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    Lou Smith
    Uploading image formats
    Topic posted May 13, 2012 by Lou SmithNovice, last edited May 13, 2012 
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    Uploading image formats
    Kodak vs Shutterfly
    <p>I prescribed to use Kodak Gallery when it was first offered but it would only accept image formats of jpeg. Practically all my images are in tiff format (which is why I never got into using Kodak Gallery) and some in bmp. Will Shutterfly, when it takes over, accept image formats other than jpeg? Also I am curious if some of my photos of ~100MB can be uploaded/downloaded. Thanks</p>



    • HenryB

      Hi Lou,

      If you search the Shutterfly Help Pages for "file types", you will find the following:

      Image file formats accepted: all products

      Published 09/20/2005 09:19 AM   |    Updated 05/04/2012 04:45 PM
      What file formats does Shutterfly accept? Can I add TIFF, BMP, GIF, PSD or other formats to Shutterfly?

      Shutterfly currently only accepts JPG or JPEG file formats. We do not accept .tif or .tiff, .bmp, .gif, .psd or any other file formats. Additionally, we strongly recommend that you use high-resolution images, as low-resolution images will not print well at standard sizes. (See our resolution recommendations for more information.)

      If you are using an image editor such as Adobe Photoshop (or any other image editing program) to adjust your images, please confirm the following:
      - The color space is in RGB format (not CMYK)
      - 8-bit color
      - Images are saved in the Baseline Standard JPEG format

      Images saved using Progressive Scan might not upload correctly.

      Please use as little compression as possible for best results.


      Again, if you search the Shutterfly Help Pages for "download", you will find the following article:

      Downloading images: options available (Archive DVD, Share site download, Shutterfly for iPad) Updated
      Currently, we do not offer full-resolution downloading. However, we do have three methods by which you can get digital copies of pictures: Archive DVDs, Share Site Downloading, and the Shutterfly for...
      Date Updated: 05/04/2012

      As far as you 100 MB file size, if they are not "JPG", you may not be able to upload them and, certainly,you won't be able to download them (previous article).

      HenryB (A Shutterfly user)

    • arron lee

      I don't think that can be  aproblem. Because there are so many tools which allows us convert the formats of images whatever we need. You can covert Tiff to Jpeg with the help of some Tiff converter without any difficulties. Google it and select one whose way of processing is simple and fast to help you with the related work. Remember to check its free trial package first if possible. I hope you success. Good luck.

      Best regards,