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    Christy Connors
    Topic posted June 24, 2012 by Christy ConnorsNovice 
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    Import limited to 20 photos?
    <p>I tried the new instagram feature and found that only 20 of my instagram photos were visible and could be added to my photobook. &nbsp;Does anyone know if there is a way to access older instagram photos? &nbsp;Am I doing something wrong?</p>



    • Shannon

      Hi Christy,

      we're going to look into this for you...In the meantime, have you tried saving the book, and logging out/back into Instagram to see if that makes a difference?

      • penny doster

        how do you log out of instagram to log into another on shutterfly?


        • Shannon

          Good question...I wasn't able to find a way to log out once that connection is made. I've sent a message to our photo book team for the answer. In the meantime, I would think clearing your browser's cookies would clear your connection and allow you to log in again to a different Instagram account. I'll let you know what I find out.

        • Shannon

          Penny, apparently all you need to do is leave the project and come back to it. The connection to Instagram will break and you can sign back in to another account.

          • Caroline Kelly

            This did not work. 

          • erin rosenow

            i want to know the same thing. did the photo book team give you another answer on how to switch into a different instagram account? my sfly account keeps automatically signing me in to my instagram account. its not giving me an option to even say its not me.

    • Juliet LeTowt

      I am wondering the same thing...recently i have tried making a pictagram photo book and it only lets me upload 60 of the latest instagram photos...can we get more instagram photos uploaded???

    • Danamyte

      Instagram only allows Shutterfly to show the most recent 60 images from your feed. Normally, you will see up to 30 on the selection page and then you can navigate to see the next 30. I'm not sure why you only got to see 20 if you have more. Maybe try adding a new image to your feed and try again?

      A few things you can try to get older images to your Shutterfly account/book:

      1. Email the images to yourself from your phone and upload them to your Shutterfly account. Most cell phones save a copy of the image that went to your feed.
      2. Re-submit images to your feed. Once you re-submit the image, it will be newer in your feed and show up. You may need to log out of your Shutterfly account and log back in to see the change.