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    Brandy Jean
    Problem with Gift Card
    Topic posted May 1, 2013 by Brandy JeanNovice 
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    Problem with Gift Card
    My Gift Card says "Not Valid"
    I just now scratched off the back of my gift card, and I tried using it with my purchase, but it is telling me this:</p>
    Sorry, this special offer code... is not valid.</p>
    I&#39;ve checked the number numerous times and it&#39;s definitely right, but it just isn&#39;t working. Wondering why... &nbsp;&nbsp;</p>
    Would love to have used it with my photo book that took me over an hour to make perfect, but the only reason I created one is because I thought I had this card to help pay for it.&nbsp;</p>



    • Vishal Bhadreshwara

      Try this link after login to your shutterfly account for redeem your gift card.


      If above link dosen't work then use below link for redeem your gift card




      • Brandy Jean

        The link on the card is, and I even tried on the Cart page before checking out. I have tried each one, but it still tells me the code is invalid.

        I was thinking maybe the card had expired, but on the card itself, it says "Your giftcard will never expire." I know it has not been used yet seeing as I just scratched off the code last night. I even checked and rechecked to make sure I typed the code correctly. So I'm not sure at all.

        I really do appreciate the reply! :) 

        • TAPAN BHATT

          Hi Brandy,

          I suggest that you contact Shutterfly customer service and they will be able to assist you in applying the gift card you have.

          Contact by Email, Chat with Live Help or give a call at Phone: 888.225.7159.

          Hours of operation are:
          Monday - Friday, 6am - 9pm Pacific Time and Saturday - Sunday, 8am - 6pm Pacific Time

    • Vishal Bhadreshwara

      Might be code is already redeem in your account


      You can chjeck your credit by click on below link

      Discount will automatically apply during checkout.

    • Caroline MANNHEIMER

      I am trying to make a last minute Mother's Day gift that I told my 85 yr old mum about- who is very excited about the idea, by the way- and had the same thing happen: "your code is not valid". I bought this prepaid card two weeks ago- it was on sale- at the flagship Target store in Minneapolis. I am very disappointed at the moment but am still hoping that I am doing something wrong. Did you ever get this resolved?

      • M P

        What is the value of your gift card? Is it for a free product or a dollar off? Are you sure that it is not a Gift Certificate other than a gift card? Click here and add the code and check if that work, if not then click here. Also check if the code you are entering is correct, a letter O could be a zero, letter B could be an 8 and letter S a number 5.

    • karina magdaleno

      I got to gift cards when I was pregnant I never used them and I wanted  to use them since im baptizing my daughter ive never used these cards there both $20 dollars but both were valid until June 27,2013 but it says I can redeem