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    Teresa Guinard
    can't upload photos to share site
    Topic posted April 7, 2013 by Teresa GuinardNovice 
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    can't upload photos to share site
    for 24 hours have not been able to upload photos to my team share site. I was told all share sites are having issues and engineers are working on it. Are others having problems
    I have not been able to upload photos to my sports team share site.&nbsp; I can update text but cannot upload photos.&nbsp; I keep getting a command error.&nbsp; I was told all share sites are having problems and that engineers are working on it but I entered into an older site I used last fall and was able to upload photos fine.&nbsp; Is anyone else having problems</p>


    • Jason Dixon

      I'm also having an issue posting pictures to our team site.  The pictures have been uploaded but when they attempt to move to the share, I receive an error occurred while adding the list of pictures message.  



    • Sara Strupp

      I am also having problems--glad it's not just me!  It's also been for me 2 days.  I have been unable to just post pictures on my share site, everything else is ok!

    • Shannon

      I have alerted our engineers to this issue. Thanks for your patience!

    • Nicole Hightower

      Also having trouble.  Attempted several times to upload a batch of photos, and tried smaller batches, clearing cache, etc...all the troubleshooting issues.  Receive error message of 'shutterfly site not responding' or it times out on me after appearing to upload first photo, then cancels out.  Been trying for over 24 hours.  The pics are on my external drive, so even tried to take the external to a different computer to upload, that's when I figured it was a problem on Shutterfly's end.  Glad to know the engineers are working on it.  PS--I did try to upload photos to an older account/team site and had no maybe this is just with sites that have been created within the last few months?

    • Julie SMITH

      A variation on the issue, but I don't even get the courtesy of an error message.  Trying to save shared photos from another user to my own album.  One photo out of 15 saved. Repeated tries, new folders, existing folders, refreshing, etc etc.  I get a saved confirmation, but the photos are not where I put them.  Help site is beyond useless.  Turned "where are my photos" into something about my parents.

    • MacKenzie Dore

      I am having the same issue.  I am also not able to upload the main pictures on the share site homepage

    • Kelly Ballard

      I've been trying for 24 hours, too. Frustrating.

    • Sherri Weldon

      I've been trying to upload pictures to our team site as well, but have had similar problems to the coments you've all posted.  I guess it's comforting to see I'm not the only one having this problem, although it makes it no less frustrating!  

      I tried to upload our photos many times last night and this morning.  It seems to load the photos fine into a Shutterfly album, but the problem occurs when transferring them to the share site and onto our team page.  I also tried creating new and different albums to put it in (in case there was a problem with the existing album I was trying to load them into), uploading them in smaller numbers (1 at a time, 20, 30, etc., in case for some reason Shutterfly couldn't handle 100 at a time like we usually do), but nothing helped.  I even tried to just load our one "Picture of the Week" on the team's home page, but even got error messages for that.

      I hope Shutterfly gets the problem resolved soon.  (Are we sure they're aware of the problem and working on it?)  I have better things to do, than repeating this process over and over again, hoping it will finally "take".  Our team parents are anxiously awaiting the girls' pictures, like they do every weekend.  :(  Plus, my daughter is finally the "Player of the Game" and should get her week of glory on the website, like the other players do!


      Good luck to us all...

    • Shannon

      Please clear your browser cache/cookies and retry adding photos to your sites. 

    • Molly Hollock

      Super frustrating...I am also having trouble and have been now for 2 days.  I just tried Walgreens to make sure it wasn't my computer and their site uploaded 104 pictures in 4 minutes.  I've been now trying forever!!  I'm just trying to get them to my shutterfly account not even to a specific share account, I'm about done with Shutterfly.  I feel like every time I'm on here lately it's nothing but issues.

    • Sherri Bosbonis

      Are others STILL having an issue?  I try everyday thinking that it might work at some point, but it's now Thursday and still no luck.  I am about to give up and move on to another photo sharing site!

    • Roger, (A Shutterfly User)



      Have you done what Shannon suggested above?:

      Please clear your browser cache/cookies and retry adding photos to your sites. 

      In IE it's Tools > Internet Options > General Tab > Delete > Delete


      Roger A Shutterfly user.

    • Bodvar Gregersen


      Try to upload the photos using the "My Picture" button.  One will now have a duplicate album of the original album.  Next, load all your saved photos into the new album and delete the original album.

      This is a lot of nonsense to have to go through, especially when one is working with a good product.

      Why not fix the problem with uploading in the first place?  Is their another website that we can upload our team pictures?  


    • David F

      I am having the same issue.  It worked yesterday with the same account I am using today.  I receive the error "Unable to add all pictures.  An error occured while adding the list of pictures.  Please try again."  I have tried many pictures to 1 picture.  I tried one picture using many different pictures trying to see if one was corrupt or not.


        I tried to upload the picture to the share site from desktop and Shutterfly account and I was able to upload it without any issue. I used Mozilla Firefox.

        Check if your picture is in JPEG format and color space is in sRGB format. If your picture is in JPEG and sRGB then you can try to

        1) Delete Cache and Cookies of your browser.

        2) Try using different browser.

        3) Update Java and Flash player.

        If nothing works then I suggest that you contact Shutterfly customer service.

    • ThousandWords

      I just uploaded photos onto my shared site and it was fine. I didn't have any issues uploading directly to or directly to the shared site.