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    Sheryll Pounds
    All my albums from Kodak were not transfered to Shutterfly....
    Topic posted July 18, 2012 by Sheryll PoundsNovice 
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    All my albums from Kodak were not transfered to Shutterfly. Why?
    How can I get all my albums transfered to Shutterfly
    <p>Only 1 album has been transfered. &nbsp;I have at least 118 albums. &nbsp;Why were they not all transfered and how can I get them transfered? &nbsp;sherylllbs@aol.com &nbsp;Sheryll Pounds</p>


    • Colin Cavell

      None of my Kodak Gallery albums were transferred to Shutterfly.  Are they lost forever?  Is there anyone at Shutterfly I can contact about this other than this ridiculous page?

      • Cheryl Griffith

        NONE of my Kodak Gallery albums have transferred, either. I do have a Shutterfly account, have had it for about two years. I've already done the activation thing that was sent in email. Did it weeks ago. It does say that "active" Kodak accounts that have had recent purchases made from them would be transferred first and could take up to a month. I recently purchased (May) over 100 photos.  That makes it about August 2nd that I expect to see my 100+ albums appear inShutterfly. I have family members with many more albums on Kodak who have had nothing show up in Shutterfly yet, either. Love having my photos held hostage. I do not LIKE Shutterfly. It doesn't have the ease of use that Kodak Gallery did. 

      • Mihail Kassabov

        I looking for my missing pictures from Kodak gallery

    • HenryB

      Please remember that this is a users' forum which means that it is mostly monitored by other Shutterfly users and not Shutterfly personnel. As a Shutterfly user, I do not have any other rights than you which means that I cannot see your account. For question requiring specific account information, please contact Shutterfly's Customer Service.

      For information on the Kodak moves, please review the Kodak Information Page.

      I found the following in the Kodak FAQ:

      When will my Kodak Gallery photos appear in my Shutterfly account?

      We will begin moving photos as quickly as possible once Kodak Gallery closes at noon Pacific Time on July 2, 2012.  The overall process will take several months, but we are working to reduce the time required to move active accounts.  If you have recently uploaded or ordered from your Kodak Gallery account, your photos will be some of the first to move.  We don't have exact estimates yet, but we hope photos from active Kodak Gallery accounts will appear in Shutterfly accounts within 2-4 weeks after July 2.  You will receive an email with instructions about accessing your photos once they are available in your Shutterfly account.

      This photo migration will be a massive undertaking, involving the movement of billions of photos, and we want to make sure we handle everything with the utmost care.  We will be migrating thousands of users every day, and we appreciate your patience during this process.

      If you don’t have local copies and need quicker access to your photos, we suggest that you download them or purchase a DVD through your Kodak Gallery account prior to July 2, 2012.  You can then upload your photos to your Shutterfly account and start using them without waiting for them to be moved.  For more information about uploading photos to Shutterfly, click here.


      HenryB (A Shutterfly user)

      • Todd Porthouse

        I was an active Kodak Gallery member, but all of my albums have not been moved to shutterfly yet. I know it is a huge job for you, but it is the middle of September now and I still don't have all my albums. Can you help?

        I appreciate your efforts.



        Todd Porthouse

        • Shannon

          Hi Todd, your photos have been available since August 6. You should have received an email when they were ready. Have you logged into your account to check? They should be in a Kodak Gallery folder on the left under the My Pictures tab.

    • Shannon

      Hi Sheryl,

      Your photos have been migrated over, but you'll need to activate your account. You were sent an email with an activation link. Once you verify your account by clicking the link, your photos will be visible. Please check your spam folder if you do not see this email.

    • Frank Garcia

      I have the same problem. I activated my account a while back when they sent the emails and have been waiting. Finally got the email today that the transfer was comlpete. Logged in and not all my albums were showing up. A lot of them are missing. I had already read the KG FAQ and sent them an email before looking at these forums. Figure I'd share what I found. If you have the same problem, you might want to e-mail them at the address below.


      What happens if some of my photos are missing?

      If you didn’t opt out, all the photos on the “My Albums” and “Group Albums” tabs in your Kodak Gallery account at the time Kodak Gallery closed will be moved to Shutterfly.  Friends' Albums and Sharing Sites will not be moved.

      If you hadn't accessed your Kodak Gallery account recently, please keep in mind that Kodak Gallery’s policy was to periodically delete photos from inactive accounts.

      If you feel that some photos weren’t moved to Shutterfly, please contact Shutterfly Customer Service at kodak@cs.shutterfly.com for assistance.

      • Wendy Levine

        I've had the same problem: Not all of my albums were transferred. So far, I've received a generic response from customer service that says what's in the FAQ. I just wrote them back again. The album missing contains photos from my son's adoption. If this is lost forever, I am going to be devestated.

    • Lindsay Kurfirst

      Same problem. I received the email that my photos had been transferred but I am looking in my account and only about half of my albums are there. I just want to know if they will show up evenutally which is fine, or if my transfer is complete and they got lost in the mix and are gone forever. Sent a note to customer service but not sure how responsive they are.

      If anyone has gptten a response other than the generic answer in their FAQ (that was already posted above), please share!

      • Frank Garcia

        i got the same generic response that did not answer any of my questions. sorry about your photos. kodak/shutterfly can't be blamed though. they gave plenty of warning and told people to back up their photos or order CDs to ensure they wouldn't be lost. hearing how special your photos are, i certainly hope they it can be fixed.

    • Dianne

      Please show me how can I find all my pictures in Kodak gallery.

      Thank you!

