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    Lisa Emert
    Topic posted August 25, 2010 by Lisa EmertNovice, last edited February 9, 2012 
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    I have attempted to copy the HOME page of one of my sites to a new page on a another site. In the Copy Page box, i selected another of my sites (we'll call it the 2nd site). Changed the Page Title to a new name. Clicked COPY. The new page shows up as a link in the navigation bar on the 2nd site but when i click on it, it shows me a page with my site style but it says PAGE NOT FOUND This page you have requested could not be found. There is no navigation bar. Only the links at the very top of the page My Shutterfly|My Sites and so on. I have to hit the back button in my Firefox browser to get back to my site with the navigation bar. In attempt to delete the page i click Customize> Delete Page. In the Delete Page box i click on the link to remove it and it pulls up a box that says Page could not be loaded for pageID lmephotographyslideshows/jaredtausha (i'm posting the actual wording in hopes that maybe something here would show up in what i did wrong). I can NOT seem to delete it in any shape or form and am stuck with a now defunct link showing up on my site. Is there anything i can do to remove it besides just deleting the entire site and starting over which in this case i would lose the address i wanted because even if i delete the entire site and try to make a new one it will tell me that address is already taken, even it was taken and deleted by me previously. HELP!! Rachel B are you out there. HELP!



    • HenryB
      Hi Lisa,

      After seeing your comment on forum 4 about this issue, I copied the home page of my main site to another page on one of my test site. I saw no problems. Once again, I made sure I gave it a title which resulted in a unique URL for the new page.

      One thing to try is to restart your browser and/or your computer. Additionally, you might want to restart your router since I seen strange Shutterfly issues clear by doing this.

      If this doesn't work, then the best suggest I can make is to contact Shutterfly's Customer Service about deleting the broken link. They should also be able to restore the site from backups if necessary.


      Phone: 1-888-225-7159
      Monday - Friday: 6am - 5pm Pacific Time
      Saturday - Sunday: 8:30am - 5pm Pacific Time

      Finally, if you feel comfortable, you could send me the link to the problem site. You can post it here or send to my email at