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    ana ochoa
    adding photobook to cart??
    Topic posted June 21, 2011 by ana ochoaNovice, last edited May 17, 2012 
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    adding photobook to cart??
    will not let me order book
    <p>I made a photobook but when i hit does not go to my cart....its been two days now and it will not let</p>


    • HenryB

      Hi Ana,

      Are you talking about a Simple Path book or a New Custom Path book? This is important because a couple of people have reported have trouble with completing the image uploads when trying to save or order a Simple Path book.Thus, more details would help.

      Please keep in mind that this is a users' forum which means that it is normally monitored by other Shutterfly users and not by Shutterfly personnel. If your issue is with a Simple Path book or if you are not able to provide more information, please contact Shutterfly Customer Service.

      They have access to your account and projects which I do not have.

      Good luck.

      HenryB (A Shutterfly user)

    • lyndsey coates

      I am having the same issue and it is with Custom Path. You click order and it will go to your cart, but wont add it to the cart.

      • Melinda Widgren
         I am having the same problem! Custom Path...I want to order my book and it just keeps taking me back from cart to the book! It is so aggravating.
      • Melinda Widgren
        I am having same problem...and nothing is helping!
        • Jim Tschanz
           Melinda, I was able to finally make it work (I think) by creating a copy of my photo book, and then ordering the copy. Or maybe I just got lucky. In any case, something is really broken that they need to fix. Hope this helps ... -Jim
    • HenryB

      Hi Lyndsey,

      All I can do is show you what I see. The first screen I see after pressing the "Order" button is the "Select quantity and recipents" screen shown here:

      After selecting the desired recepient, I prss the "Add to cart" button and it's put in the cart as shown here:

      Thus, please specify what's different about what you are seeing?

      The screen shots were made while using Firefox 8.0 on a Win 7 computer.

      Since I cannot see your projects or your account, I think you need to contact Shutterfly Customer Service as I stated above.

      HenryB (A Shutterfly user)

    • lyndsey coates

      Ok it never went to that first screen. It would skip over right tot he cart screen and nothing would be quantified to order. I already contacted support and they had to add it to my cart for me. Thank you for your help though.

    • Tania Nikolic

       I am also having the same issue with the custom path, I never get the screenshot to select quantity and recipients - just goes directly to cart and shows as empty. Just contacted customer service hope they can fix the issue. Thanks for the info, glad to know it isn't just my account.

    • lyndsey coates

      They were able to help me, Tania. Hang tight. Their support has been amazing.

    • Tania Nikolic

       Good to hear - thanks so much!

    • Dhanraj Biyani

      I have same problem. I cannot add custom photo book to the cart. Does somebody has solutions?

    • HenryB

      I just tried to order an All New Custom Book and everything worked for me as I specified in my answer December 15. The only difference now is that a window pops up asking if I want a hard cover or a padded cover. This happens right after the project is saved and before the "select quantity and recipients" window. You might check your browser setting for pop up windows or try a different browser. I'm using Firefox 12.0 on Windows 7.

      Other than that, you really need to contact Shutterfly Customer Service.

      HenryB (A Shutterfly user)

    • Dhanraj Biyani

      I'm trying to order custom photo book "Mothers Day"

    • Jim Tschanz

      Same problem here.  I click "order" and then I get a page saying my cart is empty.  I've tried multiple times, on different browsers, for two days.  No reply from customer support.  Extremely frustrated ...

    • Kira Shapiro

      I cannot add my mousepads to the cart either-  same as described above!   Holy Mother of G-d...I thought I was a Moron!  But it is not ME!

      I cannot believe this issue has been going on since June and NO ONE HAS DONE ANYTHING TO FIX IT!!!!  

      Honestly-  Shutterfly, you just lost my business.  This is ABSURD!  Clearly your customer service is lacking and whoever is suppose to maintain your website is doing one heck of a job.


      See ya!

    • Bianca Maxwell

       I'm unable to add my custom book to the cart also. This is very frustrating as I'm trying to purchase a Mother's Day gift.

    • dave vaughn

      I had the same issue with a custom path photo book, unable to get into my cart. I e-mailed SF customer service and they said to try another browser. I normally use Google Chrome, so I opened my project in Internet Explorer, the project loaded and was added to the cart on the first attempt. I was then able to choose recipients and adjust quantity, and place my order. Seems SF cart is sensitive to some browsers. Also suggest trying to clear cache and cookies in your browser. 

      good luck all, this solution worked for me. 

    • Zoe Johnson

      I've had the same problem, numerous times.  I was able to order a photo book the first time (I loved the book and was very pleased with the produce), and then weeks later it went straight to my cart and I couldn't order the book.  I tried this on 3 different computers. I wrote to SF and got a response, but their response did not work.  I wrote again indicating that I was very frustrated and all I wanted was a few copies of the photo book and asked if they could place my order.  The response was a "canned" answer written from a script because they did not address my concern.  At a later date I tried to order it again, and it worked.  A few months later I created another photo book, and the problem showed up again.  This time I called SF and over the phone they pulled up my order, and set it up so I could place my order.  A month after that created another one, and once again I called and they set it up so I could place my order.  I decided to give them one more try, so I set up a new account with another email address I have (I figured my account was messed up and thought this would help).  Guess what?  Same problem with the book I just created.  I'm planning on calling SF againthis evening to help me with the order.  The last time I called I asked if they knew what the problem was, and they had no answer.  This might be my last order thru SF because I have been very unhappy and dissatisfied with the ordering process and service I received when I wrote to them.  I'm getting a new in a couple months, so I may give them one last chance and see what happens.  If I have the same problems occur, I'm going to check out MixBook.

      • Shannon
        Hi Zoe, Which browser are you using? I just logged into your account and successfully added your last book project to your cart (I then removed it.)