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    Ann A
    Balloons and Kids...
    Topic posted November 13, 2010 by Ann AShutterfly Enthusiast, last edited February 9, 2012 by Ann AbbottContributing Member 
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    Balloons and Kids...
    I took on my kids annual photograph myself.
    <p>After looking at the kid's group studio group shots over the years I thought, I can do just as good.&nbsp;&nbsp; So to save money, I gave it a try this year.&nbsp; To keep to a little or nothing buget, I went with white tees and jean shorts. For the splash of color, I used orange balloons and for a back drop my giant bathtub.&nbsp; Here is the results...lots better than I ever expected!</p>



    • Shannon

      Hi Ann,

      Great creative tip on how others can save money on professional studio photographers! And your kids are adorable.

    • Ann Abbott

      thanks Shannon.... I had a friend who loved the idea so much ... I took photos of her kids too...with red balloons for Christmas

    • Kay Brashear

      I don't have any creative ideas for this year, but I just had to reply for this picture! That is so creative, and fun! It looks like your kids had fun with these pictures too! Love it!

      • Ann A

        Thanks so much.... The kids had a good time in the tub with the balloons too.