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    Carol Johnston
    Is the blank photo book (Print Your Own Digital...
    Topic posted September 17, 2011 by Carol JohnstonNovice, last edited February 17, 2012 
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    Is the blank photo book (Print Your Own Digital Scrapbook) no longer available?
    I can't find the blank photo book option to print you own digital scrapbook.
    <p>I can't seem to get an answer from customer support about <strong>blank photo</strong> <span style="color: #ff0000;"><strong>books</strong></span>.&nbsp; They direct me to blank <strong>pages</strong>.&nbsp;</p>
    <p>Here is the link to Shutterfly's Upload and Print How-Tos.&nbsp; <a href=""></a></p>
    <p>In step 3.</p>
    <p>3. Select Photo Book Size/Select Print My Digital Scrapbook Occasion (is not there)</p>
    <p>&nbsp;So, I'm hoping you great forum users might know where to find a <strong><span style="color: #ff0000;">blank book</span></strong> to upload your own digital scrapbooking pages.</p>



    • HenryB

      Hi Carol,

      I think the page referenced contains old information. This is because of the All New Custom Path Book which Shutterfly now offers. Even though I'm not a digital scrapbooker, there are several references about how to do digital scrapbooking with the New Custom Path. I found the following by seaching the Shutterfly Help pages for "scrapbook":

      Digital Scrapbooking

      Digital Scrapbooking in the All New Custom Path

      In the Digital Scrapbooking link, they give a link labeled Classic Custom Path Photo Books which has a link to the page you referenced. This is the link which is old because the Classic Custom Path Photo Books has been replaced by the All New Custom Path books.

      However, the Classic Custom Path is still supported, but the only way I know to get to it is to edit an existing Classic Path book. Additionally, I'm sure that support for this will be dropped in the future.

      Thus, I suggest working with the All New Custom Path. In addition to the above links, here are a few more:

      Shutterfly's Digital Scrapbooking Blog

      Idea Pages: At Shutterfly

      All New Custom Books Gallery

      Digital Scrapbooking Forum on this page under the Inspiration tab

      Finally, I'll send an email to the forum admin to let them know about the old information.

      HenryB (A Shutterfly user)

      • Carol Johnston

        Thank you for your response. I followed your instructions and was able to create the book with my digital pages using Shutterfly's new (convoluted route) "All New Custom Path".  By going into each individual page and changing the setting to full bleed I was able to insert by digital pages into the book.  The only problem I had was with the cover.  As far as I can see, there is no full bleed option for the front cover

        How do the digital scrapbookers put their full page designs on the cover?

        Here is the link in shich I find step 4 incorrect: 

        4. For the front cover, select the full bleed layout. NOTE: If you leave the text box blank, no text will print. This is true, but there is no setting for the full bleed among the cover choices.

        Any help with this would be appreciated.

        Thanks again,


      • Liz Riekena

        Hi...You seem knowledgeable on this subject of Digital pages in Shutterfly albums...Once upon a time there were specific directions for doing this and templates and actions to make eveyrthing perfect albeit the instrucitons were deeply buried here and I always had a hard time finding them.... Someplace a couple of years ago I heard you could not longer do this, so I have just been using the custom path thing and choosing the full page image for each page and it has worked pretty well including choosing the full page single image for the covers which I see others are having problems with so they must be someplace different than I was as far as creating goes????...Just got a book back and I was too close to the edges and although I had sized them with the action etc, they got nipped... was trying to get a book created in too little time and did not even consider coming in here to look for be honest I have no idea what their recent changes mean to me??? the names all roll around in my head and I have no idea what they have said by the time I get done reading??? Anyway I digress...I also had issues in the past in creating a book with my completed pages, because they said that was NOT a photo book and did not qualify for the discounts...more playing with words...I will say their customer service is great, or at least it was in the I guess what I want to know it still possible to accurately upload your already created pages that have been correctly sized and have them print without being nipped...that would be the bleed issue...yes...I am looking for the easy seems there is a lot of info to wade through here on the subject, and I will wade if there is a good reason to...i.e. the ability to do this...I am considering calling customer service and asking about a re do, but it only makes sense if I can make it better...hope this makes sense, and that I do not sound like too much of a rambling idiot...Thank you for any input...Liz

        • HenryB

          Hi Liz,

          I'm not totally sure what you are asking about. However, here are a few things concerning the New Custom Path books.

