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    Shari Goldstein
    How do you view original image size when clicking on...
    Topic posted October 7, 2009 by Shari GoldsteinNovice, last edited February 9, 2012 
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    <p>All my albums on my site are medium thumbnail size.  When I click on thumbnails of the larger resolution images like 1600x900, the images view and download fine.  However, a few other albums on my site contain images which are smaller sized, like 300x200 or smaller.  When I click on the thumbnails to view them, they view as much larger sizes than the original image is, so there's no way to view them normally, download or save them because the larger sizing makes them blurred and grainy.  Is there a way of fixing this problem?  How can I get all images to remain their original size when DL or viewing them?  Thanks for any help!  </p>



    • Joey

      Hi Shari,

      I know when you click on 'options' above to the right of your photos, you'll have a menu to display your photos. When you click on your photos, you will see them larger. One question that is often asked is 'how can I download images from my sharesite' and have them be the original size. From what I know, this can't be done. You'd have to order a CD of photos in hi-res.

      If anyone else has ideas, please feel free to weigh in as I'm not sure this is what Shari is looking for.


    • HenryB
      Viewing and downloading are 2 separate operations. The actual size of the image file is not changed when viewing no matter how big or small the viewed image is. While you can't see the size of the image file on the share site, you can see it for images in "My Shutterfly." To see it, double click on the image to view it larger. Then, click on "more info" on the right. This will give the following information:

      Filename: DWB00971.JPG
      Path: My Albums > TestLast
      Filesize: 688996
      Resolution: 2329x3439
      Uploaded: Jul 19, 2009
      Taken: n/a
      Modified: Jul 23, 2009

      I've done tests by first looking at the file size/resolution in "My Shutterfly" and then posting on a share site. Finally, I'd copy back to a different "My Shutterfly" album and the file size/resolution were the same as the original.

      However, downloading is a totally different matter. Here's what I found in Shutterfly's Help database:

      Can I download my pictures from Shutterfly?

      Currently, we do not have full resolution downloading available. However, we do have an Archive DVD service that you can order which contains full resolution copies of your pictures. The images on an Archive DVD will not include any of the Shutterfly enhancements or rotations that have been applied to an image loaded to Shutterfly.

      If you wish to download a print-quality copy of a photo, you can do so through our Share Sites.  Please note that this is not a full resolution download of the image, but just a 1600x1200 copy of the original image.   This should be sufficient resolution for prints up to and including 8x10.
      Downloading images can only happen when viewing a single image.  To do so, click the "Download this picture" link on the right of the image and follow the instructions.  Although there is no limit to the number of photos visitors may download, each image must be downloaded individually.  We do not currently offer any batch downloading.

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      08/17/2009 03:20 PM

      To order an Archive DVD:

      * Click on 'Shutterfly Store' in the bar.
      * Select the "Image Services" option under the "Products" heading
      * Click on the Archive DVD option , then click on the "Get Started" button
      * Type a custom title and/or date for your Archive DVD
      * Select which albums you want (If you want specific images on a DVD you will have to copy them to a new album)
      * Confirm album choice and number of images
      * Pick a recipient you would like the order to go to and click 'Next' to add to order.
      * Click 'Go to checkout' if you want to place the order. You also have the option to add more items to your order.
      * Click on 'Place my order now" button once you are satisfied with the order.

      The average fulfillment time for an Archive DVD is 2-5 days.

      Please note! Archive DVDs are not returnable for refund or credit, and will only be replaced if defective. Also, we do not currently maintain any album order structure when the DVD is created.
    • TKJHO

      For your small images, downloading the exact files should be no problem.

      To circumvent the blurry problem on viewing, you can try one of the following methods:
      (1) use Photoshop or other software to add a border to them so that the whole thing is about 1.5MPs.
      (2) put a few of the smaller images into one larger image using PS etc.(Quick fix - use the Shutterfly COLLAGE tool or add the small pics to a FEATURED PICTURES section).
      (3) make a PHOTOBOOK out of the small images - with the appropriate number of images on each page to make them look sharp in viewing mode.
      (4) put the images in a TEXT or JOURNAL SECTION instead of in the PHOTO SECTION. You can follow the instructions here ( and set the WIDTHS to the actual widths of your small images. Just copy, paste & edit the last line for each image. This option allows you to show the EXACT SIZES of your original images, as opposed to the other options that allow only approximate sizes.