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    Cindy Pickering
    Topic posted October 5, 2011 by Cindy PickeringNovice, last edited February 9, 2012 
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    We are hosting a halloween party.
    <p>We have members in our shared site and we just announce that we are having an halloween party for our members.</p>
    <p>We would like for them to RSVP to us is there such a thing in the shared site where members can rsvp and tell us how many are coming from that family so we can keep track of how many are coming?</p>
    <p>I thought I saw it somewhere and now I can't find it.</p>
    <p>HELP! RSVP is October 19th.</p>



    • HenryB

      Hi Cindy,

      I'm not aware of anything called RSVP. However, you could add a "Message Board" section and title it "RSVP".

      To add the section, choose the "Add other sections ..." link at the bottom of any column and click on the "Collaborate" tab.

      This could also work for the food list you mention in another post.

      HenryB (A Shutterfly user)

    • Cindy Pickering

      Hi there,


      I created/added an event called halloween party to all the members. I want the members to RSVP if they are coming to the event, there has to be a tab somewhere where they can rsvp with how many coming.


      If I add a section, how? We need to see how many are coming and let shutterfly add the numbers itself instead of us using our fingers aka the manual way. 


      Why have people create events and no rsvp? Umm? If someone wants to use this to invite their wedding guests, how can the guests rsvp to the bride/groom? Same thing.


      Hope this is a clear picture. Thanks.

      • Rebecca Gronau

        The solution that I use is a "poll".  When adding a new section, you will see it on the "Collaborate" tab.  A poll allows you to ask a question like "Are you attending event XYZ"?  You can tailor the options/answers.  The default is simply "yes" or "no".  For my girl scout troop, I need to know how many kids and how many adults are attending an event.  So my options are "yes - child", "yes - adult", and "no".  Voters can select up to two options (also customizable).

        It's not a perfect solution.  The poll does not count the number of yes's or no's.  But it does show you how each person voted.  With a small group like mine, it works.

    • Cindy Pickering

      Also, I am trying to understand your instructions. Collaborate tab, what is there?? I dont see anything re:RSVP templates...

    • HenryB

      Hi Cindy,

      Please remember that this is a users' forum which is mostly monitored by other Shutterfly users such as myself - not by Shutterfly personnel.

      Thus, there's no point is asking "Why doesn't Shutterfly do this or that" in this forum because this is not a standard communications channel for Shutterfly. If you want to ask why something is one way and not another way or if you want to ask that something be added, please use the "Send feedback to Shutterfly" link which is on the bottom of every share site page.

      The answer I gave may not be the only way to do what you asked, but it is the one way I know which will work even if it is not perfect.

      As stated above, look at the bottom of any column on your share site and you will see a "Add other sections to your site such as a calendar, message board, and more" link. If you click on this link, you will get a pop up window with 3 tabs which are "Share", "Collaborate", and "More". If you click on the "Collaborate" tab, you will find a "Message Board" section which can be added to your site. You will not see a "RSVP" section because there is not one. I said that you could name your "Message Board" section "RSVP" to denote it's use.

      As an alternative, you could add a page using the "Forum" template and name it "RSVP"

      If you don't like either suggestion, just ignore them.

      HenryB (A Shutterfly user)

    • TKJHO

      Hi Cindy,

      There are specialized online companies such as Evite etc. for sending out invitations and receiving RSVPs. Shutterfly, being a relatively small company, cannot really do everything in as much detail as these 1-trick companies; otherwise it would grow into something as humongous and unwieldy as a Google or a Facebook.

      To circumvent the perceived limitations, u can easily modify a POLL SECTION into a RSVP section; the numbers as well as the names of the yeses and nos are available for your perusal.

    • Roger, (A Shutterfly User)

       I use the Add Section > Collaborate > Snack Schedule and rename it Attendance Sheet. You will have to select the event type from your calendar.

      Members can then tick off their names for that event and leave a comment if they are so inclined. Place the instructions you want to give your members about filling out the form in the Description Text Section at the top of the section. I did it in Red. You can also assign tasks if you like.

      Have a look here at the Attendance Sheet for Events/Concerts.


      Roger. A Shutterfly User.



    • Erica

      Hi, Cindy:

      I like to use Google Docs forms for my group's share site events.  It’s very simple to use and you can embed the form using a widget on your share site.  Click here to see my example.

      Template spotlight: Party RSVP Form

      Easy to create, HTML forms from Google

      Hope this helps!


    • Rita Shaver

       These suggestions are all great of course. 

      But my question is "has anyone found a way to send an email to only the members that have signed up on a particular sheet or even a way to send an email to only certain members.  I know you can email owners only....I'm thinking as I type.... can I create a role for only those attached to a signup sheet, change them over and then try to email only them....I'm going to go and find out.......

      • Rita Shaver

         No it doesn't work.  So how can you email only 30 members from the site and not the other 150 members without making the 30 all owners? ....and without sending 30 separate emails?

    • Rita Shaver

        So how can you email only 30 members from the site and not the other 150 members without making the 30 all owners? ....and without sending 30 separate emails?

      • TKJHO

        Click the EMAIL button (upper right), change ADD MEMBERS to CUSTOM MESSAGE or one of the others, then click ALL MEMBERS. A list of all your members will pop up. Click NONE (upper right) to uncheck the list and then check only the ones you want manually.