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    susan dudek
    download photos
    Topic posted September 15, 2009 by susan dudekNovice, last edited February 9, 2012 
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    Hi,<br />I'm new to shutterfly.  Is there a way to download photos onto my computer so I can add them to my digital picture frame.<br />Thanks<br />susan d



    • Joey

      Hi Susan,

      Welcome to Shutterfly!! As far as downloading pictures, you'll want to go to My Pictures in your Shutterfly account.

      You'll see an Upload icon to the left, click that and you can add your photos to your album. I'm not sure what a digital frame is though...Did you mean on your Share Site?


      Let us know if we can be of more help.


    • HenryB

      To download a photo from a Shutterfly share site, go to the album view and double click on a picture to put it in the large view mode. If you have rights to download photos from the site, you will see a download option to the right of the photo. If you click on the download option, a pop up window will open to allow you to choose a location on your PC.

      Although Roger is correct about contacting the image owner, you will only be able to download from sites which you have proper permissions. This is set by choosing the "Advanced tab" of the "Edit site permissions..." option from the "Customize" menu. This has to be done by the site owner. The choices are "Everyone", "Members", "Owners", and "No One". As I said, if you don't have download rights, you won't see the download option.

      Even if you have rights to download, there are limitations. The following is from Shutterfly's help page:

      "Can I download my pictures from Shutterfly?

      Currently, we do not have full resolution downloading available. However, we do have an Archive DVD service that you can order which contains full resolution copies of your pictures. The images on an Archive DVD will not include any of the Shutterfly enhancements or rotations that have been applied to an image loaded to Shutterfly.

      If you wish to download a print-quality copy of a photo, you can do so through our Share Sites.  Please note that this is not a full resolution download of the image, but just a 1600x1200 copy of the original image.   This should be sufficient resolution for prints up to and including 8x10.
      Downloading images can only happen when viewing a single image.  To do so, click the "Download this picture" link on the right of the image and follow the instructions.  Although there is no limit to the number of photos visitors may download, each image must be downloaded individually.  We do not currently offer any batch downloading.

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      08/17/2009 03:20 PM"
      If you want a site which is set to allow "Everyone" to download photos, check out my site at . Feel free to download any photos you like.

      • David Keller

        I am on someones share site that they gave me permission to be on and download photos. I can click the little box and download each individual photo but how do I chose the Archive DVD download for all of the photos? There is nothing on the page im looking at that says anything other than download the image from this users share ***.

    • Roger Worthington

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    • Cornelia P
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