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    ann thomas
    is there a limit to the number of pics i can upload on...
    Topic posted August 2, 2010 by ann thomasNovice, last edited February 9, 2012 
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    is ther a limit to the  number of pics i can load up on shutterfly .,... and then therby the share site <div><br /></div><div>also if i wereto delete an album off of shutterfly ... whud it  then b automaticaly taken off of my share site ?</div>



    • HenryB
      Hi Ann,

      Currently, there is no limit to the number of pictures you can load to Shutterfly. The following is from the Shutterfly help pages:

      Shutterfly Image Storage / Limits

      Published 10/03/2005 10:34 AM   |  Updated 08/17/2009 03:02 PM

      How much can I store on Shutterfly? What amount of storage comes with an account? Does it cost money to store images on Shutterfly? Will my images ever be removed to increase storage on my account? What is the biggest image size I can load to Shutterfly? How many pictures can I submit?
      For our customers, we offer free, unlimited storage: we will let you store as many pictures as you wish, with no fee to upload or store your pictures. All pictures will be kept in your account until you delete them yourself. (Please note that Shutterfly reserves the right to modify this policy if necessary.)

      We also offer a service called Shutterfly Pro Galleries, where you can sell prints online, naming your own price-- with discounted printing provided by Shutterfly. For Pro Galleries, we offer hosted storage for an annual fee, with storage levels starting at 5 GB for the Pro plan and unlimited storage for the Premier plan. Please note that the storage limit is based upon the files posted to your galleries at a single time. For more information, please see our Pro Galleries page at:

      Shutterfly does not currently have a maximum file size limit. We do encourage customers to keep image file sizes to within reason (usually under 10 megs, as there is no added benefit in terms of our printing with larger sizes).

      The pictures stored in your account ("My Shutterfly") are different than the share site. Thus, deleting an album in "My Shutterfly" will not delete the album on your share site. Also, deleting an album or photo on your share site will not remove the album or picture from your "My Shutterfly".