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    Marge & Mel Youngwerth
    JavaScript failed to load
    Topic posted January 9, 2010 by Marge & Mel YoungwerthNovice, last edited February 9, 2012 
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    Just tried to open my site and got the message "The JavaScript for this page failed to load correctly". Only for my site, I can open others. Any thing I can do to fix this?


    • Joy Martinez
       encountered the same problem on one of my share sites only. 
    • Julie Tellez
      I'm having the same problem on one of my sites today
    • HenryB
      It appears as if some sites are experiencing problems. If the condition last longer than a couple of hours, please contact Shutterfly's customer service:


      Phone: 1-888-225-7159
      Monday - Friday: 6am - 5pm Pacific Time
      Saturday - Sunday: 8:30am - 5pm Pacific Time
    • Joey
      I just got a comment on my site saying a person is also experiencing this issue. I'll give her the contact info.
    • Lee Stephens
      Add me to the list, the problem seems to happen on our site where a page has more than 1 album

      example does not work, but

      Very strange
    • Joey

      Lee, I got the Java Script error on both your sites. I'd try restarting your computer and leave it off for a little bit. Not sure if this will do anything. Its weird so many are having issues.I'm sure Customer Service has received your emails, but due to the high volumn, it may take awhile. I haven't looked at mine yet, but I did check out someone else's and their seems fine.


    • HenryB
      Hi Joey,

      From some of the responses people have been getting from customer service, I don't think they are aware of the magnitude of the problem. I sent an email to Rachel saying that there needs to be a way to escalate items to customer service when there is a system problem.

      I'm convinced that the problem is not with anyone's computer since I have been trying sites and some work and some don't. Right now, I'm compiling a list of sites which don't work to send to customer service. I tried the links I could find on your site and the one which didn't work is

    • Joey

      Hi Henry,

      Yeah and she is the one who also contacted me. It is very odd what is going on and you are right CS, doesn't understand the magnitude of the problem. I wonder why some work, and others don't. Its very complexing. Let me know if you hear anything. I was going to send them an email with the threads or one of them.


    • Diana Alarcon
      I'm having the same problem since yesterday with one of my 4 sites.
    • Joey

      Hi Diana, we are trying to get in contact with Customer Service. Which site is giving you the error message?

      I found it. Its the, right?


    • Member 5734122
      I've been having the problem for 2 days... I emailed customer service, they sent me a java web page saying I didn't have the correct version and to download it... well, they were wrong, again... customer service for shutterfly is bad... this is the 2nd time I've contacted customer service with problems... they don't pay attention to what is sent to them... I can navigate to any shutterfly page, any of the sites I am a member to, anything else I do on my computer...
    • Lee Stephens
      Thanks for looking at this problem Joey-T, there was an error in the link I gave; does not work but other pages in the site do work

      No reply from customer services yet.

      Does anyone know if this has happened in the past or is it  anew event?

      In reference to trying it on different system, I get the same error message on all the following

      (Computer 1) Windows Vista (Chrome, Firefox and IE8)
      (Computer 2) Windows Vista (Chrome, Firefox and IE 7
      (Laptop) Windows XP (Chrome and Firefox)
      iPhone (Safari)

      I take it from this that we can assume that it is a 'Shutterfly' problem and not a computer or software issue.
    • Lee Stephens
      Well I have answered my own question here, it seems that Shutterfly have had this problem in the past..found this on Yahoo answers;

      Lets hope they can rectify this matter asap and that we have not lost the pages!

      Maybe it is time to ask for a backup option as a Share option so that we can reinstate a page if it becomes corrupt!

    • Joey

      Good investigative work, Lee. This is interesting.

      I do know that if you lost any images or text on your sites that Shutterfly does keep it for 45 days in an archive.

      I agree, hopefully something will get fixed soon. There must be more to it. If I hear anything, I'll post here.


    • tara borrelli

      I too am having this problem on my share site

      I am glad I am not the only one. I dont go on my site very often, but I have been trying since yesterday to post new pictures and the site says "Java failure to load"...


      Please let me know what I can do.. I can go on other i def dont think it is the computer.