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    uploading photos
    Topic posted May 2, 2010 by JoeyShutterfly Master, last edited February 9, 2012 
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    <p>I haven't had this issue but it seems quite a few people i have talked to - they say it takes forever to upload photos to  Shutterfly. I ask how big their files were and how many they tried to upload at a time. And if they used Shutterfly uploader to upload. All of them use the Classic uploader and one girl said it took nearly 12 hours for her photos to upload. They were 5-8 MB - Mine are betweem 1.3 -5, it seems to vary. But I thought that amout of time was insane. Has anyone else had this issue? I use picasa to upload directly to Shutterfly and I never have to wait that long. I think this is one frustrating part for them.</p>
    <p>I'd say mine take an hour at the very most and thats only if I'm uploading more than 200 pics.</p>
    <p>Is this normal? What ways does everyone else upload their photos?</p>


    • HenryB
      Hi Joey,

      It's hard to say what is normal or what the issue is if there is a problem. There are just too many variables. I usually create an album on "My Shutterfly" first. Then, I open the album and click on the "Upload" button. Thus, I'm using the default upload method. If I'm uploading photos for my share site, I still upload to "My Shutterfly" first. Then, I add what I want to my share site.

      Generally, I do not have any problems and the upload speed is usually quite good. That said, every now and then, some files won't upload and I have to retry. Is this a Shutterfly issue? I think not. The more likely candidate is the network. Keep in mind that there are a lot of internet users and a lot of network sharing going on.

      Additionally, I rarely upload more than 40 photos at a time. This decreases the total time of the upload which minimizes the chance of a network error. If the files are large, I generally upload fewer than that at a time.

      In troubleshooting upload issues, here's some of the things you need to look at:

      - Speed, load, operating system of the computer.
      - Speed of the computer's network card. Is it wireless or hard wire?
      - Speed and type of router for local network. Also, the load on the local network.
      - DSL or Cable? Cable is shared while DSL is dedicate. However, the distance from a DSL hub can affect speed.
      - If dial-up, the service, the local modem speed as well as the remote modem speed can effect overall speed.

      There are many more factors which have to do with the physical network as well as the routing paths between servers.

      As always, I would suspect the local computer and the local network of causing most of the problems rather than Shutterfly which is why I always suggest power cycling everything locally (computer, router, cable modem or DSL) as the first step.

      • judy page

         Hi, Henry!  just got shutterfly and it took 7 hours to upload 153 pictures! I used my laptop on the wifi of a resort property so probably shared. would it be faster do you think at home on my husband's PC (hard wired) into DSL?   and, how would I have done 40 photos at a time from the camera memory card I was using?

        thanks for any help. Judy


        • Roger, (A Shutterfly User)

          See my reply on the other thread please.

          DSL would generally be slower than Cable in Australia where I operate.

          Hardwired would generally be twice the speed of wireless if you were on a Cable Internet connection. I don't have DSL so cannot test it.

          As I said on the other thread you can reduce the size of your images.

          Roger. A Shutterfly User.

    • Joey

      Really good tips Henry, and when I have used the Classic Uploader through Shutterfly, I have had no issues either. Sometimes there may be an error, but I try again and it works fine.

      I'll pass this link on to some that said they were having issues.

      My parents still have dial-up and it takes forever if I want to bring my site up to even show my parents. So I just forget it. Hopefully they'll upgrade soon.

      I think most everyone i have talked to who said they have had issues already have hi-speed.

      Thanks again for these tips. Hopefully it will help others so they can upload faster.


    • charlotte davis

      how can i upload pictures that i have put in my pictures 

    • Roger, (A Shutterfly User)

      Hi Charlotte,

      If you have Pictures in My Pictures and you want them on your Share Site then you must Share the images.

      Go to My Pictures in My Shutterfly and select the SHARE button.

      Then follow the instructions to Post pictures to my Share site.


      Roger. A Shutterfly User.


    • Judy Henry

      I have already uploaded most of my pics from my memory card, I only wish to upload the latest pics that I have taken, how do I browse for those from my memory chip? thanks to anyone who can help with this.  I'm sweating from trying, lol.


      thanks Judy

    • Roger, (A Shutterfly User)

       Assuming you are running Windows then you'll have to find the drive letter of your memory card. It will be something like F: or G:

      Then you will be able to browse the card using the Shutterfly Uploader:  Add Pictures > Upload > Choose files to select the photos you want.

      Please give us more information if you want further assistance.

      • Type of Computer
      • Operating System
      • Method of attaching memory card to computer
      • Where are you wanting to upload to? My Pictures or a Share Site?

