order your Classic Custom Path photo
           books that have photo covers (soft, hard or padded).
        • If you have Classic Custom Path photo books with fabric, leather, cloth and satin die-cut
        , you will no longer be able to order these photo books unless you change these to
           a photo cover before September 10, 2012. Click here to learn how.
        • After September 10, 2012, you will no longer be able to edit your Classic Custom Path
           photo books.

        Simple Path and All New Custom Path photo books are not affected.

        What do I need to do before September 10, 2012?
        • If you don’t have any Classic Custom Path photo books in progress and don’t want to edit these
           books after September 10, 2012—THERE’S NO NEED TO DO ANYTHING. Your photo books
           will remain in your account to view and share. You can continue re-order any books with
           a photo cover.
        • If you have any Classic Custom Path photo books in progress, you must complete them by
           September 10, 2012.
        • If you have fabric, leather, cloth and satin die-cut cover Classic Custom Path photo books
           that you want to purchase after September 10, 2012—you must change the cover from
           die-cut to a photo cover
        . Click here to learn how.

        Frequently Asked Questions

        How do I know which path I used to create my photo book?
        1. Sign into your account, go to the My Shutterfly page and then click on the “View All Projects”
        2. Now you will be at the My Projects page. Click on the project you wish to view.
        3. Click on the “Edit Project” link.
        4. If you see a loading animation (a small book with flipping pages on the center of the screen),
            then the book was created using either Simple or All New Custom Path. These photo books
            are not affected by the discontinuation of Classic Custom Path.

        Can I convert my Classic Custom Path photo book to All New Custom Path?
        No. However, you can save pictures from your Classic Custom Path photo book into an album. You must save your pictures in an album by September 10, 2012. Click here to learn how.

        How do I change the cover of my Classic Custom Path photo book?
        You can change your die-cut cover (fabric, leather, cloth, satin) to a photo cover (you must do this by September 10, 2012) and then you can re-order it at any time. Click here to learn how.



        * Classic Custom Path will be discontinued on September 10, 2012 (11:59 P.M. PST).

        • Gayle Salomaa

          Yes, I have 5x7, where in this email does it say 5x7 is no longer available to order?  

        • Jennifer Thomas

          Thank you for this email.  The book I'm half-way through editing was shared by a friend of a friend who took a similar trip and ordered the book in 2009. I didn't see this email. Maybe my friend's friend did but that is no help to me. The book is full of text that would be very hard to recreate.  Shutterfly, the top of your page here says:


          Photo Books

          Need help with your book? You've come to the right place!


          I'm feeling like Shutterfly is the wrong place for me and my online readers.


      • Wendi Ward

        It's possible that Shutterfly can convert your Classic Path book to the new format. Here is what their Director of Customer Service told me to do:

        Send an email to: pbconversion (at) shutterfly (dot) com


        • The email address that your account is under.

        • The names of the projects that you want converted. Make sure that you use unique project names. If you have several projects called "My Photo Book", rename them so that Shutterfly knows which ones you want converted.

        Hope it works for everyone!

        <Edited: Corrected email address.>

        • Renee Kelsey

          Has anyone had any luck using the address to convert it?  I just emailed it.  Keeping my fingers crossed.    I hate to have to recreate this thing from scratch!!!   I had it all set up just the way I wanted it, but just had to replace a few pictures in it before re-printing it.

      • M-O-T

        Dear All,

             For your information:  Lyn posted this on March 3rd -

        I knew there was a source for the conversion of old classic custom books to the new custom path, so I kept searching. Do not just contact customer service. the correct e-mail to use is :   I sent my name, my e-mail address, and the name of the book I wanted converted and within a matter of three hours I received an e-mail answer and book was converted ! Just like that ! Now, book will still require some work (all pages are white and all text is one size and one font) , but it is all there .

        Good Luck to All


      • Cathryn Sperrey

        Ihave just started a new book this week and I can not get into it again to work on it.. I'm lost. How do I continue my new work?