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    Kara Kirkendall
    Says pictures won't upload from computer...they are...
    Topic posted June 27, 2012 by Kara KirkendallNovice 
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    Says pictures won't upload from computer...they are uploaded!!!
    I keep getting the error message that some of my pictures uploaded from my computer can't be uploaded!
    <p>I am making a photobook, and I can't save or order because I get this error message that my pictures can't be uploaded. &nbsp;On the error message it tells me that it will have a red slash line through photos not uploaded...I have looked through ALL my pictures a million times, and I cannot find a single one that hasn't been uploaded, but I cannot move on to save, or order. &nbsp;I am getting VERY frusterated!!! &nbsp;I have a one year old (this book is for him), and I only have naptime to work on it, and do everything else... Now I am dealing with this...PLEASE HELP!!!</p>



    • Shannon

      Hi Kara,

      Are you uploading photos into the book directly from your computer? Try uploading them into Shutterfly first, into a photo album. Then, open a new book and add in the photos from the album. That might help.

    • Kara Kirkendall

      I did upload them directly from my computer.  I can try that.  But right now I can't do anything with my finished photobook, and I don't know which pictures are the problem...  Is there a way to delete pictures that you have added for your photo book?  I do not see that option...

    • Kara Kirkendall

      I don't want to make a new photo book... I spent a lot of time on a 26 page photo book!

    • Shannon

      Kara, I spoke with one of our Photo Book team members. The only book I see in your account was for Father's Day and was last accessed May 30. I'm guessing because of this book issue you're facing, you haven't been able to ever save the book project, and that's why it's not visible to us in your account. Since it's not visible, there's unfortunately nothing we can do to help.

      That being said, you'll need to start a new book. Once it's created, save it immediately so it's attached to your account. Upload photos to your account first, THEN add the album to your book to avoid any problems. Uploading photos to the book directly from your computer is not ideal...and I'm not sure why it's still an option, to be honest. Shutterfly also only accepts JPG file formats, so please check that your photos are all JPG. Uploading non-JPG images directly to the book has been known to cause issues.

      Above all, save your book often! That is a Shutterfly photo book mantra.