          First, there is a full page layout for both the front and rear covers as shown here:

          The difference is that the front cover has a couple of text boxes by default. However, if they are empty, they won't print. Alternatively, they can easily be removed using the "Customize page" option. All you have to do is drag them off the page. The result is this:

          In the past, there was no full page layout for the title page. Now, there is, but you need to use the "Get more layouts..." link to get it as shown here:

          Once added to the project, it can be used as shown here:

          A new useful feature is the "Apply to other pages..." option of the "Pages" menu. As shown here, you are given a chance to select "Layout, Background, Frame" to copy to the other pages. In this case, I select "Layout" only:

          This will duplicate the full page layout to all other pages. After using this option, the other pages are full page layouts as shown here:

          Please note that I can use this option from the title page to apply the full page layout to all other pages. However, if I first change one of the regular pages to a full page layout and use this option, the title page will not be changed to a full page layout.

          Finally, the ability to fit a full page image to a page depends on how closely the aspect ratio of the photo matches the aspect ratio of the layout. The aspect ratio is the ratio of the width to the height. Thus, for an 8x8 book, the ratio is 1. For this test book, my image is actually 3000x2000 which is an aspect ratio of 1.5. Thus, some cropping will be necessary to fit as shown here:

          For more on aspect ratios and photo books, please see this article Cropping and Photo Dimensions on my share site (Henry's New Custom Path Tips).

          I hope this answers your questions. For future questions, you may want to start a new posting because this one is getting pretty long and it's hard to find new comments added to it.

          HenryB (A Shutterfly user)

    • HenryB

      Hi Carol,

      It's true there is no full bleed layout for the front cover (there is for the rear cover), but you can use the customize page option to resize any cover layout.

      By playing with layouts for front, spine, and rear cover, you can do a wrap-around as I did with the following:

      I hope this answers your question.

      HenryB (A Shutterfly user)

      • Carol Johnston

        Dear HenryB, again you have solved my problemThanks so much for your help.  SHUTTERFLY really could use someone with your expertise in their customer service department.  I have not had any luck getting correct answers from them.


        I would have dropped this whole Shutterfly process and gone to another company if I had not had two free books to use up.  You saved me some cash. Alas, I have printed several books from Shutterfly (and been quite happy with their products) and am now so dismayed by the direction they have taken in regards to customer service for the digital scrapper. 

        Thanks again.


      • Katherine Ashby

        HenryB, how exactly did you do this wrap around cover with the Golden Gate Bridge? My fiance and I are trying to use images that our photographer put together to spand the front cover, spine, and back cover, as well as pages within the book. If you could please let us know at your earliest convenience, that would be great! We would like to take advantage of the 50% off offer that ends tomorrow, Feb. 1st! Thank you!

        • HenryB

          Hi Katherine,

          Please review the following posting because it has more details of how I do it: stretching one photo to two pages

          There is no getting around the fact that there is some trial and error. If you move the edit box to the side of the page so you can see the results of your actions, it helps. Let me know if you need more info.

          HenryB (A Shutterfly user)

      • BarbaraJ
         Henry I copied my screne and saved it to jpg to help someone understand what I was telling them. How do I then save my jpg to this page. I tried and could only use the link. Help me please Henry? pls
      • Swap 'da Cop

         100% agree with Roger! You are a screenshot guru!! :D

    • Roger, (A Shutterfly User)

      Me too Carol?   Laughing

      I think I can speak for Henry when I say that we do it for the love of it.

      We suffer abuse and ridicule from many users.

      We have to guess many of the questions because people can't be bothered to type more than one line.

      Many users just make complaints here, and when we advise then to direct their comments to Shutterfly, they get angry with us and shoot the messenger.

      But we keep coming back for more because occasionally we meet someone like you.

      Henry is also my hero.


      Roger. Another Shutterfly User.

    • Carol Johnston

       Well guys, here it is.  Thanks again for all of your help.


