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    Wendi Ward
    Classic Path Photo Books...Hours Spent, Trust Lost
    Topic posted October 23, 2012 by Wendi WardJunior Member 
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    Classic Path Photo Books...Hours Spent, Trust Lost
    I'm just sick and stunned that we can no longer edit or order many of our saved photo books.
    <span style="color:#000000;"><span style="font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 13px; line-height: 15.916666984558105px; background-color: rgb(251, 252, 247); ">I am just sick about the loss of access to my old photo books. I can&#39;t even count the number of hours that I spent on those books over the past six years, all with the expectation that if anything were to happen to my one printed copy, I could always order another one. I have always thought that my memories were safe on Shutterfly and&nbsp;I now realize this is not the case. I want to state unequivocally that I&nbsp;</span><strong style="border: 0px; font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 13px; margin: 0px; outline: 0px; padding: 0px; vertical-align: baseline; line-height: 15.916666984558105px; color: rgb(102, 102, 102); background-color: rgb(251, 252, 247); ">did not</strong><span style="font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 13px; line-height: 15.916666984558105px; background-color: rgb(251, 252, 247); ">&nbsp;receive any email informing me of the changes being made to Shutterfly, and I am sick to realize that Shutterfly&#39;s management would make a decision that impacts its customers in this way and not ensure that it be communicated through a more reliable method. I know that you have my mailing address, Shutterfly, because you&#39;ve mailed me over $500 worth of products that I&#39;ve purchased over the years. Why didn&#39;t you send me something in the mail? The answer seems clear to me: Shutterfly does not understand nor value the time that people spend creating just the perfect photo book. I no longer trust Shutterfly to perform due diligence in informing me of important decisions that affect my stored memories, and I cannot bring myself to upload another single picture to their site. Your customer service representatives tried offering me a free photo book, but I wasn&#39;t interested. This, to me, is a personal betrayal and money is not a factor. I&#39;m asking you to do one -- and only one -- thing. Restore the ability for people to convert their old photo books to the new format so that they can continue to edit and order them. That is the only thing that will bring me back as a customer.</span></span></p>



    • Mel Krater

      I agree with everything you said, Wendi. I can't believe Shutterfly management would simply treat their loyal customers in this manner. Printing the finished products is how they make money, isn't it? So I just don't understand why they won't let us order the classic custom books. I actually did receive a notice by email in Sept (went into junk mail because Shutterfly sends so many emails, but luckily I saw and read it). But the notice I got said that I would still be able to order the kind I have past the Sept date, I just would not be able to edit. But when I tried to order the books, I was told I could not order anymore. I was shocked! And like you, I feel betrayed. I am now looking for another photobook company, and I am telling my friends to not use Shutterfly due to their very poor treatment of their customers.

      Shutterfly, if you're listening at all to your customers, please at least allow us to edit our unfinished books, even if it's in the new format - whatever it takes. And please let us be able to print our books. Until you do this, you will lose many of your loyal customers, and your many ads all over the web will be a waste of money within our circles because of course we will let it be know to everyone we know how you ignore your customers' needs.

      • Shannon

        Hi Wendi and Mel,

        I'm really sorry that you missed the emails that were sent out...there were quite emails notifying customers of the upcoming changes and deadlines. Perhaps they went into your spam folder. And Mel makes a good point....with all of the Shutterfly emails sent out, it could be easy to overlook an important email like this. Regardless, this is good feedback for the photo book team.

        Mel, the reason your books can't be ordered is because of the size. I'm sorry for the confusion. But I was told to let you know to hang tight because we may have a way to re-order smaller sized Clasic Path books (5x7 and 7x9) very soon.

        • Mel Krater

          Hi, Shannon,

          I called customer service again just now, asking if they do have a way of printing my photobooks but they said no. I asked if they are working on a way to be able for us to print them later and again I was told, No. I asked if maybe their dept has just not be notified if they're still working on a solution? But he was very firm that if they were working on something, the CS dept would be told. He said Shutterfly does not even have the machines to print the photobooks anymore.

          Shannon, may I ask that you please follow up on this with the person/dept. you talked with last month that told you there might be a way to order the kind of photobooks I have? By the way, you said that the reason I could not order my books was because of the size. The first CS rep I talked to gave me a different reason, something about me using the designer format or something that I wasn't even familiar with. I never encountered the term when creating the books. Also, I still have the notice from Shutterfly and it said I could still order my books - unless it had a special cover (leather-bound, etc.) . Mine do not, so that means I should still be able to order.

          I have already started several photobooks with another photobook company. But I would like to give Shutterfly one more chance at making things right. They used to be a good company. I used to rave about them to all my friends and I encouraged them to try Shutterfly's photobooks, photo printing, etc. When there were small issues, all the CS reps I talked to were always nice and they cared about doing things right. But mgmt made changes without regard for old customers. And even the second CS rep today was almost rude. It's sad when a company turns this way. I'll be sad to lose Shutterfly. I hope I won't.....

          I will wait for your reply and see if Shutterfly is going to honor their word that we could still order our photobooks. If you would please follow up, Shannon? I've got my fingers crossed :).

