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    Is Spell Check working in Photo Books?
    Topic posted September 28, 2012 by JenNHMNovice 
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    Is Spell Check working in Photo Books?
    Spell Check is not working at all.
    <p>Has Spell Check been removed with the new photo books?&nbsp; My mother-in-law and I are each making books, and neither one of our books is&nbsp;displaying mis-spelled words.&nbsp; We are not getting a warning about mis-spelled words, and none of our mis-spellings are underlined.</p>
    <p>Is there currently&nbsp;a problem with the Spell Check&nbsp;feature&nbsp;for Photo Books, or has the Spell Check feature been permanently removed from the books with the new Path options?&nbsp; Thanks.&nbsp;</p>



    • HenryB

      The answer is "Yes" and "No" as far as working. That is, you have to turn it on for the session everytime you start editing the book. To turn it on, just right mouse click on a word within any text editing box as shown here:

      I found that it works for the book until the book is exited. Thus, you have to remember to turn it on everytime you edit a book.

      HenryB (A Shutterfly user)

    • GC


      Thanks HB. How do you find these undocumented gems?!? :-) I could have sworn other messages said spellcheck was disabled.


      Used the spellcheck as you suggested just prior to ordering. Luckily, my constant proofreading had worked, but it was nice to have another pair of "eyes" look the text over, just in case. Even if those eyes think the Canadian spelling of many words is wrong! (grin).


      We write like the Brits, rather than like our good neighbours to the south.


      When I turned spellcheck off, the exclamation points still remained for all my text boxes, even after logging in and out. When I right clicked on a word after logging back in, it said spellcheck was off.


      I found I had to open each text box before the exclamation points would go away.


      A minor issue. Overall, it was good to have that extra check. Now I just have to teach it to spell correctly! ;-)






    • Lyn Oberkirch

      This could explain my spelling errors as far back as May ! When was this turned off, why, and were we notified ? Lyn