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    JPG file will not upload!
    Topic posted May 25, 2011 by LauraNovice, last edited February 9, 2012 
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    JPG file will not upload!
    <p>I have tried to upload a particular jpg file several times now, but it will not upload and I have no idea why.&nbsp; It is fairly large (2.31 MB) - can this be the problem?</p>



    • HenryB

      Hi Laura,

      A file size of 2.31 MB shouldn't be a problem. I've uploaded files over 5 MB each. In fact, I just uploaded a 6 MB file without issue.

      Thus, can you provide a little more information such as:

      • Are you getting an error message? If so, what is it?
      • What is your computerr operating system?
      • What browser and its version which you are using?
      • Have you rebooted you computer between tries or have you tried a different computer?
      • What upload method are you using?
      • Have you tried a different upload method?

      As a note, I've seen a lot of strange issues clear after a router power cycle where the router is powered off for at least 15 seconds to clear its cache.

      Please remember that this is a users' forum which means the most answers, such as this one, are posted by ordinary Shutterfly users. This means we do not have access to your account. Thus, we can only make guesses based on the information provided. If you rather get a response from Shutterfly personnel, please contact Shutterfly's Customer Service with the following link:

      HenryB (A Shutterfly user)

      • Laura

        Here is the info you need:

        • No error message, just a "failed to upload" and a red line across the image.
        • Windows 7
        • Internet Explorer 8
        • Yes.  I tried last night, then gave up, and rebooted when I got home from work and tried several times again.
        • I have been trying to upload through the new custom path.
        • I also tried uploading using the Express Uploader.

        I don't if this makes a difference, but the file was originally created in Adobe Photoshop, however it is definitely a jpg file.

        Thank you in advance for any advice!

    • HenryB

      Hi Laura,

      I would recommend power cycling your router as I mentioned above.

      I just uploaded a 6.4 MB file directly from my computer into a New Custom Path book without issue. In case you don't know, a photo loaded this way will have a copy placed in "My Pictures"  in a "My Albums" folder in an album named with the date. Please check you "My Pictures" to see if you have an album named today's date.

      You might try using the default uploader by pressing the "Upload" button in the "My Pictures" tab. This might give more information about the failure.

      I don't use the Express Uploader, but I think it has options to upload a smaller version of a file. If so, you might try uploading a smaller version of the file.

      Is it possible that your ISP has a limit on the file sizes you can transfer to the Internet?

      Other than that, I'm at a loss and can only recommend contacting Shutterfly's Customer Service at

      Finally, I found the following in the Shutterfly Help Pages (Please note item 3 about saving from Photshop):

      Upload Errors

      Published 10/04/2005 04:17 PM   |    Updated 07/21/2010 11:11 AM

      Troubleshooting upload errors.

      If you are experiencing difficulties in uploading your images, try the following:

      1. Make sure that your image file names and the folders containing them are short and do not contain any special characters. File names should only have letters, numbers, hyphens (-) and underscores (_). If your images filenames are long or contain unsupported characters your images will likely not upload properly. For example, characters such as ",%*/&!|$@{^` may cause a problem.
      2. Make sure that your images are not buried in sub folders. Images should be stored in no more than two sub folders.
      3. Try re-saving your images in the proper format. If you have used Photoshop (or any other image-editing program) to adjust your images, please ensure the following settings are met:
        - Images are in the JPG format
        - Image are in the RGB or sRGB colorspace and not the CMYK colorspace
        - (Photoshop only) Images are saved as Baseline Standard. Images saved as Progressive will fail at upload.
      4. Problems uploading can sometimes be linked to a variety of Internet filtering applications, such as pop-up blockers, ad blockers, and/or firewall applications such as ZoneAlarm, McAfee or Norton Internet Security. If you are running any of these types of applications, we recommend disabling them or turning them off completely while visiting our site.

      If after trying the above steps to your uploads continue to fail, call us and we can better assist you. Please have the following information prepared to help us troubleshoot and resolve your problem.

      • Your computer platform: PC or Mac
      • The operating system installed: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS X v10.6, etc.
      • The web browser and version number: Internet Explorer 7.0, Firefox 5.0, Safari 2.0, etc.
      • What ISP you are using: AOL, RoadRunner, Comcast
      • Your type of connection: DSL, cable, dial-up, wireless
      • Which upload method are you using: one-by-one, Shutterfly Express Uploader

      Additionally, it would help us if you knew if you were behind a firewall or have firewall software installed. In addition, any information describing exactly what you are experiencing is very useful. For instance: Does the screen freeze? Does the browser quit? Does this happen only when you are trying to upload, or does it happen at other times? Have you tried uploading with any other computers (e.g. from work/home, or a different computer at work)? Have you tried uploading with a different browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari etc.)?

      Lastly, please test the upload problem by trying to transfer one image using the one-by-one method. If this upload is successful, then the other upload methods should work. Otherwise, please let us know as much information as possible so we can try to duplicate the error and work towards a solution.

    • Shannon

      Laura - is it just the one image you are having problems with? Can you try uploading another image, just for kicks?

    • Cristina Pistilli

      Ciao, how can I hide the date of loading of images?

    • bs image

      have you solved your problem, try this solution to upload jpg image. let me know if you need another help. i am also curious whether it is possible to hide the date of loading of imges, any ideas?

    • Debra, Customer Service

      HI Laura,

      Sorry you are having this issue. When we see this error, it is usually because the images may be in the JPEG file type but not in RGB color mode. You can check the color mode of your images in most photo editing software. I typically use Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Elements.  If you do not have this software try this trick:

      Open just one of the images in Microsoft PAINT.

      use the "save as" command to save the image to your desktop under a new name.

      Try uploading the newly saved image to Shutterfly.

      The renaming and saving of the image will allow Paint to save the images in its native color mode - RGB.

      Should you need to convert the color mode of the images you can do so following the above procedure or try the software in your camera.

      Please let me know if you need additional assistance with this.


    • Jonathan Quigley

      It's a little absurd to assume every user is going to upload files in RGB. Anyone with limited print design experience is going to set the files to CMYK.

      For whatever reasons, it is understandable that you need files in a particular manner. Unfortunately, since you're dealing with print products, it would probably be super important to put this fact somewhere on any of the uploaders.

      Let's add this sentence for posterity and seo:

      Shutterfly jpg upload fails because the images must be in RGB color mode.