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    Square Peg
    Cropped images with irregular edges
    Topic posted July 18, 2012 by Square PegNovice 
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    Cropped images with irregular edges
    All images show up as rectangles
    <p>In addition to some photos, I have a&nbsp;some graphic images that were created for me by a graphic artist. They include birds, butterflies, etc. I have them as jpg and png files.</p>
    <p>As I understand it, the png files have a null&nbsp;(may not be the right term) background. I thought this would allow them to show up with irregular edges (not as a rectangle) so that I can place them on top of the photos and have the only the actual image visible (not a white or black rectangle).</p>
    <p>SF won't let me upload png files and the jpg files come in as rectangles. Is what I am trying to do not possible?</p>



    • Kathleen W.

      Welcome to Shutterfly Square Peg.  Shutterfly does not accept .png files.  What you can do is to combine your .png files and photos and save them in .pdf form using a program like Photoshop or Photoshop Elements.  You can then upload the .pdf to Shutterfly. To the extent you are trying to get irregular edges to appear, though, I think you will need to create a .pdf layout of your entire page.  The folks who frequent the Digital Scrapbooking forum may be able to assist more:   This page from the Shutterfly website may also help:   I've also found good how-to information on the web by searching 'digital scrapbook shutterfly'.  Good luck! 

      • Square Peg



        Thanks for the information. I did take a look over on the digital scrapbooking forum. I saw a few posts asking for professional help. This seems like a great business opportunity for SF. Provide a page for professional graphic artists to post examples of their work on SF and some cost estimates. People like me with limited skill and time could choose someone with more expderience and a style that I like to do the setup work for me. It would be a little side business for the artists and would bring in more business for SF.

        PS: What's the difference between a Photo Book and a Digital Scrapbook? Is the first one printed and the second one not?


        • Kathleen W.

          No, they are the same finished product; I think it is more of a question of what people are seeking to create and how.  The folks who do digital scrapbooking tend to work with programs like Photoshop to layout their pages, and use scrapbooking "kits" composed of various digital papers, graphics, etc. , which they put together in layers.  They then send .pdf copies to print on Shutterfly.  I think "photo book" is the more traditional product, which folks approach from the standpoint of wanting to create a photo album.  All New Custom Path provides some amount of scrapbook-like features, in terms of the template designs and embellishments.  And they've recently added a bunch more.  But you can also do it more plain and simply if you prefer.  ANCP does seem complicated at first, but after you get used it, it's relatively simple to manipulate.   The easiest way is just to use the predesigned templates and drag your photos into them until you get comfortable moving things around.   You can also look through the "Idea Pages" section to more artistically pre-designed pages, often relating to a particular theme.   Another feature I've come to like is "Storybook"  -- you drag the pictures you want on to be each page, and hit apply changes -- Shutterfly then automatically arranges them in a layout for you, and usually includes some embellishments.  IF don't like what you see, you can swap the photos from one position to another, delete the embellishments, or simply start from scratch.  And you can do this multiple times -- you don't have to do all the pages at once.   But if you are seriously interested in getting some assistance, you can also do an internet search, there seem to be lots of people who will put together digital scrapbooks for you if you send them your photos (for a price of course).  Good luck!