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    Maureen Harrison
    Can't load custom path photobook
    Topic posted August 22, 2011 by Maureen HarrisonNovice, last edited February 9, 2012 
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    Can't load custom path photobook
    Can't load custom path book
    <p>I started a custom path book, had many pages done, and now can't open the project to continue working.&nbsp; It starts loading, but then spins indefinitely until I close the whole program.&nbsp; I have no trouble accessing previous simple path books or photos or any of my other content.&nbsp; Suggestions??&nbsp;</p>



    • Joey

      Hi Maureen,

      I'm not sure why that would be happening - I'm just a Shutterfly user like yourself. One thing i do which often times works is i reboot the whole computer. Sign out of Shutterfly and restart your computer and mahybe by chance it will come back on. Or another thing is to use your back arrow, at the top  of your browser, to go to the previous screen.

      Let us know if this helped.


      • Maureen Harrison

        Hi Joey.

        Unfortunately, neither option helps.  While the book is trying to load, the "back" button is grayed out and nonfunctional.  I can "refresh," but the same issue recurs.  Rebooting has no effect either, sadly.  Thanks for trying.


    • Michaelene Merman

      I am having the same problem as Maureen and have tried for the last 24 hours to edit my custom path photo books and place and order. Where do we go from here?

      • Michele Lesher

        I am having the same problem as well.  I created a 72-page book last week with no problems.  Now when I try to access it to edit the album, I get the "loading" symbol forever.  Please help!

        • Michaelene Merman


          It's nice too know that more than 1 person is experiencing this problem. .  .

          I created 5 photo books over the weekend and it's frustrating not being able to get back in and edit.  . .

    • Joey

      Thats frustrating. Well, if it doesn't work for you either Michaelene, then its quite possible there is a glitch. Feel free to email Customer Service at:  or try calling 888.225.7159

      Let us know what you find out.

      • Michaelene Merman


        I've have used Shutterfly many times in the last couple of years and have never experienced a problem like this.

        I will definitely follow-up with Customer Service.  .  .Thanks again!

    • Shannon

      Hi Maureen and Michaelene,

      Our Customer Service department will have to investigate both of your books, and will need you to either email or give us a call.

    • Michaelene Merman

      Joey and Shannon,

      Just a follow-up to let you know I called the "888#" and was on hold for 30 minutes.  .  .

      An operator came on and she clearly could not understand my English language.  .  .

      I asked if it I was calling India and the operator responded "yes" so I politely said "thank you".  . .

      AND chose not too continue.  .  .

      I need the USA and if I can not continue on with getting these photo books from Shutterfly.  .  .

      I will find another site.

      Thank you!

      • Shannon


        You can ask to be transferred to someone in the US. But you'll need to call back during normal business hours. As I stated before, you can also email. Thanks

    • Joey

      i get better results when i email.

      Don't give up just yet. I know its frustrating now, but it will be fixed.

      Let us know what you find out.

    • Haley Morris

      I am also having the same problem.  I was wanting to finish my book tonight as I have a code for 50% off photo books that expire tomorrow!  I cannot load my book, just says "loading" indefinitely!  GRRRRRR!

    • HenryB

      Hi Haley,

      If you haven't already done so, please contact Shutterfly's Customer Service.

      HenryB (A Shutterfly user)

    • Joey

      I was just on one of my books to see if I got what you were all saying. I did get the rotating circle and the loading bar across my book - I then used the back arrow of my browser, went back to view my book and I had no problems getting into it this time. It may be slower as so many are trying to get books done before the sale goes off the 24th at midnght PST.

      You may want to contact Customer Service as Henry suggested.

    • Maureen Harrison

      After two email responses from customer service, neither one of which helped, I called service yesterday.  Four reps and 4.5 hours later, I still cannot access my book.  We trouble-shot many potential issues, though.  As of last night, Jacob in service acknowledged that this seemed to be a new issue and he assures me the engineers are working on it.  While the first two people I spoke with were not helpful ("I don't know what else to tell you"), the last two seemed more knowledgeable.  I'd strongly encourage anyone having this loading issue to call and ask to speak with Damon or Jacob so that they are aware of the extent of the issue.  My fingers are crossed for some sort of resolution!


