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    Cheryl Adelman
    Download photo in full resolution???
    Topic posted November 11, 2011 by Cheryl AdelmanJunior Member, last edited February 9, 2012 
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    Download photo in full resolution???
    Can we download photos from a Share Site in full resolution?
    <p>I have set up a share site for my son's basketball team and have uploaded several very good quality photos.&nbsp; But when other members download them, they are downloaded in a much lower resolution.&nbsp; I really like Shutterfly's Share Site capabilities otherwise.&nbsp; It is so nice to have the calendar and roster and everything all in one place.&nbsp; However, I was very disappointed about not being able to download in full resolution.&nbsp; I see that Kodak Gallery's group albums are able to download in full-res.&nbsp; I wish Shutterfly would do the same.&nbsp; If someone out there has a way to do it that I am missing, I would really appreciate the advice.</p>


    • HenryB

      Hi Cheryl,

      You are not missing anything. There is currently no full resolution downloading available (see below). However, please remember that this is a users' forum which is mostly monitored by other Shutterfly users. If you wish to share your thoughts with Shutterfly, please use the link "Send feedback to Shutterfly" which is at the bottom of every share site page.

      If you search the Shutterfly Help Pages for "download" you will find the following:

      Downloading images: options available (Archive DVD, Share site download, Shutterfly for iPad)

      Published 09/22/2005 08:30 AM   |    Updated 08/25/2011 01:13 PM

      How can I download images from Shutterfly?

      Currently, we do not offer full-resolution downloading. However, we do have three methods by which you can get digital copies of pictures: Archive DVDs, Share Site Downloading, and the Shutterfly for iPad app. Use the option that best suits your needs: Archive DVDs take some time to process and ship, but can contain many images at full-resolution. Downloads are lower-resolution and done individually but are available immediately. A comparison of the two:


       Archive DVD

       Download from a Shutterfly Share site

      Download from Shutterfly for iPad app

       What it is:

       A DVD of full-resolution copies of pictures.

       Download individual pictures from a Shutterfly Share site.  

      Download individual pictures from within the Shutterfly for iPad app.

      How many pictures:

      The DVD can contain up to thousands of pictures.

      There is no limit to the number of photos you can download, but each image must be downloaded individually. We currently do not offer batch downloading

      There is no limit to the number of photos you can download, but each image must be downloaded individually. We currently do not offer batch downloading.

      Resolution available:

      Pictures on the DVD are full-resolution

      Pictures are print-quality but not full-resolution. Downloads are a 1600x1200 copy, which is sufficient for printing up to and including 8x10.

      Pictures are print-quality but not full-resolution. Downloads are a 1600x1200 copy, which is sufficient for printing up to and including 8x10.

      How long does it take:

      Generally ships within two days of order, then time in transit depends on the shipping method




      Based on number of pictures, starting at $9.99+ shipping and handling

      No cost; requires a free Shutterfly account, and the pictures must be on a free Shutterfly Share Site.

      No cost; requires a free Shutterfly account, and the pictures must be in the account already.

      How to get it:

      • Available in the Shutterfly Store (Store --> More Products --> See all products --> Archive DVD)
      • Or use this direct link: Archive DVD

      See instructions below.

       See instructions here


      To download an image from a Shutterfly Share Site:

      1. View a picture on a Shutterfly Share Site; click the thumbnail to view the full-size image.
      2. Mouseover the full-size image to see a drop-down menu, shown below.
      3. Click the "Download picture" option in the drop-down menu. You will be prompted to sign in to your Shutterfly account if you are not already. A 1600x1200 copy of the picture will be downloaded to your computer.

      graphic showing location of menu         detail of graphic



      HenryB (A Shutterfly user)

      • Robert Pond

        Just buy a zip drive (very cheap) and upload to it.....................Duh!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Susan Gingrich

        This looked like a very useful comment, but when I click on the thumbnail, the picture gets larger only if I double click and then it doesn't fill the screen like the one in the picture above does.  When I mouseover the enlarged picture, I do not get a drop-down menu at all.  Have things changed in the past year so that this is no longer an opetion at all?

        • Jennifer Smith

          If you are UNABLE TO SEE THE DOWNLOAD LINK or who are unable to see the picture full size as Susan notes above, it is because you or the person sharing with you has not created a "shared site".  These options are only available on shared sites. You can save the files to your own Shutterfly account and create a shared site, or you can ask your friend to create one.  It only takes a few minutes.

          As for full res images, think about what you're asking.  Shutterfly is not about to start letting folks download full res images -- you might print images on your own computer. (*gasp*)  This is a paper print-making site, not a file sharing site.  If you're looking for file sharing, you should look at Flickr or Facebook.

    • Roger, (A Shutterfly User)

      No I'm afraid you can't download full resolution images from Shutterfly.

      You can order a Full Resolution DVD from Shutterfly which contains your images.