          Thank you. Happy Thanksgiving.



          • Shannon

            Hi Mel,

            I can help! Which books did you want to re-order? Happy Thanksgiving to you too.

            • Mel Krater

              Oh, wow! What a great holiday gift this would be if it truly happens! Shannon, I have tons of books I'd like to print. How do I contact you outside of this forum to give you the info? Is this a one-time deal and I must order everything I want all together? I'd like to order today if at all possible to make use of a discount that ends tonight.

              Thanks, Shannon! Looking forward to being able to see my photo books in print!

              Best Regards,


              • Shannon

                Hi Melanie,

                You don't need to order them all at once. Just reply back with a list of the book titles.

                • Mel Krater

                  Great! Is there a way for me to give you the list privately, outside of this public forum?



                • Mel Krater


                  I'd like to order the 4 Europe photobooks (2007 Europe 1, 2, 3 and 4). Please apply all the 3 discounts that apply.
                • Mel Krater

                  Hi Shannon,

                  Did you get my messages and my order?



                  • Hannah McAfoos


                    Did you have any luck in getting your photobooks?

                    • Mel Krater

                      No, Hannah. I never heard from Shutterfly again. Shannon said to give her a list of the book titles I wanted printed and I gave her those, but I never heard from her again. Shannon, how do I get my photobooks printed? Would you let me know if they could or could not be printed Please? Thank you.


    • Roger, (A Shutterfly User)

      Mel you seem to be more intent on venting your anger than getting around the problem.

      As I've already advised you, I think that Customer Service might be able to help you if you really want to print them.


      Contact us by Email, Chat with Live Help or call us at:  888.225.7159           
       Our hours of operation are:
        Monday - Friday, 6:00am - 8:00pm (PST) and Saturday - Sunday, 8:30am - 5:00pm (PST)


      Roger A Shutterfly User.

      • Mel Krater

        Oh my gosh. Roger, if you cannot help or at least sympathize with the issue at hand, then maybe you should not say any more. Defnitely don't play shrink if you're not good at it because you've just made things worse. What you just said is offensive and very, very poor customer service. You don't think customers have a right to feel upset when it's this big of an issue? We spent many, many hours over many weeks and months on these projects, only to be told we cannot have them anymore. If you've never worked on these projects, then you cannot understand the issue and you should not be making these insensitive comments to customers.

        Why are you telling me to contact customer service? Of course that's the first contact we make when there's a problem. I would not be looking at these forums trying to find a solution if I have not already tried it directly with the company.

        I ask you to apologize for that uncalled for remark, Roger. I was very nice to the customer service rep even though I was upset that they could not help me, because I knew this issue was not her fault; it was a management decision and she simply could not help me if mgmt already made the decision to stop printing. But you! I was nice and thankful in your first message, until you made that remark here that I'm more intent on venting than getting around the problem, That is so not true and I do not deserve that and you should apologize. If I could get around the problem to begin with, there would be no issue, nothing to be upset about.  So your remark was unnecessary, insensitive, uncalled for, offensive.

      • Carla Hainline

        I tried this route myself.  I ran into the brick wall of "we no longer do this after 9/10".  I then asked to speak to someone else and was told the same thing.  Doesn't seem like they are interested in helping any of us!  It is easier just to cut us off.  Not sure why they functionality to convert the "finished" books into something we can print.  It is just a matter of changing the cover isn't it?  I can understand that you have to cut the editing at a certain point, but to not be able to print completed books because they don't want to put the functionality to change a cover out there just infuriates me.

    • Roger, (A Shutterfly User)

      Hi Mel,


      Please read this thread:


      Particularly Shannon's comments.


      Roger A Shutterfly User.


    • Wendi Ward

      Popular companies, like Shutterfly, are not immune to customer backlash due to poor management decisions. And it’s not always easy to rebuild a good name once it has been lost. We’ve seen it happen to a slew of iconic companies from Bank of America to Netflix.

      I was one of many cheerleaders for Shutterfly up until last week. I loved the security that I felt by uploading my pictures and creating digital photo books on their website, thinking to myself that I’d chosen a solid company with which to entrust my memories. I specifically bragged to friends and family that Shutterfly’s photo book service was valuable because you could always reprint your photo books later should something happen to your one precious copy. I was happy to spend hundreds of dollars on their products. After talking to Shutterfly’s customer service reps about my inability to order past photo books, I realized that I had been under a complete misconception about Shutterfly’s commitment to preserving my memories. My conversation with a customer service rep in their home office (not one of their outsourced reps) unearthed the disheartening realization that Shutterfly does not (and apparently never has) understood what I value about their company. I value the photo books. I can order photo-encased mugs, keychains, and birthday invitations from any fly-by-night company because those products only have one or two pictures on them and are really just a novelty for me. But the photo books. The photo books chronicle my life. They offer a way to compile and preserve important events for my family. I take the time and make the effort to create the photo books because I want them to last for generations. Some of them are 50 pages long, and it takes hours, days, weeks, months to accomplish this. But the customer service rep’s comment to me was, “Well, you still have access to all the pictures that are in your photo books. You can just recreate new books.” It revealed an important disconnect between my expectations and Shutterfly’s attitude. They don’t get it.

