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    Olga Tigue
    How to download my own pictures back to my pc?
    Topic posted May 31, 2010 by Olga TigueNovice, last edited February 9, 2012 
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    I was wondering if there is a chance for me to download some of my pictures back to my computer as I lost some of those pictures. <div>Thank you.</div>



    • Joey

      Hi Olga, as far as i know when you download photos from your site back to your computer - they would be in low-resolution. The best advice I could give you would be to order a CD of all of your pictures, or ones you want. That way you'll have them safe in case your computer should ever crash.

      Hope this helps.


    • HenryB
      The answer is yes and no. The following is from the Shutterfly help pages:

      Can I download my pictures from Shutterfly?

      Currently, we do not have full resolution downloading available. However, we do have an Archive DVD service that you can order which contains full resolution copies of your pictures. The images on an Archive DVD will not include any of the Shutterfly enhancements or rotations that have been applied to an image loaded to Shutterfly. You can order an Archive DVD here:

      If you wish to download a print-quality copy of a photo, you can do so through our Share Sites. Please note that this is not a full resolution download of the image, but just a 1600x1200 copy of the original image. This should be sufficient resolution for prints up to and including 8x10. Downloading images can only happen when viewing a single image and with a Shutterfly account. To do so, sign into your Shutterfly account and click the "Download this picture" link on the right of the image and follow the instructions. Although there is no limit to the number of photos visitors may download, each image must be downloaded individually. We do not currently offer any batch downloading.

      Updated 03/22/2010 11:50 AM
    • Kathy Gunderson

      I am in the process of my photos transferring from Kodak to Shutterfly.  However, I'm already running into problems with the poor resolution.  I sent a friend a link to my photo album - he was unable to copy a picture from my album that I'd invited him to see.  When I went in to copy it myself & e-mail it to him (since I was at work, not at home where my pics are stored) the resolution was so poor you couldn't even see the photo.  This is what my friend said "They are in the business of forcing people to purchase, purchase, purchase.  Even if they're your own pictures."  I agree!  Other photo hosting sites are much friendlier when it comes to photo sharing.  I've been with Kodak Gallery for years.  I've bought many products from them BECAUSE their site was user-friendly.  I wouldn't continue buying items from a photo hosting site that, once you load your pictures, you then have to pay to visit them.  What good is 'sharing' your pictures with family & friends if the attitude is look but do not dare touch? 

      • Shannon

        Hi Kathy,

        Welcome to Shutterfly! It's not full resolution, but as Henry stated, downloads are a 1600x1200 copy of the original image and are sufficient for prints up to 8x10. I just downloaded a photo from my Share site, and the download was clear and very easy to see.