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    donna tharp
    Message Board: Can I disable .sfly mailing function?
    Topic posted September 5, 2013 by donna tharpNovice 
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    Message Board: Can I disable .sfly mailing function?
    I just want the discussion board, not the email spam please!
    Every discussion board has a default message about mailing the entire group and posting on the board using the email address. &nbsp;I want to totally disable the email function and make everyone use the discussion board in the site only. &nbsp; No emailing the entire group. &nbsp;</p>
    I&#39;ve got the site settings to not allow posting to the site via email, yet the message is still there. &nbsp;</p>
    Can someone help me turn the email off? I&#39;d pay a subscription to get it gone.&nbsp;</p>



    • Roger, (A Shutterfly User)

      Every e-mail you get from Shutterfly allows you to opt out.

      This is an example:

      This message was sent to  because you are on the list of XXXX site members. Your settings are currently set for Daily updates, but you can change frequency to  other. All times are for the time zone Eastern Standard Time (Australia).


      Because Shutterfly values your privacy, if you do not want to be a member of XXXX you can quickly and easily remove yourself from this site by clicking unsubscribe.

    • donna tharp

      Thanks, Roger; I appreciate the info.  

      I'm guess then, that's a no - for the bulletin board discussion threads, there is not a known way to remove that sentence above every single message board about emailing all members and posting to the bulletin board.  I'd also like to remove that check box upon adding a new topic that defaults to email all members.  I'd like to keep reading and writing discussion posts purely inside the site.  

      I DO want my site members to receive weekly digests and reminders from the calendar, so I am hesitant to set the default site setting to never.  Under "Edit Email Settings" --> "Email to Site" --> "Incoming Mail"... I have opted OUT of allowing content to be posted via email.  Seems like that would solve it and remove the email address for each message board, but it doesn't.  

      Hmmmm.... I'm wondering... Can I edit the html code in my own site to remove that sentence?

      Donna T