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    tina mazzarella
    groupon code problem
    Topic posted February 20, 2011 by tina mazzarellaNovice, last edited February 9, 2012 
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    groupon code problem
    code about to does not accept
    <p>I am frazzled...I made the 8x8 book...paid for the coupon and now the site is not accepting my coupon and there is no phone number to get in touch with shutterfly.&nbsp; I tried entering it into the promotional code field but it said it was not valid.&nbsp; I think it expires TODAY.&nbsp; now what.</p>



    • HenryB

      Please use the following link to contact Shutterfly's customer service:

      They are the only ones that can help you with this as far as I know.

    • Shannon

      Hi Tina,

      Where were you entering the groupon code? Is it possible you entered in the wrong code? Did you get an error saying the code was invalid?

      Please contact Customer Service, we'll help you figure this out.

    • Joey

      I have a friend who has been dealing with this issue for over a week. She finished her book and the groupon was in her Shutterfly account the day before and now its gone. It no longer showed on her groupon account as it expired the 22nd. I contacted and they have been helpful. This was right before the weekend. I contacted them again for her and they sent her and I an email saying someone from Shutterfly will try to reach her. I don't understand how it could be in her Shutterfly account one day, then gone the next. Hopefully it will get fixed soon.

      Hope your issue gets fixed too, Tina.


      The samething just happen to me I went back to Groupon to see if the was another code because the live chat person said it should have numbers and letters but there was none. So it looks like I'll be on the phone with Groupon in the morning. Good Luck !

    • Joey

      My friend is still having issues too. I thought this was a Groupon issue. But they have been trying to get someone from Shutterfly to call her and clear this up. She's had this issue over 2 weeks and is not a happy camper. The least they could do is return her phone call when asked. Good luck Annette

    • robbin jaye


      We are sorry for the inconvenience caused. On checking your account, I find that you have : $20 off in your account. To redeem this gift card, the order value should be more than $20 excluding Shipping and taxes (Sub total value in the shopping cart). I would request you to place an order for more than $20 excluding shipping cost, to avail this offer.

    • Joey

      Thats great news Robbin. When i emailed groupon on behalf of my friend, they responded right away which was very help.

    • Ann A


      Phone: 888.225.7159
      Monday - Friday, 6am - 5pm Pacific Time
      Saturday - Sunday, 8:30am - 5pm Pacific Time

    • Karen Pinegar

      I have been having the same problem all evening!  Very frustrated!  Bought a deal from Mamapedia Sweet Deals.  Put the code in and it says the code has already been used.  Never been on Sutterfly before making this book.  Have many, many hours of work in this project and my code expires tonight.  Will never use Shutterfly again.  Love Pixable site.

    • Karen Pinegar

      I posted the last posting.  Since then, I went to a live chat with someone at Shutterfly.  I retract what I stated above.  They were soooooo very accomodating!!  Not only did they make it so that my code could be used, they gave me  a deal that I could have any cover type and the book for FREE!!  YES, free!!!  So, I paid $10 on Mamapedia for an 8 X 8 Soft cover 20 page book.  What I got was an 8 X 8 Leather cover 20 page book, for free.  Could not ask for a company to be better than that to its customers..    Will buy again for Shutterfly!!

    • Joey

      YAY! So glad Chat was able to help you! I agree that Shutterfly is awesome as is Customer Service. So happy you'll be back at Shutterfly.

    • robbin jaye

      After I got the coupon problem figured out and recieved my order, I was so IMPRESSED WITH THE QUALITY OF MY ITEMS!!!  You guys delievered my order very fast and the items were made beutifully!  EXCELLENT QUALITY!!!   I will spread the word and I WILL BE ORDERING MORE ITEMS FROM SUTTERFLY.   THANK YOU!!!

    • BarbaraJ

      The coupon code is at the bottom right side of the croupon.

    • Sharon Kane

       I have the same issue, with no RESOLUTION.... I am sure a lot of people bought this HELP needs to come TODAY

    • BarbaraJ

       I have used several Groupons in the past.  At first I thought the number on my confirmation was the code and it is not!  You download the certificate and it has the code you use on the certificate.  I wish I had an exmple for you, I think I have deleted all my groupons certificates.  I will look in my groupon account.