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    Venus Ng
    Prevent others to copy my photos
    Topic posted June 7, 2010 by Venus NgNovice, last edited February 9, 2012 
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    How do I prevent others to copy my photos?  It is possible to set permission under "Customize" to edit permission and prevent people to "download" my photos.  But this is incomplete as people can still copy my photos.



    • HenryB
      As far as I know, you should be able to control this with the "Advanced" tab from the "Edit site permissions" option of the "Customize" menu. Here's the tab:

      Notice the "Who can order and save pictures or photo book?" entry and the "Who can download pictures and videos from this site to their computer?" entry. The choices are "Everyone, All Members, Owners, No One".
    • TKJHO
      I think the ONLY way to prevent others from copying your photos is to not put it on the internet. No matter what permission you set, people can still use PRINT SCREEN to copy them.
    • Joey

      Tjhko & Kimberly,

      But is it true when a person does 'take' a photo via Screen Shot or however else they are able to obtain it, wouldn't the resolution be very low-resolution - poor quality?

    • TKJHO
      With PRINT SCREEN, you get exactly the same resolution as the screen you print it from. If you print from a full screen slide show, the horizontal resolution of the photo in Shutterfly would be a little less than 1024 px's. This is slightly less than the max 1.7 MP image that Shutterfly allows for download, not suitable for printing; but on the monitor, it's as good as the image you got it from.
    • HenryB
      I guess the best thing to say is don't add a photo to a share site if you will worry about it being copied by screen printing.

      However, then I have to ask, "Why do you have a share site?" After all, here is the definition of a share site per the FAQs:

      What is a Share site?

      A Share site is a customizable website that is designed to help you connect, communicate and share your photos and memories with friends, family and community groups.

    • Joey

      Exactly right! Share Sites are meant to share photos with others and to be fun.

      Thanks for posting this, Henry...


    • Member 6596157
      I know people can do screen prints, but I still like to disable right click saving. And I LOVE to share, but thats not the same as giving away.
    • Joey
      I agree with you Bob!
    • HenryB
      The right mouse button is disabled in the Shutterfly Pro Gallery. Additionally, the Pro Gallery FAQs have the following:

      Q: How am I protected from people stealing my images?
      A: According to Shutterfly Terms and Conditions: Each image submitter is required by US law to own the right to or obtain permission to use any image before the image is uploaded or printed at Shutterfly. Shutterfly may request confirmation of copyright ownership from the submitter. Shutterfly reserves the right to remove images or suspend viewing or printing of images until such confirmation is received. Shutterfly is committed to protecting photographers’ copyrights. Customers viewing images through the Pro Gallery service will not have access to copy the full resolution versions of the images, nor will they be able to print them to their home printer with a control p command. In order to safeguard further your images Shutterfly Pro Galleries offers 4 different Watermark options that vary from light to heavy or just a simple © copyright. Watermarking is available on the same page where you ‘Add a New Gallery’ underneath where you input the prices for that Gallery.

      Thus, anyone really worried about their photos should look into Shutterfly's Pro Gallery offering.