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    Teresa Daniels
    Another photobook that won't load
    Topic posted September 2, 2011 by Teresa DanielsNovice, last edited February 9, 2012 
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    Another photobook that won't load
    <p>&nbsp;I seem to be having the same problem some others have mentioned on here.&nbsp; All my old projects open but the current one I have been working on will not.&nbsp; It is a custom pathway.&nbsp; The icon showing my book cover is there but it never loads.&nbsp; I am going to be devestated if it is lost for good.&nbsp; I have used shutterfly for a long time and have never had any issues.&nbsp; I emailed customer support.&nbsp; Very worried!</p>



    • Clara Giles

      This is the first time I've used Shutterfly and I've like it so far, until now. I'm having this problem as well. My saved photo book projects won't load on the screen. Anyone know what to do? Does the issue resolve on it's own? Still waiting on reply for customer service.

    • Clara Giles

       Hi Teresa,

      Just fixed the problem. Called Shutterfly Customer service and they recommended I download Mozilla 5.

      Did so and was able to view my project. Hope it works for you too :)

      • Teresa Daniels

         Thank you, Clara.  I found that it works with firefox as well.  Not sure why it doesn't work with IE anymore.  That is what I used the entire time until now.  Thank you for replying!

    • Kathleen Ferguson

      I use IE and have had same problem.  Just get the twirling circle saying it is loading.  Have found that if I use the slider bar and advance to end of photobook it loads well and fast.  Kathy F. 

    • Haley Horton

      My custompath photobook won't load either (October 17 2011).  I've emailed customer service multiple times but their suggestions never help.  I need to call them but it sounds like I'll have to hold a while.  I tried downloading Mozilla..didn't work.  Updated all my flash and adobe stuff...didn't work.  Deleted cookies..didn't work.  Changed my global setting on flash...didn't work.  Then I discovered last night that it WILL open on my home computer but not my newer work computer with Windows 7.  So I assumed it was a firewall thing and turned off the firewall at work...didn't work.  My only other guess is that my home computer has some recently downloaded codecs on it...not sure if that has anything to do with it opening.

      • Birgitte Besbes

        hi Haley, hi all,

        I am pleased to say, that having had great problems reopening ANCP projects, and having contacted customer serivce, I have just retried my new ANCP project via firefox, and it works well. Google Chrome does not work and IE with difficulty.

        Good luck to all,

        Gitte B