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    Kristy Quaka
    Need help resizing images without cropping
    Topic posted October 24, 2011 by Kristy QuakaNovice, last edited April 16, 2012 
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    Need help resizing images without cropping
    How to resize image without cropping?
    <p>Hi. I'm creating a photo book using the custom path &amp; many of my photos are showing up too large and cropping important parts of the image. Is there a way to resize my image so that I can keep my whole baby in the picture from head to toe or do I have to choose between her head or toes?</p>



    • HenryB

      Hi Kristy,

      There is no such thing as a photo being too large because photos are resized to fit the photo layout chosen. Thus, the biggest issue in avoiding cropping is getting the ratio of the photo layout dimensions the same as the ratio of the actual photo dimensions. This is the ratio of width to height and is called the aspect ratio.

      Therefore, if the aspect ratio of both the layout and the photo are the same, no cropping will occur. With the All New Custom Path book, you have the ability to change the aspect ratio of any photo layout using the "Customize page" option.

      Please see the following posting for more on this: Recipe Scans Cut Off in Photobook

      This is a long posting, but I think it will answer your question if you stay with it.

      HenryB (A Shutterfly user)