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    Site Members vs Shutterfly Members
    Topic posted June 22, 2010 by Member 6523755Novice, last edited February 9, 2012 
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    Hi, I'm a bit confused.  I have many "Members" of my site.  However, my husband was looking at things and even though he is a site member he is being asked to create an account to upload a picture (I have it set so only members can add pics).  So, I'm confused, can only Shutterfly account holders REALLY be members?<br /><br />Also, sidebar, is there a way to search through these forums?  I hate that my question might have been asked before but because I can't (figure out how to) search I have to ask it again.<br /><br />THANKS!<br />Wendy



    • TKJHO
      Only those listed in the Members List are official members. Orally admitted members are not.

      No search function yet.
    • HenryB
      The following are from the "FAQ's & How To's" tab near the top of this page:

      Can others add pictures to my Share site?

      Yes, if you set the permissions to allow visitors and/or members to be able to "contribute" to your site.  Click here to see how to set site permissions.  The person who's adding pictures to your Share site must have a Shutterfly account.

      Why does someone have to have a Shutterfly account to add comments to my Share site?

      Only Shutterfly members can add comments to your site so that we can keep track of and show you who added the comment to your site.

      Can I post a comment without a Shutterfly account?

      No, users will have to either sign in to their Shutterfly account or sign up for a Shutterfly account in order to post comments.  Additionally, it depends on how the site owner has set up the site permissions.  In some cases, the site owner may only give site members the access to add comments.  This feature is in place to protect random users from adding comments to a Share site.

      I'm pretty sure you can add people as site members who do not have a Shutterfly account. However, to do anything other than view, they will need to have a Shutterfly account.