      I did have a couple more issues but I guess I will have to live with them, but I thought I would note them here for others.

      1.  I needed to get 3 more pages(images) that I had worked on.  I uploaded them into the folder with the other photos I had used in the book.  Unfortunatley they did not show up in the folder when I was in the book so then...

      2.  I re-uploaded them to another folder, (turned off vivid images and changed to easy crop on each image), opened the  photo book again and the new folder of the 3 images was again not visable  so then

      3. I uploaded them again through the "add photos" option from the photobook screen where it took me directly to my computer for uploading.  They uploaded but I could not edit them to turn off vivid images or the easy crop)  so then

      I lived with it!!




    • HenryB

      Hi Carol,

      Now that you and Roger have given me a big head, I have to try to answer your latest issues.

      Often, uploaded files won't show in a folder until you do a browser refresh. This is a browser thing - not a Shutterfly issue. Additionally, uploading to a folder will not automatically add photos to a book or any project. This is because they are stored differently.

      Thus, you have to do a "Add pictures" from within the book or project. When you do this, select the "My Shutterfly Pictures" tab if you have previously uploaded to a folder. This tab shows the folders an albums on your "My Pictures" page. Here's a screen shot of the "Add picture" window for a New Custom Path book:

      Please notice the circled tab. Also, notice the folders in the left pane. This is how I organize my photos on my "My Pictures" page. Notice that I added a folder named "Photobooks". I create albums and add photos to the albums for all my photo books. As stated above, I still have to select them to add to a photo book or other project.

      Also, please notice the other tabs which are the other picture sources I have available (My Computer, Share Sites, Facebook).

      The key point that most people don't realize is that your "My Pictures" is still the main pictures storage area no matter where you upload or get the photos. That is, a copy is place in an album in the "My Albums" folder of your "My Pictures" even if you directly upload photos into a book, another project, or a share site, I'm not sure if pulling photos from Facebook works this way, but I suspect it might.

      Anyway, because of this and because other factors (listed below), I manage all my photos from "My Pictures" page. Then, I add to projects and copy to share sites as needed. Here are the other factors:

      • You can edit a photo in a "My Pictures" album, but nowhere else which you found out.
      • You can get an absolute URL for a photo in a "My Pictures" album, but nowhere else.
      • You can move or copy multiple photos at a time between "My Pictures" albums, but nowhere else.

      As a final note, the album created, when you directly upload into a project or share site, will generally be named for the upload date. Here's a partial look at my "My Pictures" page:

      Notice the circled album which has a date for the name.

      Although it might seem conplex, the system is designed for flexibility.

      HenryB (A Shutterfly user)




    • Shannon

      Hi Carol,

      The “Print your digital scrapbook” option only exists in the Classic Custom Path, not the All New Custom Path. I'm sorry the instructions weren't specific about that ... our marketing team is working to correct that so that the steps are more clear.

    • BarbaraJ

       We are so lucky to have so many helpful people that care about helping each other.  I also printed this to keep, for anyone that  needs help!  THIS IS FOR THE NEW ALL CUSTOM PATH BOOKS!

      As you go down througt this page you will see what Henry is talking about and you can copy it for help as you do  your book!

    • Joey

       Henry, I think you and Roger are wonderful. You answer questions and i learn more from you guys than i did from any schooling I had. Henry's screen-shots make the viewer able to see what it is that Henry is trying to explain. I always go to him when I just can't figure something out.

      Keep up the fabulous work everyone!! I enjoy learning from you.
      Joey the Roo - as Roger calls me

    • HenryB

      Hi Barbara,

      The way I do it is to upload my "JPG" to a Shutterfly album. Then, I get the URL for the file as defined in the following posting: Full URL of photos

      Once I have the URL, I click on the add picture icon and paste the picture URL as shown here:

      Please note that when I tried the "Reply to this Comment" link on your comment, I didn't have the tool bar which is why I added a comment instead.


    • B D

      Hi guys there is information about the "DIGITAL SCRAP BOOKING IN THE HELP SECTION"

      For a walk through of digital scrapbooking in the All New Custom Path, visit our blog:


      same question for me!  wasted way too much time trying to do this!