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    Helen McFarlane
    How to upload multiple photos?
    Topic posted May 28, 2011 by Helen McFarlaneNovice, last edited February 9, 2012 
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    How to upload multiple photos?
    I'm unable to select multiple photo files to upload to my album, can only select 1 at a time.
    <p>When I attempt to add pictures to an album, I click on the Choose files... button. This brings up a dialog Select files(s) to upload by I can click on any individual file and upload it, but have not found a way to select multiple files or all files in the folder on my computer. How can I do this? My computer&nbsp;has Windows 7.</p>



    • Helen McFarlane

      Forgot to mention, I have tried the instructions in the Upload directions:

      If you're using a Windows PC: From the pop-up window,
      navigate to the folder containing the pictures you want to upload.
      To select consecutive pictures, single-click on the first picture,
      hold down the SHIFT key, and then single-click on the last picture
      in the group. To select a non-consecutive group of pictures,
      single-click on the first picture, hold down the CTRL key,
      and then single-click on each additional picture you want to select.
      After all the pictures you want to upload are highlighted, release
      the SHIFT or CTRL key and press the "Open" button.

      This doesn't work for me, only 1 file is selected even if I follow the above instructions....

    • HenryB

      Hi Helen.

      It sounds as if you are doing things properly. So, I'm not sure what the issue is.

      If I hold the Ctrl Key and single click on the file with the left mouse button (right handed person and mouse), it is highlighted and the name placed in the filename box as shown:

      Similarly, if I hold down the Shift key instead of the Ctrl key, I can mark all files.

      If the key combinations of <Ctrl><Mouse Click> and <Shift><Mouse Click> are not working, something may be wrong with your computer. You should be able to use these key combinations outside Shutterfly. That is, open a window such as your "Pictures" folder in your Windows' library and use these key combinations to select files there. If it doesn't work there, please reboot your computer and try again.

      For Shutterfly, you might want to try the Express Uploader because you can drag the files into the uploader. This uploader installs on your computer.

      HenryB (A Shutterfly user)

    • Harry Berggren

      Helen -- you can also try this to select all the images in your folder:

      When you navigate in the popup window to the folder with your images, to select all your images, you can press the Control key (<CTRL>), and while holding that down, also press the "A" key (i.e. <CTRL>-A).   That will select all.  Then just click "Open"...

    • M-O-T

      Harry you are funny I must say!!!

      Did you realize that you have answered a post from May 2011? A lot has changed on Shutterfly since then!!!

      Good Luck