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    Jenn Bickler
    Bitmap pictures...
    Topic posted December 1, 2010 by Jenn BicklerNovice, last edited February 9, 2012 
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    Bitmap pictures...
    Can't upload bitmap photos.
    <p>Trying to upload some bitmap photo's but it will only recognize jpeg's. Is there anyway I can either convert the file or upload the bitmap photos?</p>



    • HenryB

      I'm assuming you are talking about ".bmp" files and that you want the image available on your Shutterfly account. The best way is to convert it which can be done using most photo editing software.

      If you are using Windows 7, I know that "Paint" which comes with Windows will allow you to convert the file. The "Paint" program can be found in "Accessories" from the "Start" menu. Open the bitmap file and do a save as selecting the "Jpeg image" option.

      Additionally, there may be other file format options available from the program used as the source of the bitmap files. 

      Hope this helps.

    • Roger, (A Shutterfly User)


      You can use other file types files on Shutterfly. You can see the animated GIF file above.

      However you cannot upload the BMP or GIF to Shutterfly so it must exist somewhere else on the publicly accessible internet. Then all you do is highlight the image and copy (ctrl C) and paste (ctrl V) it where ever you want it on your Share Site.

      I usually use a text Section

      Here's a BMP file which is stored on my network data area with Westhost





      ps.  The three crests I displayed above are the Old Oldham Borough Council, Oldham High School and Greenhill Grammar School Oldham which I attended about 1000 years ago when I was in my teens. R