      For those customers who were lucky enough to get the email about the transition to the new custom path…for those customers who did have the time to convert their old covers to the new format…for those customers who are not having problems ordering their old photo-cover style books, you should still be concerned. If you value your digital photo books as much as I do, you should be aware that Shutterfly does not share your concern for those books. And I think it is important that they hear from as many customers as possible about this issue. I don't want Shutterfly to go the way of Blockbuster and Blackberry. I have too much invested in them with all the photo books I've already created. I want Shutterfly's decision-makers to come around and fix this problem. Restore our ability to order our old books; help us convert the covers to the new style or give us jpeg images of the pages so that we can plug them into a new book. Make this right.

    • Carla Hainline

      Until they lose customers, nobody cares.  I had planned to start a new photo book, but I think I will look somewhere else.  Shame on you Shutterfly for not doing the right thing!

    • angel mortensen

      I have sent an email to Shutterfly regarding this fiasco.  i agree that with the number of emails I receive from Shutterfly hounding me to buy more things, the notice probably came and was mistaken for spam.  

      My issue is the fact that I have a partially finished book that I can not get in to edit or pull pages from to put into the new format.  Not to mention that after checking out the new format, I find it leaves a whole lot to be desired.  

      It's sad to see a good thing go, but I will no longer call myself a customer of Shutterfly.  

    • Wendi Ward

      Mel and All:

      I followed another forum user's advice and filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau about this issue. I received a response from Mike Landreth, Director of Customer Service at Shutterfly. Mr. Landreth told me that Shutterfly now has a way of converting our Classic Path photo books to the new Custom Path. He said their software would preserve most of the pictures and text on a page, but backgrounds and embellishments would need to be redone. He told me to give the following information to other forum participants who want their photo books converted:

      Send an email to: pbconversion (at) shutterfly (dot) com


      • The email address that your account is under.

      • The names of the projects that you want converted. Make sure that you use unique project names. If you have several projects called "My Photo Book", rename them so that Shutterfly knows which ones you want converted.

      Mr. Landreth said that the turnaround time for getting books converted would be about a week unless they get swamped with requests.

      Although I haven't seen how the converted books look yet, I am very happy and relieved that Shutterfly seems to have heard our voices and is responding to this issue. I'm very hopeful that this solution will help us recover our old photo books, even if it means reworking them a bit. As I said before, I've been a cheerleader for Shutterfly for the past six years and I want to continue being a satisfied customer.

      <Edited: Corrected email address.>

      • Hannah McAfoos

        Has anyone had luck with this path? I just spent the last hour dealing with Customer Service, and was told there was absolutely nothing they could do for me. 

    • Show/Hide RepliesAnonymousposted December 4, 2012
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      • Shannon

        The new email is: pbconversion (at) shutterfly (dot) com.

        Please note we will do our best to convert your Classic Path books into the All New Custom Path so you can edit and order them.

        • Danamyte

          Hi there,

          Sorry for the email address confusion!

          A few notes for those of you who wish to have your books converted:

          This process does not work 100% of the time! It's still experiemental but in general we have seen great results. We wil do our very best to get your projects converted!

          1. Please include your email address that is associated with your Shutterfly Account AND the exact name of the project you'd like converted.

          2. The book style and picture frames that were available in Classic Path will not be transferred to the new ANCP book

          3. We made the new ANCP book as simple as possible (using the Simply White style) so that you may have a blank canvas to work from. Feel free to add any backgrounds or idea pages to your book. You can even change the style, but note that the layouts will change.

          4. 5x7 or 7x9 sized books may not be able to be converted, but we will definitely try.

          5. Photo effects may not have transferred, but the new path has bunch of great new effects to choose from!

          6. If you had a leather, cloth, or suede cover--the original color may no longer be available. The conversion tool we use picks the closest color that we offer at this time.

          7. After the book is converted, you may want to make sure all text is showing, as sometimes the conversion changes the formatting of the text. As a result, text may not fit in the boxes the same way it did in the original book. If the text does not fit, there should be a yellow warning triangle alerting you to this situation.

          8. And finally...please be patient as we are getting many requests. We will get to them all.

          Please note that this email address is intended for requests to convert your Classic Path photo book to the All New Custom Path. Other photo book inquiries or issues will be directed to the general Customer Service channels. Thanks for your understanding.

          Thank you!

    • Deborah Ungles

      Hi All:

      I want to say, I was frustrated with S.F. I called customer service waited 40 minutes. the rep must have converted my books for me. When he told me to go to the cart: books were in my cart. and I got the 50% discount.

      But, I am remaining guarded. I have not received the books. Once they are in hand I will be a happy camper.

      I still have books to print, but I will deal with those later.


      Deborah Ungles.



      • Mel Krater

        Deborah, did you get your books? How did they turn out? After your books were converted, did you have to do any modifications before ordering?

        - Mel - 

    • Judy Jerwers

      I totally agree! Very frustrating and trust lost!!!!! Just happened to me also and my daughter-in-law!! Hours and hours of work GONE!!!!!

    • Trina Dombroski