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    Square cards - envelope size?
    Topic posted November 22, 2011 by LISA MALSCHNovice, last edited February 9, 2012 
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    Square cards - envelope size?
    Wondering what size the envelopes are for 5x5 flat stationary cards
    <p>I love the 5x5 square flat card designs and am wondering what size are the envelopes?<br /><br />Square envelopes require more postage than rectangle. Greetings cards that are square and available in stores generally come with a rectangle envelope to help keep shipping costs down - but I can't find any details about envelope size/shape for specific card types/shapes on the Shutterfly site.</p>



    • Lori Q.

       Hello Lisa,

      The 5x5 cards have envelopes that are also 5x5. I sent some out last week for Fall Greetings and only used a standard stamp. None have come back to me yet so I'm thinking all is ok with the size and postage.

      Have a great day,


      • Kristi B.

        That's probably because it's cheaper and faster for the post office to stamp "postage due" on the squre envelop and hold it at the post office (which has happened to me) rather than returning the items to you.  Makes it frustrating to be on the receiving end of the square envelops!!  Trying to get a clear answer off the USPS website about how much extra postage is required is convoluted but the square envelops DO require more postage and I believe it depends on the size.  I believe the envelops that are ~5x5 require $0.20 extra cents ($0.64 total) for nonmachine handling fees and the ones that are ~6.5x6.5 require $0.44 more ($0.88 total) because they are oversized and also require nonmachine handling.

    • TKJHO

      5x5 and 6.5x6.5 envelops are OK for DOMESTIC MAIL with a bit more postage, but are UNMAILABLE for INTERNATIONAL MAIL (including to Mexico and Canada) - minimum 5-1/2 inches long and maximum 6-1/8 inches high.

    • TonetteB


      I just ordered this 5x5 size for the 1st time and I am 99% sure it says it requires extra postage. I am not sure how much extra. Did anyone find out? I would hate to take the chance and have them all shipped back to me. Everything I have found online says its $.20 more for the 5x5 size.

    • Lori Q.


      None of mine ever came back, but i'm so worried that as someone said they will just charge the people i sent them to. I'll go over to the post office first thing in the morning and find out a direcct answer about this. I have a card and envelope left. Maybe we will get great news. :)

      Have a great night,


    • Andrea Hibbs

      There is an additional charge of $0.22 for "Nonmachingable Surcharge" for each envelope. I ordered over 150 ornament card which came with 5x5 envelopes. The envelope has printed on them "extra postage required". I was going to purchase the additional stamp but the lines at the post office were too long so I gambled and did not put the additional postage on them. I have received 1 back so far requiring the surcharge. Asked me to peel off the label they had applied over the address, add more postage and remail. The label destroyed the address. I put the ornament card into a 5x7 envelope which only requires the normal postage amount. Shutterfly just needs to send 5x7 envelopes with the ornament cards or at least give us the option. No one wants to spend the extra postage especially since it's an different stamp all together and not in a Christmas design. 

      I have attached a copy of the label they put on my envelope.

      This is info from

      To be eligible for mailing at the price for letters, a piece must be:

      • Rectangular
      • At least 3-1/2 inches high x 5 inches long x 0.007 inch thick.
      • No more than 6-1/8 inches high x 11-1/2 inches long x 1/4 inch thick.

      First-Class Mail letters that have one or more nonmachinable characteristics will pay a nonmachinable surcharge. Customers can be unpleasantly surprised that they must pay extra postage when, for example, they mail a square greeting card. The Postal Service charges extra postage because mailpieces that are rigid, square, or unusually shaped, often jam postal equipment and are difficult to process. This costs the Postal Service time and money—and may also damage your mailpiece.