    • keith Vreeland

      I empathize. I tryed most of the day to compose a book in custom path in time for the sale deadline. I had several problems but the most frustrating one was the "one Moment" turning page that lasted for over an hour before I gave up. Oh well, I guess it wasn't meant to be....

      Keith V

      • Joel Greenstein

         I have this same problem with the non-stop spinning album loading under custom path.  Calls to Cust support only asked me to check to be sure that I have the most current Adobe Flash and Java which I do.  I was transferred to a US rep who had no answer but promised to email me -- which he never did.  Sent an email to Cust support to which I did get a reply that it was a problem but engineering has insisted it is fixed. Evidentally it is not fixed.  I use Windows XP and have an up-to-date system.

        I sent another msg to CS asking for a phone call to try to resolve the problem, but the reply from CS indicated that there is nothing more that they can do -- I need to call back even though I provided my phone number but they will not initiate the call to try to corrrect the problem.  I will have to go elsewhere for  this album.  Seems like Shutterfly is not interested in resolving serious problem in order to keep long term customers.

        • Shannon

          Hi Joel,

          Sorry to hear about your situation. I was able to access all 4 of your books and opened them just fine in your account, and they seem to all be Simple path books.

          Are you trying to create a new book? Have you tried using a different computer to see if it's an issue with your computer?

          Don't worry, we'll figure this out!

          • Joel Greenstein

             Yes, but it also Windows XP and will not load.  I use IE v. 8 and Firefox v. 7.  I have Adobe Flash 11.  I tried someone's laptop using my home environment (wifi and router) and it seems to work on Vista but not on XP.

            When the album starts the spinnning process the bottom of the web page has a yellow triangle that is error on page. Double clicking on triangle, there is a lengthy error code but it cannot be copied using right click..


          • Joel Greenstein

             I overlooked your other comment.  I can access all other books as they are in simple path.  The new one I am creating is in Custom Path. I am trying to create an entirely new book.

            • Maureen Harrison

              This sounds like exactly where I was at in August - same initial issue, same run-around with customer service.  I did ultimately have success, though.  I'd recommend calling customer service and asking to speak with Jacob.  He understood the issue, tried an assortment of troubleshooting with me, said he'd email and did, said he'd call back and did, and then, two weeks after our last conversation, I got a phone message saying that he believed the problem to be fixed - which it was (for me).  I appreciated that he kept working on the issue evan after I was off the phone and he called specifically to update me on the progress and asked me to call back to confirm that my issue was indeed fixed.  Good luck!

    • Karen Stearns

       I too have wrestled with the custom path (since August actually).  Same issue, IE spins until I just give up.  Customer support was no help.  I have read every one of these posts trying to figure out how to get to my book.   Since Christmas is right around the corner, I really want to finish my 60+ page book as a gift.

      Bottom Line:  I finally decided to open Google Chrome and give it a try.   HOORAY - worked like a charm.  The book opened right up and I've been editing all afternoon. 


      • Kathy ***

         I have been having the exact same problem all of you are having and tried everything you all tried to get it fixed.  Including calling the 800 number.  I just tried opening it with Google Chrome and it worked!!!!!!

        Thank you so much!


        • Karen Stearns

           You just made my morning!  I'm never sure whether posting to these forums is really helpful.  My book is completed and wrapped for Christmas.  Best wishes!


    • Lynn Dunlap

      I too am having the spinning loading thing.  My old photobooks open no problem, but the newer one I started will not open and I can't create a new photobook.  I'm using firefox and have tried regular internet explorer and Google Chrome.  I have Windows explorer.  Super frustrating!  I've emailed customer service and they haven't been helpful at all.  I've been using this site for over a year now and I really like it.  But if photobooks don't work, there's no point in coming here.  I really would like to finish my photobook, I've spent hours working on it!