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    S Kim
    Would like to hire someone to make my digital photobook.
    Topic posted March 16, 2011 by S KimJunior Member, last edited March 7, 2012 
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    Would like to hire someone to make my digital photobook.
    I have thousands of pictures of my son now 6yrs old and my daughter 4 and need photobooks!
    <p>I would love to hire someone to make me several digital photobooks. I would like a book for each year for my son 6yrs old and daughter 4yrs old.&nbsp; So I guess that is 10 books!&nbsp; Please let me know if you or you know of anyone who does these.</p>


    • TKJHO

      U don't really have to hire someone to do that. All u have to do is to rearrange your photos into separate albums, one for each year of your son and one for each year of your daughter. If there are >20 or so photos in an album, Shutterfly would automatically generate a Photobook, u would see a SEE PHOTO BOOK button on the right of the album.

    • S Kim

      TKJHO, hi and thanks but I have made photobooks but I want the digital photobooks.  I have seen some incredible ones here even some made into fairy tale stories or even some creative layering.  I am not interested in the plain photobooks an average person can do on the site.  I guess to do the digital a person would need the software (Adobe photoshop, etc) which I do not have.  Plus I am assuming the more experience one has in doing such a project the better.  I am creative but since I have not done one yet nor do I have the software I'd love to hire someone.   Know of anyone?

      • TKJHO

        I don't know of anybody. If u see one u like, just click on the name of the person to see his/her profile and send a message, see if he/she is interested in helping u out.

      • Bob Lieber

        I think I might know someone who would charge about $20 to design a 20 page book. Printing would an additional charge.

        Is that something you might be interested in?

        • madelyn byrne

          Hi Bob, I too would like to hire someone to design a digital scrapbook.  Please you could share their details?

          thanks! maddy

    • Shannon

      Hi Soo,

      Sounds like you are interested in a digital scrapbook!

      Shutterfly does offer pre-designed digital scrapbook layouts, designed by professional artists. There are several themes to choose from, take a look!

      There are a few others we have that aren't on the page in that link.

      Baby's First Year
      Celebrate Him
      Celebrate Her

      Love Book

      • S Kim

        Thank you Shannon. I took a look and it is pretty nice.  Maybe not as detailed as I'd like but better than the regular photobooks.  If I can not find someone I would most likely go with these. Thanks so much for pointing them out to me.

    • Joey

      This does sound like digital scrapbooking and I know someone who is thinking of scrapping for hire. Let me send her this link.....

      • S Kim

        Hi Joey, YES please send her this link.  I would love to know what something like this would even cost me.  Look forward to hearing back! Thank you!!!

    • Ann A

      Are all of your pictures digital? 

      • S Kim

        Yes, a lot taken with Nikon D90 or some earlier pics from Kodak D7500 (not sure exactly which camera).  

      • madelyn byrne


        would be very interested in Joey's person as well.

        Many thanks, maddy

    • michael nelson

      If you don't end up finding somebody, I could chat with you about it.  I don't know if my style is what you are seeking though.  If you don't make a contact then feel free to email me at  I can also point you to some geourgeous album templates at different digital sites that you can easily fill in and upload to  Shutterfly.  What an exciting project for you!

    • S Kim

      Hi Michael.  Thank you for your response.  Where can I see some of your work? On this site?  Could you provide me with a link to yours?  I'd love to see. Thank you.

    • Joey

      I didn't realize you had thousands of pictures. Eeeek!! I don't know how to digi scrap either, I should learn. Ann has done a few books using digital scrap pages and so has Michael. You can view both their books in the shutterfly gallery to see if any are what you are looking for.

    • Schultz Jenny
       Did you find someone?
    • Karen Camargo-Ault

       HI Kim,

      I just saw your post on Digital Scrapbooking for hire.  I do this and have made hundreds of books for people.  Feel free to email me at and I can also send you links to what I have done.

      Karen =)

    • Christina Luginbihl

      I am a freelance graphic artist. Are you still looking for someone to design your books?

    • Joyce Strickland

      Kim did you get someone to do your shutterfly books yet?  I may be interested in helping you out.  I have been doing this for quite sometime now, my niece keeps me busy doing her daycare annuals and kids events, etc  - Did a huge wedding book 100 pages which is the max and had to choose 1000 of her best wedding pics to put in the book.  

    • madelyn byrne

      Hi Joyce,

      We're looking for someone to put together some digital scrapbooks for our family and would love to talk.


      Many thanks


    • Paula Domermuth

      I make photo albums (both digital and traditional) for people.  I use Creative Memories software.  If interested, please email me at and I can send you some samples of my work.



    • laura murdocca

      Hi Kim,


      Just on line and looking for exactly what you were looking for just wanted to know if you used any one that responded to your post.