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    S Salsa
    Can't access my pictures & albums. What happened?
    Topic posted May 28, 2011 by S SalsaNovice, last edited February 9, 2012 
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    Can't access my pictures & albums. What happened?
    Can't access my pictures/albums from my laptop. Shutterfly prompt just says "please wait" forever
    <p>I tried to access my pictures and albums, but once I click on any particular album or group of photos, shutterfly prompt just</p>
    <p>says" please wait". Nothing happens, no pictures appear. I do see the preview thumbnails when I click on "My shutterfly" tab. But, as I said, I try to click on the photos, and nothing happens.</p>
    <p>I tried to access my pictures with my iphone, and I was able to get to my pictures and actually open them. This leads me to believe that perhaps something is up with my laptop not being able to access the pictures.</p>
    <p>Can someone help, any advice?</p>



    • HenryB

      I've seen this happen every now and then. Usually a browser refresh clears it up. If it doesn't try closing your browser and restarting it. You can also try another browser. Additionally, I'm guessing your iPhone does not use the same network as your laptop to access the Internet. That said, I've seen a lot of strange issues clear by power cycling the router with a power off time of at least 15 seconds.

      If none of these suggestions work, please contact Shutterfly's Customer Service.

      HenryB (A Shutterfly user)