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    John Reel
    "Processing video please wait."
    Topic posted April 27, 2011 by John ReelNovice, last edited February 9, 2012 
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    "Processing video please wait."
    after successful upload and view of video, I now get the title message
    <p>I have put up three videos to shared sites.&nbsp; all three loaded fine and I was able to view them shortly after upload.</p>
    <p>now, when I go back in to view them, I get the "processing cideo please wait" message with the animated circle graphic.&nbsp; This never seems to end.</p>
    <p>i tried refreshing the browser after some time like you'd suggested to another user -- that didn't help.</p>
    <p>here i s a link to one of the videos:</p>;
    <p>this happens on both avi and wmv files it seems.</p>
    <p>i use FireFox -- could that be it?&nbsp; i tried explorer and it does the same, so prob not...</p>



    • Joey

      Hi John,

      I tried to look at your site but its private so i couldn't view.....How about restarting your computer. This often times works for me. I have had videos do this before. Sometimes there is a glitch going on too. If it doesn't do anything after you restart, i would suggest contacting customer service.