      Roger. A Shutterfly User.




    • Robert Pond

      How do you upload photos directly from you camera????

    • Yolanda Jones

      So I have another can I upload my pictures from my Shutterfly/Kodak Gallery albums to another drive on my computer at full resolution? When I right-click on the picture and "Save picture as" to the drive folder where I want it saved, it's tiny...if I try to resize it, it comes out all blurry.  Does anybody have any advice on what I can do? When I just had Kodak Gallery, I had the option to save at the highest resolution, but on Shutterfly, I don't...or if I do have that option, I don't know where to find it...HELP!!!! Thanks!!

    • Roger, (A Shutterfly User)

      Hi Yolanda,


      When you copy files from a web site to your local computer that's called Downloading.


      On Shutterfly you cannot download full resolution images.

      If you really want full resolution images then you will have to buy a DVD from Shutterfly.

      Here's a thread on Downloading from Shutterfly:



      Roger. A Shutterfly User.


      • Yolanda Jones

        Okay, so it's downloading...  I figured there'd be money involved in order to be able to download my photos to my computer's hard drive.  When I only had Kodak Gallery, I could do it for free...there was absolutely no charge...  Hmmm...I may have to find another website where I can save my photos and be able to access/save to my hard drive for no charge like Kodak Gallery used to...I'm really sad that they are no longer in business.  Thanks for replyng back to me.

    • Roger, (A Shutterfly User)

      Hi Yolanda,


      Let's just take a look at your situation.


      Your photos have been moved from Kodak to Shutterfly for you after Kodak went broke. 

      If you find another photo sharing site with free, hi-res downloads, you will have to move them there on your own.

      In order to get them to your new Photo Sharing site you will first need to buy the DVD from Shutterfly. BTW I don't think the DVD is very expensive unless you've got lots of photos.

      In any case you should be keeping two copies of your photos on your computer. One set can be stored on your internal HDD and an additional set on an external HDD or SSD memory card. That's called backup, in case Shutterfly or your new Photo Share Site goes the same way as Kodak.

      After you've got all your photos onto your New Photo Sharing site with free Hi Res Downloads, you won't need to Download anymore because you will have backups, won't you? 


      I think you can see from this that you'd better just bite the bullet and buy the DVD. Then make your decisions about where to keep them.

      Good Luck,



      Roger. A Shutterfly User.



    • Yolanda Jones

      Thanks, Roger...I have a lot of photos...I am, though, going to, from now on, either just keep the photos on the SSD memory card and/or buy flash drives so I can store them there...I mainly used Kodak Gallery so that I could share my photos w/family members, etc. Thanks, again, for your input.

    • Debbie Zuback

      Could anyone tell me why when I go to upload pictures from my life cam file on my computer....all I get are 7 out of about 150 showing in my computer file....I have taken them all with my web cam. Why would some file extensions be .png and only just a few be .jpg ? I tried to change the file extensions on the .png pics to .jpg but that still does not work. Any ideas how to get these pictures uploaded to Shutterfly - My Pictures????? I would be very grateful for some support on this question.

    • Roger, (A Shutterfly User)

      Png is another file format.

      When you save them from your Web Camera Application it probably asks you what format you'd like to save as.

      If you want to upload your existing photos to Shutterfly you need to input the photos into a Photo Editor and save them as JPGs

      Good Luck.


      Roger A Shutterfly User.

      • Debbie Zuback

        Thanks Roger, I will see what I can do.....I could upload the pics to skydrive but not shutterfly.

    • Paul Keough

       Sorry if this is the wrong forum, but how would you download pictures on facebook to shutterfly

    • Sherida Sharpe

      I have a deadline of today to get my photo book, so far I have had months to order it... I want the book for my son's photo's, he passed away in January... I love making him scrap books but they are big to take with me to different events... I have tried from several computers to order but I continue to get the same message when I try to upload pics from the computer or facebook. I have cleared my cashe, tried to open photo's from another location, it won't recognize the site facebook, it won't open for my personal computer pics, and then I get a server error on the ones for facebook from every computer... this has been a HUGE waste of my time for the past month over a free book, I would not mind paying for one but the offer was for a free one and it doesn't look like I will get one, so perhaps a local place can make one for me. This is the second issue with this company, the Target new mommy bags had a gift card for the site in the bag along with the new coupons... mine was expired when we got the bag, no one would honor it nor fix it... Target said come back when they get new ones... the store never had more while I was checking back every month... now the lady says my window of opportunity has passed... not a huge fan... If you would like to honor your word, I would like an inbox message, not on this site to, thank you. It took me too long to find this page, email works best for me. Thank you.