      If you do a search on this forum for "Download Images" you will find lots of threads. Here's one of them:


      Roger. A Shuterfly User.

    • Bob Stoneburner

      As a former Kodakgallery user myself, I also miss the ability to download images at their original resolution. I see why from a business perspective they would not include this feature on Shutterfly, but it seems like a bit of an oversite. People will always want access to the original files for personal archiving purposes (even if they never get into them). 

      I plan on giving Shutterfly a few months to add the ability to download original images at their original resolution, but if they force me to use shared albums that only download at 1600x1200, I'm likely to switch to a different service.

      • Thomas Eovaldi

        Did you  switch to a full res service yet?  Picasa Web Albums allows full res downloads, I think.  Any others?

      • Asheet Awasthi

        Bob, did you find another site that can do this? I am in the same boat with exactly the same thing in mind! Found out this just today...

    • Victor Shiff

      It seems the mouse-over download option is not working any more.  Major disappointment!

    • M P

       I am still able to see the option "Download Picture" on the images added to the Share Sites. You may need to clear the cache and cookies from your browser.

    • Melissa G.

      Did this change recently? I have in the past (maybe 2010?) been able to download images and use them in other online software to make photobooks (because I don't like the quality of Shutterfly's books, even though I love their prints). Now when I do it, I get the "low-res" warning. 

    • A Stoll

      FYI: To Find Most Current Info on this Topic of Resolution Options via Shutterfly,

      the following steps helped me find it:

      1. Clicked on account's "Help" link (currently located at very top of a Shutterfly window & in small blue-ish font)
      2. Entered "Downloading images: options available"
      3. Then, the top search result that shoed & I clicked to view ended up being the "05/04/2012" updated, yet similar info & set up that HenryB kindly shared above.
    • peter samu

      I am having a similar problem. Some pictures upload in a smaller size, even though the setting are right

    • Karen Guthrie

      Looks like Snapfish has this feature as well.

    • Janese ***

      I just completed a 8x11 photo book and I've used the new double page photo spread.   Which by the way I've been waiting on.   I love it.

      My question is the pictures I'm using are 12megapixel photos (3264X2448) and 9 megapixel photo (3456x2592).   After the cropping on the screen the pictures appear to be blury.   As a test on my own I tried to use the same techniques and cropped the photos in the same format and them printed them and they come out really nice.

      I have 3 pictures (6 pages) using the bouble photo spread,  jsut wanted to know if this is just an issue viewing on the screen but when the book is printed the resolution should be fine.   The system didn't give me any indication that the resoultion was too low.

      • HenryB

        Hi Janese,

        First, it's not good practice to add a different topic to an existing posting. It would be better if you started a new posting for this.

        That said, according to Shutterfly, the photos displayed back to your computer may be decreased in size so that the display can occur in real time. If full size images were displayed back to your computer, it could be real slow. However, the actual pictures printed in the book will be full size.

        As long as the photos meet the minimum recommeded size for an 8x11 photo book and you are not getting low resolution warning, it should print fine. Shutterfly recommends a minimum size of at least 1600 x 1200  (Photo Book Resolution Recommendations).

        However, I can't see your account or your projects. Thus, I suggest that you contact Shutterfly's Customer Service if you want to really be sure.

        Also, please note the Satisfaction Guarantee link at the bottom of your "My Shutterfly" page.

        HenryB (A Shutterfly user)

    • Barbara ***-Hill

      Sorry Henry for posting the incorrect topic here.  Thanks for reply.

      • Michelle Matanic

        In case you are still worried, I thought I would toss in my experience.  I've made Shutterfly photobooks for several years now and it never looked blurry on the screen until they started using the new Custom Path recently.  I was a little nervous, but since there wasn't a low resolution warning I went ahead and ordered the photobook.  When it got here it was just as crisp and perfect as it always is, so it's definitely just a little quirk of the new process.

    • Lori Phillips

       Still waiting for downloadable in full res.  No changes yet? 

    • Roger, (A Shutterfly User)

      Don't hold your breath Lori. Shutterfly have a lot on at the moment as you are probably aware.

      This would need a policy change which I personally cannot see being made any time soon. I could be wrong but .......


      Roger A Shutterfly User.


    • lee harvard

       Is there a way to prevent anyone from copying photos

    • HenryB

      Hi Lee,

      On the share site, you can choose the "Edit site permissions..." option from the "Customize" menu. Then, select the "Advanced" tab to show the following:

      The first item controls picture save and printing. If you change this to "Owners" or "No one", then people can't save a copy of a photo to their account. Also, the second item controls whether or not people can download  a 1600x1200 copy.

      Of course, this doesn't prevent anyone from copying a picture by doing a screen print. If you are worried about this, perhaps you should look at the Shutterfly ProGallery. Here's some informational links for the ProGallery:


      Helpful Hints

      To see a ProGallery linked to a share site, check out the following:

      HenryB (A Shutterfly user)