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    Deidre C Keys
    Where do we upload pics from our Kodak cameras
    Topic posted October 3, 2012 by Deidre C KeysNovice 
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    Where do we upload pics from our Kodak cameras
    Since the migration to Shutterfly, I am no longer able to upload pics from my camera to Kodak
    <p>I need to know how do we upload pics from our Kodak cameras.&nbsp; When Kodak was active, you simply connected your camera to the computer and you would be automatically prompted to transfer photos from your camera to the Kodak Gallery.</p>
    <p>Now that the migration is complete, how do I upload pics from my Kodak camera directly to Shutterfly?&nbsp; I would like to post them on Facebook but can't get them onto my computer.&nbsp; Help!!!</p>



    • Kathleen W.

      Hi Deidre:  I used to have a Kodak camera (and dock) so know what you are talking about, though it has been a number of years since I used it routinely.  Unless something changed recently, by using the "transfer" function in Easy Share, though you might not have realized it, you were actually transferring your pictures from the camera to your computer, and then (if you elected) from your computer to Kodak Gallery.  So what you need now are instructions for transferring pictures to your camera, using tools other than EasyShare.  There are several ways to do this depending on what equipment and what kind of operating system you have.  Try doing a Google search on "transfer photos from camera to computer" -- there are lots of discussions about this, and you can browse to find the one that is easiest in your situation.  Here is one such summary I found:  http://www.wikihow.com/Transfer-Pictures-from-Camera-to-Computer-Without-Any-Sofware   You probably already have a cable connecting your computer to your camera or dock, so the "Direct Connect" or "Windows XP" method should work for you (if you happen to have Windows in the latter case).  Do a bit of reading, try it out, and if you still have questions, post back.  Good luck!

    • M P

       For Shutterfly, you need to save the pictures from your camera on to your computer. Since you got Kodak EasyShare software already installed on your computer, it will automatically detect the camera and save the pictures for you. However, it is better to uninstall the Kodak EasyShare and then connect your camera to your computer. This should let you browse the pictures on your camera, which you can copy and save it on your computer.

      Once the pictures are saved on your computer, you can upload them to your Shutterfly account. Shutterfly do not have any application, which will detect your camera automatically and upload the pictures to your account. To know how to upload the pictures on your Shutterfly account from your computer and more about "Easyshare" software, you can click here.

      • barbara purtlebaugh

        I have a new computer windows 8 u cant get kodac easy share anymore was on my old computer.I have no idea how to download my pictures from my kodac camera on to shutter fly,I am 75.I need help on how to do this in the most simplest way petloverlady@yahoo.com


    • Richard Koehler

      How to transfer pictures from the Kodak C713 camera to a Shutterfly album

      Crop, Perfect Touch or Delete as necessary within the camera. 

      Attach USB cable and do a transfer to EasyShare (All or Select) after creating an album name. 

      Do any editing in EasyShare. Do not crop extensively as Shutterfly places a border around pictures in Slide Show,

      which may cut off heads. Select Free form crop for easiest sizing.

      I found that it’s time wasted to arrange pictures here as they get mixed during subsequent steps.

      Copy To (at top), OK (to copy all the pictures). My Computer, My Pictures, select Make a New Folder and name your album, OK. 

      Sign on to Shutterfly, My Pictures, My Albums, select New album and name it.

      Upload, Choose files, My Pictures (click on the new single album icon to open), hold the Ctrl Key down and select the pictures individually you want to upload or cursor over the first to select, scroll down to the end, press the Shift Key and place cursor over the last picture to select all, Open.

      Make sure you will be uploading to the correct album, Start, You can watch the transfer taking place in percentages.

      View Pictures. Arrange pictures. (Can do this without going to Organize).

      Place the cursor over the picture you would like to Use for album cover and select this (an icon will appear) before you Share. 

      Note: Right now after loading Adobe Air the Upload only works once. If you have not been notified about an Adobe update go to

      http://www.shutterfly.com/upload-pictures/ and use the Standard uploader.

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