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    Tam Whitehorn
    Customize page on top of a 2 pg spread
    Topic posted September 19, 2012 by Tam WhitehornNovice 
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    Customize page on top of a 2 pg spread
    <p>I may be asking the impossible but it does say "customize". &nbsp;I have a picture that I'm using as a 2 page spread. &nbsp;On the left side the picture is mainly black (but there are some details of the photo that I want to show on the left) and I would like to place 5 photos on that side. &nbsp;(the right side is very colorful)</p>
    <p>When I switch to the customize mode and begin to place my photos my spread photo disappears from the left page. &nbsp;</p>
    <p>I read thru Henry's tutorial on 2 page spread where he said to find a FULL PAGE template to overlay but I was unable to find a FULL PAGE template that would let me place 5 pictures, so that's why I switched to customize. &nbsp;</p>
    <p>Bonus points if I could frame these 5 photos with a light color border to make them pop on the darker picture.</p>
    <p>Thanks everyone. Hoping I can figure this out. &nbsp;I've loved all of my shutterfly books in the past but previously I've used the old Shutterfly Studio that I still have on my computer. Anyone remember that program?</p>



    • HenryB

      Hi Tam,

      It can be done, but it's not necessarily straight forward. I'm going to start with the following photo:

      You are right in saying that there is not layout with 5 additional photo layouts. However, there is one with 4 as shown here:

      So, I choose this layout which gives the following:

      Notice that the spread layout remains the same. Now, I just have to use the "Customize page" to move and resize the other photo. Also, I use the "Frame" tab of "Embellishments" to add a frame as shown here:

      However,you want 5 extra photos, not 4. I haven't figured out how to add another photo, but I can use the background. Thus, I first look at the editing of the 2 page spread picture as shown here:

      Next, I find a suitable layout with 5 pictures as shown here:

      Now, I click on the "Background" tab and click the "Use a picture as the background"link as shown here:

      With the "Hide used" unchecked, I select the 2 page spread photo and drag it as the background. Then, I double click on it to edit it as shown here:

      As shown, I click on "Effects" and choose the "Original" option to remove the fading effect.  Than, I use the crop bars to crop it as it was before. This sometimes requires a little trial and error. However, eventually I get the following:

      Now, all I have to do is use the "Customize page" mode to move and resize the photo layouts. Then, add the pictures to the layouts and use the "Frame" tab from "Embellishments" to get the following:

      While it is not straight forward, it is pretty easy.

      HenryB (A Shutterfly user)


      • Tam Whitehorn

        Great, great information!  I really appreciate the help but you lost me at this step:  However,you want 5 extra photos, not 4. I haven't figured out how to add another photo, but I can use the background. Thus, I first look at the editing of the 2 page spread picture as shown here:  I'm not sure how I use the background.  It looks like you are maybe cropping something?  

        Up to that point I'm right with you.  Can you expand just a little bit?

        Thank you again for your help,


    • HenryB

      What I should have said is that I double click on the left side of the 2 page spread to see how it is cropped. This will tell be how the background image later on. Once I choose to use a photo as a 2 page spread, the application splits the image into 2 parts with each part using a separate full page layout. In other words, once the 2 page spread is create, each half of the image is treated as a separate full page image. Thus, I can then use the image as a background image. However, to make it work, I have to see how it is cropped before I change the page layout from a single picture to one with 5 photos. Actually, I don't really need to see this, but it helps when it comes to actually cropping the background image.

      So, let's look closer at the left side of the 2 page spread as originally created:

      Notice that the page spread is a single full page layout. Also, notice the tree at the dividing line. This will be a reference point I will use later.

      Now, I want to use the image as a background. However, I cannot do it with a full page spread because there is no background showing. Thus, I have to first change to a layout which actually has a background. If I try to add a photo for the background with the full page spread, it just overwrites the image.

      In this case, I choose a layout with 5 photos as shown here:

      Now, I have background area which allows be to use a photo for the background:

      This shot shows me dragging a photo to the background area. Notice how the background turns yellow showing that it is the target rather then a photo layout. Here how it looks when it is first added:

      Thus, I need to edit the background which I do by double clicking on it. Here's how the background edit window looks after I remove the background effect:

      Please note the location of the display window. Thus, to get it to match, I have to move the window and change the cropping as shown here:


      This is why I look at the cropping of the original 2 page spread. By doing so, it's easier to match the cropping of the background.

      Here's the result:

      Notice the tree at the page division. If I crop the image properly, things like this will line up.

      I know this can be confusing. However, I think it will become clear as you play with it a little. Keep in mind that the 2 page spread tool is relatively new and is only designed to do full page spreads. However, in the past, it was possible to do 2 page spreads by manually editing the images. Also, it's possible to do partial page spreads through manual image cropping on 2 pages using the same images. You can also use manual cropping to wrap a cover.

      Here's a partial page split:

      Here is a cover wrap:

      I think I got off track a bit, but my cat woke up and wanted a little attention. So, let me know if you need more info.

      HenryB (A Shutterfly user)

      • Tam Whitehorn


        I am sorry that I am just now getting back to you.  Your instructions were perfect and I've been busy on my book using your great tips.  

        Thank you for sharing your knowledge,


    • Terry Morris

      In the photo with the tree on 2 pages, there is a black strip that runs down the inside of each page.  How in the world do you remove that?  I've got a 2 pages of photo's, but the black "streak" ruins the photo's color.



    • HenryB

      Hi Terry,

      If you are referring to the black space on either side of the middle of the page, I don't think this actually prints. It's just showing how much of the page could be difficult to view because of the spine and the natural fold of the book. Unless you order a new lay flat book, the book pages will bulge near the center when the book is open. I think they are just showing it in case it's an issue for your particular 2 page spread.

      This is my quess since I've never noticed it in any of my books.

      HenryB (A Shutterfly user)