    • Shirin Kazemi

       NIGHTMARE!! I never received an email confirming my account was transferred. I always had a shutterfly acct anyway so I check it and nothing. Finally I call (RIGHT NOW) and they transferred myaccount to a HOTMAIL account that it NOT MINE! The clueless woman on the phone keeps repeating it's your account just access your account. I say it's not mine so move it to my ACTUAL account. She replies wiht well you can move it to the account you want when you access it on HOTMAIL. UNREAL. They move my pictures and albums to some other account that isn't mine that I have ZERO access to and the only way I can get it is to access it????? Explain that to me?! ALL of my wedding photos are on Kodak Gallery currently sitting God knows where and all she can do is tell me "well it's your account" or put me on hold (going on 40 minutes now). I can't believe this is happening. Once this is resolved I'd close my accounts altogether except I doubt they'd care.

      • Shannon

        Hi Shirin, I can see that you have 20 albums from Kodak Gallery under your Shutterfly account that you posted under. Do you have a separate Kodak Gallery account that you need moved into this Shutterfly account?

        • Shirin Kazemi

          Since I was on hold for over an hour I figured out how to do that myself so yes they're all in now. EXCEPT my photo Book! My REAL CONCERN is not. I am hearing this is lost forever is this  true????? Nothing I can do about this??? This is my wedding album! Months of work and LOTS of money for these photos and they're GONE??? Please let me know if there's anyway to retrieve this! When kodak said they're moving our accounts to shutterfly I assumed the PHOTO BOOKS would be part of my account.

          Thank you for the assistance 

    • erin conroy
      I also NEVER received an email confirming my account was transferred. I'm devastated at the loss of over 8 years worth of photographs. The whole point of having an online storage service was to pay to avoid losing the photographs to viruses and crashes. Shutterfly completely let me down in the process. NONE of my photographs transferred over. Pictures of my kids' adoptions, weddings, births -- gone. I never even had the courtesy of a reply email to my inquiry as to where the lost photographs were.
      • Shannon

        Hi Erin...Several emails were sent out over the last couple of months, from both kodak Gallery and Shutterfly notifying you of the change. Kodak Gallery's Facebook page and their website also posted messaging about this change. Perhaps the emails went to your spam folder, or to an email address you don't check anymore.

        In any account, I do see that we have your photos and they have migrated over. Have you logged in and checked the proper place? Simply log into Shutterfly and click the My Pictures tab. They're in a Kodak Gallery folder on the left.

    • Roger, (A Shutterfly User)

      You MUST keep backup copies of your photos on your own equipment as any company can go the way of Kodak.

      I'm sure that Shannon, the Shutterfly Admin, will be in touch now you have posted on this forum.

      In the meantime don't worry too much as the transfer is not finished especially for people with very large photo collections.



      Roger A Shutterfly User.

    • Frank Garcia

      It took a while, but all my photos finally showed up!

      Also, I didn't see them right away because they are in a "Kodak Gallery" gallery tab on the left. Don't overlook that folder!!


      As for those with photobooks, Kodak/Shutterfly were very clear that those would not transfer over. Hopefully all the photos peeps had in photo books were also kept in their albums.

    • Allison Schmid


      Having the same problem as everyone else on here, but can't seem to get any kind of help or response. . . I had over 100 albums.  They're backed up on a computer, but unfortunately that computer crashed.  I'm working to get my photos off of that but want to know where my Kodakgallery photos are.  I looked on "My Pictures" but don't have a KodakGallery folder in there!

      Any other suggestions??? 

    • Stephanie Kellgren
      same thing happened to me. i never got an email about anything. i had at least 100 albums and only 3 transferred. i tried calling customer service but it was a 30 min hold wait. so i emailed and got a fast but generic response which didnt help me at all. im very frustrated with this whole thing!
    • Donna Gudgel

      I linked my accounts back in July.  Now not only are my Kodak albums not showing up.  I seem to have lost my shutterfly pictures too.  AND someone elses photos are showing up in my account.  What do I do now? 

    • Christy Byrd

      I still can't access my pictures from Kodak either....please help! 

      • M-O-T

        Hi Christy;

             This is the answer that Shannon gave to Allison.  You should try it out too:

        It looks like you have not authenticated your account yet....this is the last thing you'll need to do in order to see your photos in My Pictures. (You should have received an email instructing you on how to authenticate - maybe it went into your spam folder.) Please click this link and enter your Kodak Gallery credentials. https://www.shutterfly.com/kgal/authParms.sfly

        Or try out the simple intructions in the kodakgallery shutterfly forum:

        • Log into Shutterfly.com and click on the "My Pictures" tab at the top. On the left-hand side, you should see a folder called "My Kodak Gallery Albums." Click the + sign to view all the albums within that folder.
        • If you still cannot see your photos, you most likely need to link your Kodak Gallery account to your new Shutterfly account. Please follow the instructions on this page: https://www.shutterfly.com/kgal/authParms.sfly. Once your accounts have been linked, follow the instructions above to locate your photos.
        • If you have been migrated and are missing photos, please note that only photos uploaded to Kodak Gallery accounts (“My Albums”) or posted to groups (“Group Albums”) will be moved. Other information (such as Friends’ Albums, n) was not transferred due to technical issues, restrictions and timing limitations in Shutterfly's agreement with Kodak Gallery. Please also note that only photos from US and Canadian Kodak Gallery customers were moved over.
        • If you are unable to access your account to view your photos, please email Customer Service. kodak@cs.shutterfly.com

        Thanks for your patience during this transition, and welcome to Shutterfly!

        Good Luck

      • Shannon

        Hi Christy,

        I don't see a record of you having a Kodak Gallery migration. Could it be possible that your photos are in the Kodak Easy Share software on your computer?

    • M-O-T

      Some of you who are complaining that only some of your kodakgallery albums were transferred can check if you had a few albums with the same name for example:  "My New Album" in Kodak Gallery so when it transferred to Shutterfly it was merged into one big album called my new album.  That is what happened to my cousin. Check it out